Find a Photo of You Being You..Get a Theme Song

Wed, 07/03/2013 - 09:13
Submitted by Anonymous

With Sexual Zombies the bad news is also the good news, and the bad news is there is no black and white. With regular zombies (and we’re getting all this information from the most credible of sources, Sci-Fi films) one is either infected or not. You are a zombie or not.

Sexual Zombies…well…we’re all a little infected…maybe a lot infected. If we’ve watched television or movies or been on the Internet or seen porn or had sex education classes or been judged or lectured to by a sexual zombie…yeah, we’ve all been chewed on.

There are way more than fifty shades of gray with sexual zombies.

We are alive. We are deadened. We love. We use. We are sexy. We are a-sexual. We know our bodies. We are as disconnect from our bodies as the earth from the moon. (Thank God for orbits.) We love our sexuality. We abandon our sexuality. We’re innocent, wild, passionate. We’re domesticated.

Remember, the bad news is also the good news. Like in The Princess Bride when Wesley was only mostly dead, there are gradations to our sexual zombieness and there is always hope of coming back to life for everyone.

But fifty plus shades of gray still make black and white photos….a non-sexual-zombied life is full of color.

Life Experiment #1.

I love life experiments…you try something and note how it feels…note if it changes your life….note if that change turns your switch to brighter or dims it.

First experiment…first Truth or Dare question to be sexually awake….how do you feel about yourself?

Honestly…no one can hear…how well do you like yourself? Love yourself? What do you like about you? Are you funny, smart, kind, creative, interesting, quirky? If you can’t figure this out…get a photo of you as a kid…little kids are hardly ever infected. Find a photo of you being you.

I have this photo of my five year old me. She was so cool. She was getting her first school photo. She was sitting in front of the camera and the photographer was trying to get her to smile a big, cheesy, fake smile…and she would have none of it. She stared directly into the camera and had this look of delight at how funny the man’s attempt at a dishonest smile was. There was no mouth smile. There was only a smile in her eyes…only a delighted fascination. I love her. I am often not her. I am often smiling when things aren’t funny, agreeing to lies. I am often selling my soul to avoid being hurt…being noticed…being exposed.

How sexy is that?

Get a photo of you as an uninfected kid. I promise that kid knew and loved you completely.

Life Experiment #2: Get a theme song…a love song to yourself.

There was a show called Ally McBeal on a long time ago. There was this one episode where she was in a session with her hilarious therapist. The therapist insisted Ally get a theme song. Then the therapist said, “This is mine,” and pushed a button on the arm of her chair and this song started playing really loud and the therapist stood up and danced around to her theme song.

So funny. I had done this for myself as a kid. There is a song called Wendy that was popular when I was a kid, and I loved it, so I changed the name from Wendy to Bethie…because I was called Beth as a kid…and I danced around and sang it at the top of my lungs….

And Bethie has stormy eyes…that flash at the sound of lies and Bethie has wings to fly above the clouds…

We all need to remember our non-zombied kid and we all need a theme song on the road to honesty and excellence…and sexy color.