Introducing The F*ck Table

Fri, 11/18/2011 - 08:18
Submitted by Anonymous

I've always traveled a different path and questioned the conventional rules of wisdom. This has lead me to naturally think of ways to find sensual and sexual fulfillment when you are faced with physical challenges.

Everyone's sex life is going to be tested one way or another in their lifetime. Many people may think that they "are safe" and will not need to know this info as it does not apply to them. The funny thing is that the moment you are dealt the card of aging, chronic illness, injury, or even the side effects of taking meds, your life will instantly change and test your resilience to enjoy life.

Then what? Are you going to give up and not have a decent sex life anymore too? I actually think that I have an "unfair advantage" over most people because my coping skills and outlook are refined from a lifetime of experience.

Recently, I was interviewed by SexIs magazine (here's part I and part II of my interview) about my important message for people living with disabilities - I gave several product recommendations and introduced my own original product: The Personal Activity Lounge.

The wonderful Betty Dodson even gave a comment:

“I get critical of my body and how I look and here is a woman with a size disability who puts me to shame. Her upbeat attitude is an inspiration to the so-called able-bodied American woman who constantly criticizes her body.” That said, Dodson admits that getting older does have its realities: aches, pains, the gradual loss of mobility – things most people don’t think about until it happens to them."

I personally Love, Love, Love the Personal Activity Lounge aka the Fuck Table, and "use" it all the time. The PA Lounge allows me to easily be "on top" ie: like  riding a horse, without excessive bending or weight on my knees and  arms. Lots of creative positions to explore without being limited to a  flatsurface of a mattress!

It started with a pretty, little Japanese-style table in my boyfriend’s home. I looked at it and started thinking, Dang, I wonder if we could fuck on that thing?  We tried it and voila...I was able to finally to be "on top," the earth moved and rocked that night!

The coolest sex furniture that I created from my real experiences with the "little big man" in my life: Michael - The fuck table is now available on my website:

Custom ordered to your measurements. User friendly with non-disabled partners, tall or short, it don't matter. Very practical for solo use, exercise, and massage too!

They say there are no accidents. When I first met Betty and Carlin I was in such awe of their work in sexuality education and art...I knew that I wanted to be a part of it somehow. I am so thankful and humbled by their continued support and encouragement in having me as a blogger on their website, and for contributing thoughful and humorous commentary in this article. Betty, Carlin, I'm asking you to please get down on your knees as I reach up and give you both a BIG Thank You hug!

Betty muses: “Maybe when I’m in my 90s, I’ll get a purple one (electric scooter) and Marylou and I can have a race through at least one airport.”

Haha...I am down for that Betty, I'll race you any day. Be sure to charge up your batteries for your scooter...not for your vibrator dear!

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Love you Marylou!

Fri, 11/18/2011 - 22:15

One of my favorite patients was an HIV positive gentleman with a host of other health issues who despite heart conditons, amputations, and more was still an all around charming man with sex appeal. This man was inspiration to me that no matter what life might deal to you, that you could still be a sexy, sensual, fully sexual being with dignity. When I get old, if I lose body parts, if being mobile is painful, I still want to have orgasms. You are inspiration that I can still be a sexual being no matter what life might deal out as Dr. Betty is inspiration that orgasms will still be my right no matter what my age. Which since I am definitely out of the dewy eyed youth stage is a "Fuck yeah, I can do this!" , the challenge is on, I will find a way to evolve with my orgasms.

Hey Heylin, Thank you for

Mon, 11/21/2011 - 20:38
Marylou (not verified)

Hey Heylin,

Thank you for your comments. 

And you're right...there is always a way!

Marylou :)

Ah yes, love your f-bed!

Mon, 04/15/2013 - 00:10
sbwell (not verified)

Oh what a thrill to see something so similar to what my husband and I have dreamed of! Bravo!
Though as yet we have not created an alternate "bed" as you have, what we have created for now serves as our sleeping bed and rumpus room fore-play. With no more disability than an occassional sore back; in fact we are both in pretty good shape for baby boomers. We imagine there must be literally millions of others, at any age, with our similar "disability", being taller than the average person. Honestly I believe most couples simply have no idea how important it is to have proper furniture for exceptional sensual pleasures...kinda sad. But as you have realized we also feel passionatly that there is a calling for such a product.
For easier access, mutual comfort and the most delicious fun, my husband created our high bed. It has an an excelent mattress placed upon a solid platform with strong wooden right angle 4x2 legs and very importantly - no box spring! This "platform" bed enhances our pleasure and sleep far beyond the normal lower bed, also too springy (a rediculous design for proper ergonomic body mechanics) We further enhance our pleasure times by using pillows and a wedge and have placed a swival-rocking chair next to the bed for his viewing pleasure, close enough for her to lay back with her two feet to rest upon his knees with hers wide spread...I'm sure you get the image... most deliceous and delightful!
We look forward to checking out your other unique furniture fore-play