Is It Just Because of My Age that I Think More About Love on Valentines Day than Sex?

Sat, 02/13/2010 - 09:49
Submitted by Anonymous

Apologies in advance. This is not the best thought out blah-g but I wanted to have some voice in this precious day approaching.

I don't want to be a party pooper but is it just because of my age that I think more about love on Valentines Day than sex? Or maybe its because I'm not having any sex that I think more about love.

Let's give some attention to the pressure of Valentine's Day and the stress of having a night that ends in bed. Learning how to combine good sex with good long term relatinships is no easy task.

I think Valentine's Day is really a day for men. If women wanted sex all they'd have to do is ask for it. It's the poor guys who have to rev up their creative juices in order to persuade their exhausted mommying partners to take a break and give it up.

I think it should be about love so that we learn to blend the emotional and the physical into one gorgeous package. It's a day for special sex maybe. A time to agree to suspend all fights, resentments and unsettled issues to just be together. Sounding a little old now am I?

One thing I know that men have over us is an ability to compartmentalize when it comes to sex. They have to capacity to turn everything off but themselves when there's an opportunity for lust in the next room. Girls seem to need resolution about everything else to just have a good time.

I don't' think by the way that it's any different in the early stages of a relationship. Then, girls were so crazy interested in the attention or the relief of finding a guy that they claimed to be sexually interested all the time. Most women will tell you that orgasms are great but they don't have to have them and they can do it for themselves. Sometimes even better.

Valentines Day is red. Red everywhere. A sexy color say the psychology books. The color of fire and urgency, velvet and hot tomatoes. Red looks like crap on me and or just makes me feel cheap because my mom said it was a tart-y color. I have avoided any drama in my wardrobe ever since so as not to be branded as a loose woman. Now what do I do. They (they?) tell me I'm too old to dress a certain way. I should be "appropriate." For what? If I'm not going to get it on with my bad self now when will I ever?

I think I'll just take myself downtown for a sexy dinner, all by myself, dress up and show my fabulous smile to all who look my way. I will in no way feel sorry for myself for not having a sweetie and I will honor myself for all my good work and all the men in my life. Maybe one day there'll be another one, or two Valentine's Days with a partner, but if not, that's cool too.

Btw-this is my valentine this year