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  • Learn a New Orgasm: How to Upgrade Your Masturbation Technique   11 weeks 1 day ago

    Older Lovers,
    I loved your comment and think it's so wonderful you accept your need and your wife is so understanding and willing to help you with it.  You and she are surely enlightened and love each other very much.  She shold get an award for having you edge and prolong your sessions. That can increase the pleasure, strength, and volume of a man's ejaculation so much.
    Your urologist was frank and honest with you about your need to ejaculate at least 3 times a week and I think we should stress the "at least" part.  Some urologists are not and leave their patients wanting and at risk. Fortunately, with such easy access to information these days, more men alreay know for themselves the importance of ejaculating regularly and often, and they do.  
    My own husband is a once to twice a day ejaculator and we love to enjoy that together even when we're not having sex.  Years ago he was at risk for prostate problems but after increasing his ejaculations he has been fine.


  • I Can Never Seem to Get Myself All the Way There   11 weeks 2 days ago

    @ 7yeardryspell,

    You’re rather off topic here however it would seem the advice Betty gave T which I hear as “Know Thy Self” might be something that would do you well also. And as Betty points out it is not just knowing one’s self it is doing something in a positive direction to bring about change. So, 7yeardryspell, you have been drinking a lot. And you have not been having sex and when you did it might have been the excitement sex AKA sealed off sex not the intimate kind that builds bonds and keeps them well oiled – allows for exploring one’s physiological ramifications of emotion and connection to your self and another human being.
    You did not mention what the pain your wife was suffering where fore she elected a hysterectomy or offer us any insight as to how her recovery has been. You might want to read Carlin’s posts on her recovery from childbirth and how long and how hard she and her husband worked to get her vagina back on line. Think as you read Carlin’s post here; think about how you might empathize with what your wife has encountered all these 7 years.
    Through the complaining and blaming I’m hearing a woman, a wife, very dedicated to her marriage by her reaction to your brain bleed. I’m hearing she is terrified of loosing you to death. But if you hit the bottle again that’s the last straw. But being present with life and your wife requires more than not being “zombi” i.e. loosing your self in the bottle or dead. I’d guess. Is it being ‘present’ that is being requested of you?
    So think about how much this woman loves you. Empathize with her loneliness, her pain of you being lost in your self, the bottle, distant, possible seal off in excitement sex effects the bond. Give your self; self empathy as well for your loss of connection to her. You might want to check out the work of Sue M. Johnson and her ground breaking work with attachment and Emotionally Focused Therapy.
    Again Betty’s advice to T; “Start doing Yoga, swimming, running or some form of movement you enjoy to get into your body.” Wake up man, smell the goodness of life aground you. Stop looking to blame life itself, sealing your self off, instead embrace life with positive action, be present and live.

  • Is My Penis Too Small?   11 weeks 3 days ago

    Hi D Yes at 4 inchs your not very long and your girth is not great to say the least.

    So what can you do to improve your manhood, look go and have a look round the pe stands for penis enlargment and yes it can be done.
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    is the real guy to get under his wing if you can.

    A warning do just follow what you are told to do and how to do it, never go off track,
    do that you could end up with ED even if its only temporary and these little hic-cups
    dont help, so your warned.OK

    But its worked for me and can still gain at nearly 70? why well we all need a hobby.


  • If Men Lived in a Woman's World   11 weeks 4 days ago

    We can all play our part by eliminating sexist language from our everyday lives and not perpetuating the misogyny which surrounds women.

  • How To Tell Rolex   11 weeks 5 days ago
  • The Benefits of Foreskin   11 weeks 6 days ago

     A YouTube playlist of videos by women who say they've been with both cut and uncut partners, and prefer uncut. This playlist includes both videos by Betty and Carlin that talk about the foreskin.

