We Must Claim Our Pleasure, Happiness & Sexual Freedom for Ourselves

Wed, 02/17/2010 - 08:13
Submitted by Lawrence Lanoff

An Israeli cult leader was indicted Sunday on multiple charges of slavery, rape, and sexual abuse within a family. The indictment accused 60-year-old Goel Ratzon of setting himself up as a godlike figure, who preys on troubled women.

Goel, which means "savior" in Hebrew, created an image of himself as an omnipotent God, able to heal, destroy and curse. However, all of his superpower was apparently not strong enough to control his bitches, so Goel had a rule book for his 21 wives. Within those rules lies the true purpose of religion: total pussy domination.

Goel dominated the pussy by giving himself unlimited, unquestioned, sexual access to any woman at any time - while blocking sexual access by any other males. And similar to the ill tempered pussy controlling God that most of us believe in, Goel's rules and laws were to be unquestioningly followed, lest we suffer severe consequences. We are taught that submission is the only true freedom, suppression the highest path.

I myself fell victim to a small cult in the 80's, led by an ill tempered, delusional, pussy controlling asshole. I extracted myself out of it when I made a shocking discovery; the cult leader was trying to have sex, with my then girlfriend, behind my back, while telling me how bad she was for my spiritual evolution.

A good friend of mine is currently a cult leader, though I'm sure he doesn't know it. And that's what makes him so persuasive; he's a true believer of his own bullshit. He believes so strongly in his self created delusion that others can't help but be carried away by his charismatic smile and outlandish promises of healing and redemption.

However, just because I believe I'm a banana doesn't make me a banana.

Cults and religions keep us away from "worldly" social connections, giving the leader unfettered access to our minds and our bodies. Ultimately Ratzon made his women believe that their entire being, essence, and physical and mental life, derived their existence from him.

In reality, our life derives its existence not from a person, a religion, or a man-god, but rather from life itself. Nobody has superpowers. Nobody.

If we are to break free of the mental enslavement of shame, guilt, fear, and blame that our superstitious ancestors have handed down to us, we must claim our pleasure, happiness, and sexual freedom for ourselves.

Our pleasure, sex, and bliss is our freedom.

President of Pleasure. Buster of shame and myths.