Thoughts on My Profile In GQ Magazine

Thu, 05/24/2012 - 11:58
Submitted by Eric Amaranth

I'm very happy with my article. My best press yet, in fact. I even received better cover billing than Justin Bieber did.  It was almost two years in the making with all the rewrites and “Which issue will it go in?” questions. 

I also want to blog on it to clarify two things for its readers because with lots and lots of rewrites and fact checkers adding and subtracting, some things are lost in translation. Spoiler alert: read the article first before you read this blog post. Then, I’ll talk on some of the behind-the-scenes details.

My clarifications:

1. I was pleased to see that my Talk Sessions were mentioned in the article. Diana did sit in on a few of them like she did for the Guided Session. I understand how attention-commanding the Guided Sessions are, which is why the GQ article focused on it, but the fact is the majority of my clients choose Talk Sessions for their sex life coaching.

2. While it’s true that I am a proponent of highly-skilled sex toy use, I also teach a great deal on sex that does not include toys. In fact, understanding some of the roles the right toys could take in their sex life together was what Mike and Shannon were focusing on in their Guided Session. It would be a shame if a reader took away the impression that my view of sex is toys-only. That’s not the case. I have worked with clients who had no toy inclusion interests to great success. I enjoy both toy and toy-free sex because it gives me a much larger menu of amazing options to choose from so that it’s very hard for my sex life to get old.

Now, for the thank yous:

I want to thank the writer, Diana Spechler, for seeing my work for what it is, what it does for people’s lives, and as they say in the movies, believing in me. I thank GQ Magazine for having the guts and the vision to take on this profile when so many other magazines would not. I understand that there are too many bad men out there who willfully misuse and abuse their way through sex. For that reason, people are rightly skeptical of men and their motives. I’m glad I can show people that -not- every man takes a sex life path that wants only to take advantage of partners at every turn and then disregard or laud their suffering.

I also want to thank all of my clients who agreed to have Diana present for their sessions. Especially Mike and Shannon for granting her access to their Guided Session. Without their generosity, I don’t know if this article would have been possible. Finally, I’d like to thank my mentor Betty Dodson who pioneered sex coaching and is the reason why my work and coaching abilities are as strong as they are.

Here’s some of the behind-the-scenes. I remember how I had to look high and low for clients who would have their sessions in the presence of a writer. Most were more concerned about whether or not their anonymity would be compromised even though the writer made her assurances known. I was worried that the article would never be. After all, one of my problems in creating word of mouth advertizing is clients most often don’t have a friend they’d feel comfortable talking to about their sex life let alone recommending me.

Finally, I found some who wanted my sex life coaching brand to get some solid press after all that it did for them. I was also pleased when I read the ending. That Diana was witness to what the Guided Sessions are about and are capable of in her eventual comfort with viewing it.

So go to your nearest newsstand and pick up the June GQ!

Sex life coaching and neo-male perspectives.

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You make me proud, Eric. Congratulations!

Betty Dodson's picture
Fri, 05/25/2012 - 08:48
Betty Dodson

Just as the economy was crashing and you were moving into your own apartment, we were both concerned if either one of us would make it financially. When money is tight, one of the first thngs that gets put on the back burner is a person's sex life. Same was true of art unless you had a gallery that dealt with the 1%. The article was well done. My only compliaint is that they didn't use a photo of you and I objected to the unrelated pic of women undressing. Might know I'd have some complaints seeing how I'm a pickey Virgo. Rock on my Darling Protege, rock on!