  • Why are American Women Biased Against Intact Penises?   11 weeks 6 days ago

     A YouTube playlist of videos by women who say they've been with both cut and uncut partners, and prefer uncut:

  • I Believed the Man Who Raped Me had Permanently Damaged Me   11 weeks 6 days ago

     A YouTube playlist of videos by women who say they've been with both cut and uncut partners, and prefer uncut:

  • Is My Penis Too Small?   12 weeks 13 hours ago

    Dear D, There are small, narrow penises and shallow, narrow vaginas, extra long penises and extra deep vaginas. Such is the variety of human anatomy, the question is to find a mate who corresponds to you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The Kama Sutra speaks to the different dimensions of male and female genitalia and recommends sex among participants of similar dimension. Betty does well in recommending you develop skills stimulating the clitoris. Whether you want to supplement your penis with sex toys is your choice. I would suggest you investigate the many intercourse positions appropriate for your equipment. Bottom line: love yourself, be your best lover, masturbate edging orgasms, love your cock. If you'd like a unique perspective on masturbation, check out my website-
    Journey well,

  • I Can Never Seem to Get Myself All the Way There   12 weeks 4 days ago

    I posted this in the forum, but I really wanted to ask you about this:

    Seven years ago my wife had a hysterectomy, and then six months later I had a stroke (bleeding stroke).

    In that six months we had sex a couple of times and it was fantastic, but I noticed the lack of enthusiasm from her.

    However, since I had the stroke, we have not had sex once.

    I have tried and tried to no avail as she claims that my doctor thought that I was not healthy enough for sex, even though my doctor has given me the go ahead as I have completely recovered.

    So that has been her excuse to stay away from intmacy.

    We are now in our late 50's and have been together for close to 35 years and had an awesome sex life up until her operation, and everything else in our relationship is great!

    We did all kinds of stuff to keep our sex life active over the years . . .

    As an example, one night when I got home from work I found a huge piece of plastic laid out on the livingroom floor, with her sitting in the middle dressed in my favorite kinky outfit of hers (I'm a leg man, so nylons, garter belts and/or pantyhose is my turn on...and she knows it), with a gallon of ice creme, a large bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup and a can of Rediwhip.

    She then told me to sit down on the couch and watch while she made herself into the most tasty ice creme sundae I've ever had in my life!

    Damn . . . thinking about that night that I will never forget has got me all fired up again!

    Anyway, that should give a little insight into what our sex life once was.

    In those seven years I have been repeatedly turned down for sex, and when I try to make any advances I get shot down and left hanging, as it were.

    Again, blaming it on my stroke.

    I went into a deep depression and started drinking whiskey heavily for about two years as I was seriously considering finding sex from someone else, but I'm not built that way and have never once cheated on her or any other of the women I have been with before we got together.

    But I almost did, which is why I used the drinking to stop me from stepping out on her.

    I quit drinking eight months ago as it almost ruined our marriage . . . but for some reason I didn't have the guts to really tell her why I started boozing.

    Well, now for some reason, I am suddenly more horny than I ever was when I was 18 (and I was a horndog back then), so two months ago I reactivated my quest for sex, and I came clean about the drinking and why I did it.

    That was when the bomb fell . . . she told me that she has absolutely no desire for sex anymore and is totally put off any time I try to make any advances or even a little dirty talk (which used to get us both going at a moments notice), and that she doesn't appreciate it when I do that and wants me to stop.

    Now, she said that she would 'try', but two months later still nothing . . . we are no closer to a solution!

    Me . . . I'm about to explode and she knows this!

    I've been having anxiety attacks over this, and the other night on my way home from work I stopped at three different liquor stores, but talked myself out of going in.

    I told her this when I got home, but she just said if I started drinking again she would hit the road.

    I'm at the end of my rope and as it looks right now, we may never be able to do the most wonderful thing that life gives us . . . each other and sex!

    I've had a few oportunities from some other women and turned them down, but now I'm seriously considering this . . . but don't want to!

    What I really want is to somehow get that old spark back but I am daily reminded that this may not ever happen.

    What is a guy to do in this situation?

  • I Have a Unique Way of Achieving Male Ejaculation   12 weeks 4 days ago

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  • My Go To "Trick" for Orgasm   12 weeks 4 days ago

    Orgasm is the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual tension resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region that produce intensely pleasurable sensations followed by rapid relaxation. Write Cheap Essay For Me Orgasm is also in part a psychological experience of pleasure and abandon, when the mind is focused solely on the personal experience. It is sometimes called climaxing or coming. 

  • Is It Possible to be Healthy & Not Menstruate at 19?   12 weeks 4 days ago

    Thank you. You have made one convincing, articulate argument. You made a head start on me. I would have made the same case on, but stepped away. Good job!

