Sci-fi Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction & Women's E-Ring: the G-Spot, PS-Spot & Vestibular Bulbs

Wed, 05/25/2011 - 08:26
Submitted by Eric Amaranth

Here is an article from on a new treatment for erectile dysfunction, or ED, using soundwaves to stimulate the growth of blood vessles in the genitals. They're still working on it, but it's proving promising, which is great news for men who can't take or don't want to take ED drugs like viagra, cialis, and levitra.

I teach my male sex life coaching clients with erectile issues, and penis size and hardness interests, about penis exercising. I also researched vitamin supplements that give a man's body the raw materials it needs for the erection process. The same would apply to women as well for clitoral erection and the erection strength and capacity of their E-ring, as I call it. Short for erectile ring.

When that ring has the capacity for firm and very swollen size, the glans of the penis gets a tremendous pleasure workout during intercourse. My former lover Billie has, for whatever reason, a very developed e-ring when it is fully aroused. The friction sensations created on my coronal ridge, very often the most sensitive area of the penis, from pulling back and pushing through it make it very hard to control ejaculation because that feeling alone is so incredible, let alone the sensations the full length of her vagina provide.

It is true that a huge, fat, hard e-ring is of great benefit to the male, but also to the woman when the time comes for stimulaiton of those zones, which include her g-spot, ps-spot, and clitoral bulbs. The fuller they are when you play with them, the better it erotically feels to her, especially the g-spot.

To say nothing of the quality of her clitoral stimulation when her clit gets nice and hard. That will feel more intense for her the harder her clit is because the nerve endings are more exposed because the clitoris's surface is more exposed and tight. Same with a man's penis. One of the tips for greater erotic sensation is to squeeze your PC muscle because that pushes more blood up into the glans of either the penis or clitoris. The tighter it gets, the better it feels, but can go to a point where it's too much.

I have been doing the penis exercises, as you know, and have not been as fastidious with keeping up doing them as often as I have to to see results, but, for what I have been doing, I've seen improvements confirmed by my lovers. They say I'm harder now, like steel, when I fully tense and hold my PC muscles (correctly) and pump into them, when I'm at my hardest and coming inside their vagina or bum, or when I'm in their mouths and they feel my cock swell hard and huge suddenly. Billie once said she thinks I have a little more length because she couldn't get her mouth as far down over my penis before it nuzzled the back of her throat. Maybe half a centimeter difference. The feedback I've gotten consistently from women is the first thing they are both practically interested in, and erotically drawn to, is hardness. Big, medium, or small comes second. These penis exercises have granted me that, before notable length and girth changes, already from what I've done. I'm reccomending these simple exercises to all of my over 50 male clients for no other reason than maintaining hardness.

"Oh god... you're so fucking hard in me...."  (see also the book, The Hardness Factor)

I've heard that many a time with many a beautiful lover. It made me wonder, "What's going on out there in Manland that this is such an issue?" Part of it is women's seemingly in-common erotic attraction for very hard cock. However, if it was more common, there wouldn't be a reason to vocalize so often. There can be psychological and in the moment emotional issues that affect this as well. I realize that. However, a few of these exercises before daily or semi-daily masturbation does wonders for women or wives texting you, saying how much they can't wait for your hard cock inside them again. Yes. Dick size does matter. What makes me happy is there are natural steps to be taken to get what you want and your partner(s) sometimes needs.

For those new to my blog, I write on my and others' sex life, in erotica form, because many of us need only read of an example of what really is possible in sexual pleasure. It so often lights a desire to "Want to do that. Feel that." They want to learn how to have better sex through developing their sexual sophistication maybe for the first time in their lives. I also intend to present to my readers the reality of great sex from basic to advanced to inspire them as it will. Finally, ever wonder how good the sex that your sex therapist is having in their own sex life? I have. I'm not a sex educator, nor a sex therapist. I don't do sex therapy. I'm a sex life coach. I guide, I teach, and I do.

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Yes, healthier body

Eric Amaranth's picture
Thu, 01/14/2010 - 11:45
Eric Amaranth

And by association healthier circulatory system makes erections work better. No doubt. Makes them harder, especially.

I'm according to my doctor, "healthy" and I'm moving forward with penis exercising in addition to the diet and exercising. The two together are absolutely ideal.

