The Principle of My Arousal is Whatever Gets My Dick Hard

Wed, 02/09/2011 - 14:14
Submitted by Anonymous

After several years of film school, I've come away with this notion that post-modernism means stealing from anything you want with no regard to its history. This may be an inaccurate definition outside of my head, but it's the definition I choose. And in the spirit of post-modernism: “Fuck the other translations unless, you know... I feel like they're appropriate.”

I'll typically use the word when speaking about art, or media, or something. Like, “This film is post-modern because it's a hybrid of about ten different genres, none of which I can actually name.” But when speaking about my sexuality, it also seems fitting. Because it's annoying to hear people say, “I don't want to be categorized.” And post-modern sex sounds like a category. So by default, it must be slightly less obnoxious.

What I'm trying to convey here is that I'm one of those people who slides all over the Kinsey Scale. Sometimes I get stuck, and sometimes it's in a really conventional place. Other times, I feel like most everything is fair game. But my penis is not political, and my ass does not belong to a community. The principle of my arousal is whatever gets my dick hard. And in that state of erection, I could care less where it came from (Oh god, I'm one of those annoying people). The “why” only comes later.

Because, yes, I think about sex, and what it means in a variety of contexts. I often write about it too. Fucking seems like the most convenient topic to discuss. And maybe it's because I do it for a living. But most people I meet seem fascinated, or preoccupied, with the nature of their genitals, and how or with whom they want to share them. So for me, it seems almost necessary to participate in the conversation. It's part of why I've started my blog, Trve West Coast Fiction.

Then there's this: I'm out there on the Internet, on DVDs, and who knows what else. As a pornographic performer, I'm represented however a company wants to represent me. After that, I'm analyzed and jerked off to by at least some percentage of the population. Fans, critics, and casual observers will come away with conclusions about who I am and what I represent. And to me, that's often frightening.

I come from a culture of the individual. Ingrained in that culture is a sense that identity is somehow sacred. I often feel that writing will preserve this. Like, it will convey a sense of who I really am. And then I remember that my sexuality is a part of my identity, and that I often do my best to prevent it from having any name or motivation.

So in the end, maybe it's cool that people construct me as a fantasy without any knowledge of my history. If I'm just another thing that gets their dick hard, or pussy wet, or whatever, then I'm alright with that.

But reading and writing is sometimes stimulating. So if you're into that, you should check out my blog

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Danny Wylde is posting here now?!

Wed, 02/09/2011 - 20:38
carlisleorama (not verified)

Dear Mr. Wylde,
Whether or not read comments here, I just want to express how very excited I am to see a blog post of yours on this site. I am a fan. A very big fan. Of all of your work. That I have seen at least.
I work at The Erotic Networks, an adult cable televion company. The department I work in is in charge of programming, and also recommendations on what content to purchase. And 9 out of 10 ladies I work with agree: Danny Wylde is the shit. You have to realize that this comes from one of the most jaded, critical and picky groups of female pornographic viewers on Earth. Since we spend 8 hours (or more!) a day watching porn and critiquing it, you must understand that it means alot that we consistently find your scenes above par.
You, sir, are a class act.