  • It's Not About the Orgasm   12 weeks 5 days ago

    I love reading your stories and musings as life evolves and changes for the both of you. I so hope to make it to a workshop in the near future! xxxx

  • If Men Lived in a Woman's World   13 weeks 3 days ago

    Women's rights are certainly different around the world. Some countries, women can be beaten or killed for merely showing a strand of hair, while in other areas, our rights as fully equal human beings are secured. academic coursework help I haven't travelled out of this country much, and when I did, it was as an American tourist pre- Iraq war part two, so I was treated well anyway. There's a lot of places that have very backwards ideas about women's rights. To a certain extant, the US itself can barely be arsed to care about our rights. Check out the rape conviction statistics and reports of court cases if you want to be utterly horrified. Some places are extremely bad about this stuff, like Saudi Arabia and Iran, but very few nations are blameless.

  • I Can Only Masturbate to Orgasm Face Down on My Stomach   13 weeks 4 days ago

    What happened to you is that you sucked air into your vagina. It's completely normal and you're fine.

  • How Do I Have a Happy Sex Life When I Get Depressed?   14 weeks 2 days ago

    Well! This is the perfect place from where we can get all of our answers about sex and depression. In most of the occasion, we have found that people are unable to enjoy their sex life just because of depression and anxiety. So they definitely need some help from experts, sex becomes an important part of married life and to get proper satisfaction from our sexual life, we used to follow some ingredients from different sources. The most common problem, I have faced during sex is the ejaculation problems and it reduces my last long performance in bed. So I would like to pick some of the points from this article and hope to get better satisfaction.

  • your first time with anal sex   14 weeks 3 days ago

    Sorry! There is no choice of switching from ass to pussy, though of course pussy to ass is possible and desirable too. But after each session of anal penetration, be sure to wash the penis with ample water and soap. Mere wiping will not work.

  • New BF Wants Me to Squirt   14 weeks 3 days ago

    Big fan of your work Betty! In my experience, squirting is very real and most of the time, very pleasurable.  There has been a lot of recent research about female ejaculation as well as science uncovering important information about the clitorus being much more than a tiny button. I have NOT always been a squirter.  In fact, most of my life, I was not. Curiosity inspired a lot of experimentation and I can defend female squirting from personal experience.  
    I also do not believe that some women can squirt while others can not. With understanding about how our bodies work, being both very relaxed (comfortable) but very stimulated, and with patience with the g-spot, I believe women can learn to squirt. My suggestion for getting started would be to incorporate warming lube in your play and make sure the g-spot is well covered (or the area on the inside upper wall of the vaginal canal up to about 3 inches). Ben-Waa balls (especially those on a string) can help stimulate the g-spot. I have also found the WeVibe and a g-spot stimulating vibrator helpful. Firm or hard pressure may be more effective than the "come hither" motion popular in instructionall info.
    I can tell you for certain this is not does not exit from the urethra but rather from just inside the vaginal canal. I have had both gushing and squirting experiences. I have been able to ejaculate further than 6ft. The fluid is clear and sweet tasting and smelling much like sugar water.
    Personally I am thankful for this development in my sexuality. It has brought me (& my hubby) great pleasure. 
    I love how even now in middle age my body is still surprising me and I am still learning more about it.  Oh the beauty God created when He made women.

  • Learn a New Orgasm: How to Upgrade Your Masturbation Technique   14 weeks 3 days ago

    Hi all,

    I didn't know any of this my whole life. I'm 43, and until my 40s only just started to orgasm during sex. I also just got my first dildo. I was sexually shamed as a kid and teen and even in my 40s my parents make sex seem shameful. I had no clue about any of this stuff. I still have a hard time having an orgasm during masturbation, but I'm getting there.

  • 21 Year Old Virgin with Vibrator Problems   14 weeks 4 days ago

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  • Am I Asexual?   14 weeks 4 days ago

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  • Because #PleasureEmpowers   14 weeks 4 days ago

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  • Did I Ruin My Clit from Unlubricated Masturbation?   14 weeks 4 days ago

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  • Feminism at the Superbowl   14 weeks 4 days ago

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