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  • Mat is Cool   13 years 29 weeks ago

    hi from the nurse with wounds

  • Your thoughts....   13 years 29 weeks ago

    Yo can't no bitch ejaculate, y you trippin' nigga?

    Holla back

    Da Live Prince

  • I hate you   13 years 29 weeks ago

    Yo girl, u need to chill the fuck out...

    Don't hate on no playa yo 8)

    Holla back 8)

    MaKaVeli Da LiVE PriNCe 8)

  • I'm not gay but...   13 years 29 weeks ago

    Yo nigga, you a straight faggot, y'all gotta accept that shit, sucks for you tho nigga...



  • Sexual misinterpretation   13 years 29 weeks ago

    Although I know you've heard about my reputation
    Across the nation
    Mr. I get around
    My temptaion got me dripping wet
    I'm activated by the moves your making
    Baby why you faking? strip naked get the love making

  • Nothing   13 years 29 weeks ago

    Forget about what other may have said this is how we learn from you.

  • Blowjob in the Laundry Room   13 years 29 weeks ago

    :D Just new but luuuuuuuuuuuving it!!!!!! Is this an AUSSIE website???4 give the ignorance!!!!

  • MAN ON MAN???   13 years 29 weeks ago

    :oops: Threesomes CAN work , BUT the secret is that the male partner , ( in a 2 F 1 M situation ) as in if there is a couple being adventuresome , needs to pay MORE attention to his wife / girlfriend than the " intruder " partner did this and we found it a strenthening experience - NOT reccommended ALL the time !!

  • Your thoughts....   13 years 29 weeks ago

    pretty kitty,

    To answer your question, yes a woman can ejaculate. Here is an article that talks about the biological aspect of female ejaculation.

    I hope it helps :)


  • MAN ON MAN???   13 years 29 weeks ago

    A friend of mine wanted a threesome,him his wife and his other friend. ( he wanted to see her with another man) She didn't want to for a long time. But he kept pressing her. She finally said yes. After they did it he thought it was great. (for about two weeks) Till she asked him to get his friend back over. He lost control of the fantacy. The divorced. Some things are better left alone!

  • Blowjob in the Laundry Room   13 years 29 weeks ago


    No masturbation here. No reason for it. Not in todays times. Not with all the women dropping to their knees and blowing guys in laundromats and art at shows. C-Bitchs stories are bullshit. They sound like exerpts from Xavier Hollanders The Happy Hooker. As far as Chead118, what's to hang with? Every women thinks hers is the best but what they don't know is there's always one better. just had a women last week that swore hers was the greatest. :shock:

  • A Special Christnas Gift   13 years 29 weeks ago

    I think its sad that so many of the confessions in here are about cheating and lying........
    I am happily married and cant wait for the man I adore to get home and fuck the daylights out of me! (or me him!!).
    If you really are filling a void with an outside is probably already over, on both yours and on your husbands part.

  • Girlie Sex ( Sex between 2 girls )   13 years 29 weeks ago

    Been there, done that. As long as both consent, I don't see any problems.

  • I'm not gay but...   13 years 29 weeks ago

    You know, having a vibrator/finger/whatever up your ass can feel good - man or woman. What feels good has nothing to do with sexuality.

    I recently told my man, to his surprise, that I like anal stim. He's neither had a woman who likes that nor had a woman try that on him, but he is willing to try (it's a long distance relationship that's not been consumated - yet ;) If he likes it, he does. If he doesn't, I still do. ;)

    So if you enjoy it, gay, straight, male, female, go for it.

  • I'm not gay but...   13 years 29 weeks ago

    I'm a guy, and yes I have had a vibrator up my ass before and it does feel good. I have even had a girl use a strap-on dildo on me and that made it even better, now I am not gay and I would never let another guy get near my ass with his dick. The only thing that will fuck my ass will be me or my girlfriend with a strap-on.

  • A Special Christnas Gift   13 years 29 weeks ago

    This is all very interesting, I let my neighbor read everything that has been posted so far and he got a good laugh out of it. He thought that each different point of view had good points and bad points. We talked for a little while after and he told me about the different affairs he has had, a total of 5, 3 before he was married, 1 about 4 years ago and now me, and I believe he was being completely honest with me. As for getting caught, it is unlikely at least at this point. In the 5 years I have know them I have been back and forth between our 2 houses quite often, so it is not uncommon if I am seen coming out of or going into their house. I have no idea how long this may last and if we will have to stop once school is out for summer, if we have to stop until school starts up again next fall I am sure we can both live with that, but for right now I am having some fun in my life and no one on here will change my mind. If you don't like what I am doing then go read someone else's confession, there are plenty of others to read.

