My Bodysex Group For One

Fri, 12/02/2011 - 10:04
Submitted by The Intern

I had a session with Betty Tuesday. So Great! Most of all because I got to see ”the real Betty”. Betty was definitely in her element.

Stepping into Betty’s hall felt like I’m stepping into the history of her life. One of my assignments here has been to copy edit Betty’s Memoir, so I feel like I know a big part of Betty’s history really well, pretty much by heart. Betty thinks it’s so funny that she can’t tell me anything without me coming up with a reference to the book. I almost went crazy over it at one point, but now My Romantic Love Wars is done and online.

Everybody should read Betty's memoir. What a life this woman has had…still has…she’s going on 83 but Betty doesn’t walk…she marches with her back straight…and still she doesn’t understand why nobody’s asking to help an old lady. What old lady?

Where was I? So it’s something special to be in Betty’s apartment. Just standing in the hall looking at the 15 hooks on the wall where the participants of who knows how many bodysex groups hung their clothes before they stepped into the living room in the nude is exhilarating.

To make room for the bodysex groups, Betty emptied her living room back in the mid 70s. There’s lots of space in the room, but Tuesday a massage table was put up in the middle of it, and a big towel was spread out on the floor and pillows were put up for back comfort. On a tray next to the towel were several vibrators, LOTS OF LUBE, napkins and of course the must-have, Betty’s Barbell. I didn’t feel nervous, but I sure did feel excited!

After having chatted a little, Betty told me to take off my clothes and put on a sweatshirt and socks that were put out for me. So there I was in sweatshirt and socks and nothing else. Time for “The Genital Show and Tell”. YAY! I sat down on the towel next to Betty and put one leg over her leg and spread the other one to the side. Then Betty placed the lamp in front of my vulva and then the makeup mirror. Ooooh… I’ve looked at my vulva lots of times and have no complaints, but I have to admit that I never did it with both hands free. You have to do that. Betty’s right. Having both your hands free to touch and move your labia around is great. I actually felt like I was looking at my vulva for the first time.

Betty explained that the genital show and tell is probably the most healing part of the entire session. It’s horrible how many women out there walk around thinking they are deformed, that something’s wrong between their legs. Before coming to New York, I volunteered at a chat for teenage girls in Denmark. Too many teenage girls think that something’s wrong with their vulvas. I remember one girl who kept telling me how everybody commented on how beautiful she was, but she felt so much shame about it because she was so ugly between her legs, and if they had known that, they would never have told her she was beautiful. It makes me so sad that a young girl’s self-esteem has to suffer for no reason.

Back on the towel, I was shown how to do a vulva massage and how to strengthen and work my pelvic floor muscle. “Squeeze release, squeeze release…” I was also given an overview of all the things between my legs, inside and outside, with drawings of the inside. Did you know that women actually have two sponges (the urethral and the perineum)? Why haven't I seen a drawing with those two sponges before?

I had to know what style I was, and Betty told me that I have a classical vulva. Also we decided to call it Little Kat until something better came along. It was really a nice experience and I can (totally) see how that is liberating to a woman who feels shame about her genitals. Love it love it!

After the genital show and tell I went up on the massage table. Betty’s so nice. She really makes you feel relaxed and very beautiful, so I didn’t feel nervous even then. I started out with the Barbell and the Mystic Wand, doing the rock’n’roll technique. Betty found out fast that I’ve been arching my back and by that exposed my clit too much, so now I learned to place my feet firmly on the “ground” and NOT arch my back (that is going to take some getting used to). I loooooove the barbell, but I’m a holding-the-vibrator-low-on-my-clit-kind-of-girl, so the mystic wand is really too big.

Still, that was okay because we (I keep wanting to write we… because I feel like Betty and I were in it together… which we were) were practicing different things and I was rocking and squeezing and relaxing. Then I got the swiss vibrator, which was nice, but my head started spinning. Suddenly I really wanted to come. Like some teenage girl who really wants to come for her boyfriend, I suddenly really wanted to come for Betty. She said that we had been on my clit for so long that it was numb. She reminded my that this was not a race - that I needed to enjoy the good feelings rocking and vibrating were giving me. I do know that…and still, I really wanted to come.

After a while, Betty gave me what I needed. The HITACHI! OMG!!!! I actually had the chance to try it once before, but I was sure it would be too powerful, so I chose the Mystic Wand instead. No no no...every woman has to have the Hitachi. Those were by far the best vibrations I’ve ever had. So finally after 3 hours of genital show and tell, vulva massage, pelvic muscle exercises, rock’n’rolling, the barbell and three different vibrators… I came in the longest lasting orgasm of my life. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I thought I was going to go through the roof!!

Afterwards Betty took me through all my chakras and said some very important things to me that I’m determined to follow. I won’t tell you what is was… you’ll have to get your own session with your own words of wisdom.

Before the session, I actually thought I was getting a yeast infection. I have a feeling that I wasn’t nervous, but my pussy was…!? I asked Carlin what to do because that wouldn’t be all that nice for Betty. Carlin wrote me: “I don’t think there’s a pussy in the world that would offend her”… she was right and Betty actually seemed a little disappointed when it turned out that nothing was wrong… okay, maybe not.

One thing is for sure, though. Betty knows a whole lot about women and their sexuality. I can’t help but think that there are things she knows about me that I don’t even know myself.

I learned a whole lot of things about me, my body, my vulva, and my orgasms. I had a HUGH orgasm that left me satisfied between my legs like never before… I’m not kidding. I felt so peaceful afterwards that I floated out the door and down the street.

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Any tips?

Sat, 12/10/2011 - 15:42
Joelle (not verified)

I wonder why my bf doesnt wanna do that with me...
It would be as cool as being virgin, to experience it together but he's against massages (weird, he's into Reiki, but when it gets to the sex chakra, all he says is thats its very talkative down there but never paid attention) and never had a real good look at my pussy even if he really likes to spend time (mainly) licking (boring, told him) between my legs... and I begin to wonder, as I'm a new orgsmser, if I havent been a really bad lover all my life (mind my ex that wasnt more aware than me about female sexuality unfortunately) and why he was accepting my fake pleasure while I know he had a lover that was able to squirt, but I begin to believe she was a good squirter thats all and that he still doesnt know more than me how a woman gets off during intercourse or out. Doesnt matter, I'm gonna be my lover instead, in fact I cannot wait to try and experience your 1st orgasm technique :-)
But I still want to try and make him change... coz he's gonna get more and more jaleous of my toys and my private sessions, I know that... Any tips?
Joelle E. 55 1/2 (remember? Sorry last time I wrote through f/b but I dont want anyone to know whats happening in a public bed ;-)

That was a beautiful

Sat, 12/24/2011 - 09:01
NorthernGirl (not verified)

That was a beautiful encounter and description. Thanks for sharing it, I feel like I got a glimpse into what  is a historically signifant practice that will in one way or another benefit women for generations to come. So happy you got to experience this!