Very important msg here Eric.

Marias Chaos's picture
Wed, 05/25/2011 - 10:22
Marias Chaos

I can’t tell you how many men with long/thick penis's assume I am going to
be so excited to be with them. Unfortunately my experience has been MOSTLY that
the bigger the cock the softer or weaker the hard on.

I assume it takes those big cocks more blood and circulation to get REAL
hard and to maintain that hardness. I often tell good average sized men to “be
careful what ya wish for!”

I would take a short rock hard cock over a big thick semi any day!

How long since you started the exercises Eric?

GRRR Problem here is this is apart of selfcare and doesn't require a pill,
therefore no one is gonna spend millions advertising this. Society wants a
quick fix for everything.

I called a male friend last night whom I know uses Cialis and happens to
also suffer from severe hearing loss which has forced him out of his trade. I
wanted him to be aware of the possibility that ED drugs may cause hearing loss.
He laughed and said what do you care, as long as I have a nice hard cock when
I'm fucking you? *rolling my eyes* I told him I actually do care and once again
I tried to sell him on the fact that there are other things he could be doing
to have healthy hardons that could also increase the intensity and length of
his orgasms.
I don’t understand why a man wouldn’t jump to listen or at 
least try such possibilities!?

And then comes the second part...once he has that healthy hard
cock...learning how to really use it to pleasure me!


Eric Amaranth's picture
Wed, 05/25/2011 - 17:50
Eric Amaranth

Great comment! It's always good to see behind the scenes perspectives on sex. So how was it with the big and long ones that were hard?

I've slacked on the exercises. Takes dedication that I havent had time or gettin up and doin because my size is already a good one. Still, I do believe it's a great system for long term erection maintainence.

Men don't learn because if the new content doesn't get past their ego's censorial role in their lives, things don't change. Plus, many just don't care that much. They care more about living up to a media and culture-defined image of a sexually actualized man. Anything else is irrelevant in this very self-centered viewpoint. It isn't a truthseeking viewpoint. It's the desire for an image that at least they believe.There are other reasons too, but that's a big one.

Then there are men who mistrust women because they've been burned by bad apples or never given the time of day. Like that guy said, "What do you care?" That's a deep level of cynicism. Maybe there are good reasons in his past to form that. Doesn't mean that he should.

Big & Long ones that were hard!

Marias Chaos's picture
Mon, 05/30/2011 - 18:41
Marias Chaos

Well, good question.

I have had too long, never had too thick! Too long can hurt if it hits the cervix. My vag has no trouble accommodating thick.

Depends on the man. A nice big and long, hard cock is pretty fun. MUCH MORE fun if HE knows how to use it. He doesn't have to know how though. I can mount him and use it my way, as long as he can handle it. I can even bend over in front of him and I can do all the pumping, ramming back on his cock. But, if he has no stamina….

it’s over before I even get started!

So, another trade off:

Perfect size and thickness with low stamina ...I would rather have below average size, but hard with stamina.

Some days I want a good pounding, other days I would trade in stamina for a man offering great attention and foreplay... the ability to fuck me passionately.

I want a man who wants me, shows it, acts like it, not just because I spread my legs....sigh... AND I wish for a man with some manors. Genuine manors. NOT just an act, but values others. all others as a people, even if we are just fucking.

I'm looking for one in a million, a diamond in the rough... I rare sculpted breed of wonderful. There are not that many Eric's out there...THAT ARE AVAILABLE FOR GREAT ONGOING NSA SEX.

I don't care what his package looks like or sizes ...if he has the right attitude and mindset and skills!!!

Penis exercises

MissusJamie's picture
Mon, 01/23/2012 - 11:24

The penis is not a muscle, it's organ tissue. If you do penis sit-ups it won't do any good becuase there is no msucles to be exercised in the penis! You'll probably have a more firm pevlic area but I guess that's better then nothing....
I've heard about stimulating blod cells for ED and it's a great idea as I know masny people who complain that meds give them a horrible almost hangover-like headache in the morning. You could always ask the people at to recommend a vacuum device for you or maybe your doctor will give you the O-OK for this device which seem to be the most instant solution with the least side effects.
If yiou ask any woman, she would prefer stamina, I agree with the reply above. All that matters is that it can get up, not that it's big or long.