  • Did I cheat? Tell me?   13 years 29 weeks ago

    It is true and you don't know my girlfriend. She'd still be mad at me even IF I dreamt that. We celebrated our three month anniversary by her making me throw out a bunch of my porno mags (although I still kept a few of the better ones).


  • A Special Christnas Gift   13 years 29 weeks ago

    I think there are alot of good pints made on this forum, both for and against your situation. I guess it all depends on one's view of marriage and sense of morals. I believe in the sanctity of marriage and do not agree with cheating, but I'm not gonna knock you for doing it. I do think that you could use some advice tho. Regardless of whether you think cheating is ok or not, you still are going to have to live up to the consequences of your actions. What if your husband does find out? Or, worse, your children. They will feel betrayed by you and this could alter your relationship with alot of people: your husband, children, and even the rest of your family. If this does get out, will you be able to look any of them in the face? Will it have been worth it? And don't think you are immune. All it takes is one person getting suspicious or seeing you going into your neighbors house every other morning. They will tell some1, maybe even alert your husband. Or mayb they will gossip with another neighbor and a child will overhear and say something to your kids. Or u could just get busted by your hubby.

    Anyway, the point is that everything is wonderful for you now, but will have to face the music eventually. Is it worth even RISKING hurting your husband that way? If it is, what about your children? Are you willing to risk the quality of your relationship with them and put them through that embarrassment for a few fucks? You need to just stop everything, take a step back, and think this through more before you go on dancing on your family's trust. I think you need to talk to your husband about the "void" or get a divorce, cheating really is a coward's way out. Don't let yourself be reduced to that.

  • Girlie Sex ( Sex between 2 girls )   13 years 29 weeks ago

    Hi Dear,
    Acc to me, as long as 2 girls or women want to go for it, it's ok..... coz I suppose u shall understand the statement.... " Everything is fair in LOVE and WAR " As long as they are not harming each other or getting addicted to it & not getting disturbed, they are going in their right path. We shall not forget that, what I feel is GOOD may be BAD for u & the viceversa. So, having too many talks on such a topic would really end up in a debate sort of situation.

  • Did I cheat? Tell me?   13 years 29 weeks ago

    Wow, what a vivid imagination :roll: You wish that happened. Just tell your gitl the truth that you were dreaming

  • Did I cheat? Tell me?   13 years 29 weeks ago

    Considering that those chicks weren't there when you fell asleep in the first place, then no, it isn't cheating. At least, it doesn't sound like cheating to me! But be prepared for your girl to be a little upset anyways...we girls are fickle like that. :)

  • Girlie Sex ( Sex between 2 girls )   13 years 29 weeks ago

    Are we supposed to say yes if it's right or yes if it's wrong. I'm a little confused.

    Here's my thoughts;
    It's great! But it is kinda like sex with guys, it has to be the right one to give you that spark. I have it with two different girls, each being one of my best friends and loved it both times. There's nothing wrong with a little exploration and fun, and that's what it was. I'd definately do it again! It's even more fun when it is in a threesome with a guy. So raz me if you want to, but sex should be fun and anyway you can experiment is the only way to truly feel comfortable with it. The more experimentation, the more you know EXACTLY what you like and what you don't!


  • I'm not gay but...   13 years 29 weeks ago

    The question you want to find out? If so, i'd start now deciding how in 5 years i'm going to tell my loved ones i'm gay!

    You actually stuck it up your ass, ughh, and you're a dude???

  • Nothing   13 years 30 weeks ago

    Okay, I'll say this. If your FATHER had sex with you, molested you, touched you, whatever, he should be castrated and put underneath a Turkish prison. It's just plain AGAINAT NATURE for a father/parent to have any kind of sexual contact with their child. I hope you're in counseling for this. If you had/have a daughter, how would you feel if her father was touching her or (God help us all) if he has sex with her!!

  • Did I cheat? Tell me?   13 years 30 weeks ago

    hell no u did nothing wrong. but u should have woke your ass up and had the time of your life with the two extremely willing chicks.