We Need to Learn to Speak So They Can Hear

Sun, 07/14/2013 - 18:22
Submitted by Anonymous

There is odd etiquette when dealing with Sexual Zombies….for instance you can never point out that a zombie is actually a zombie…it is considered to be in bad taste, and if you do so you will most likely be bitten…by a throng of them. So not only is it in bad taste…but you’ll end up tasting bad.

So…I am on this committee…I don’t usually do committees because I find that zombies love committees. I think it is because folks mostly sit around and moan and groan and do nothing, which is really a zombie’s wet dream.

But this one seems to be peopled by the living…though there were a few zombies… (and since we are a little zombied..well, you get it). It is a committee that is supposed to be addressing the three main problems in our community…obesity, teen pregnancy and suicide. These were determined to be our monsters in a study done recently.

I saw the list and wanted to shout…”Well, no duh! If we address sexual zombies…that would take care of most of those problems!” But remember, there are the zombie rules.

So I listened to talk of collaboration and need for parent education and data gathering.

After the meeting I noted to one of the most alive members at the table that I thought teen pregnancy numbers were down…but that other unhealthy sexual problems like STDs…date rape…sexual trauma…early sexual experiences…were on the rise. I wondered aloud why we had Teen Pregnancy instead of the entire issue of unhealthy sexuality.

I was informed that we couldn’t actually say the word Sex….only pregnancy.

“We can’t talk about sex when talking about teen pregnancy?” I asked, stunned.

Everyone looked from one to another…doing that things we do when we are following bogus etiquette.

So there…that’s a very good example of Sexual Zombie spotting…..when you experience such crazy denial you end up feeling crazy.

“Huh…” I said.


We need to learn to speak so they can hear….but it is so very hard to talk to the living dead…they hear only the angry shouts of other living dead…they believe those shouts…and they are so very, very wounded….so wounded even the word sex hurts their ears…makes them want to go on a feeding frenzy.

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Been there

Tue, 07/16/2013 - 20:56
Diana L. (not verified)

There are many, many sexual zombies. In a chat room, I brought up the questions "Why is flirting seen as dangerous when you are in a relationship?" and the room erupted. The slut shaming began.

What is your plan towards addressing these folk?