The Lowballer

Mon, 02/01/2010 - 10:09
Submitted by Anonymous

Lowballer: A client who wants to spend quality time with a provider, but doesn't want to actually pay for that time itself. He doesn't respect the length of a session and will negotiate the rate with a provider in order to avoid paying more for extended visits.

He made me cum.. many, many times. At one point, he raised his head and looked at me, his lips glistening under the soft golden glow of the candle lights. "You're so beautiful," he said. A grin melted onto his face, then he quickly dove right back in, suckling on my clit and kissing the folds of my inner thigh as I shivered, froze, and came one last time.

Moments like these make me almost forget that he's paying for it... almost. Once I rebounded from that orgasmic rapture, I realized that Alison Goldfrapp had cooed her way through "Black Cherry", which meant that the session had gone over by 10 minutes. Despite his objections, I had asked him to leave.

While I enjoyed his company, one cannot deny the fact that this is a business. There's the whole argument about the typical "clockwatcher" - a sex worker who literally watches the time from start to finish until the deed has been done and the seed has been spilled. A client would never want to be in the arms of such an observant lady and most providers - including me - guarantee that we would never do such a thing. What? Watch to make sure you come in early and leave when you're supposed to? Why would we ever want that?

The correct attitude is that a client doesn't want to be in the arms of a woman who isn't hospitable, who seems most interested in finishing off her john than letting the chemistry build, the environment take effect, and allowing the fun to ensue. Of course, this doesn't include the time a client takes to shower up (before and possibly after the session) and to relax right after the predicted climax. This is why many escorts offer a minimum of 1.5 or 2 hour sessions. I decided that a 3 hour session would be reasonable. And since my pussy-loving client, Elle, had invited me out and wanted to spend more time with me, I thought this would be the perfect arrangement for the both of us. Well, not only for him but for the other clients could use the extra hour or two.

Within a week, I had went from one appointment a day to none at all. I started sending out emails to clients I had seen announcing the new changes, but I gave them over three weeks to drop by for a visit at the price they were familiar with (250/hour). I thought this was fair; but, others did not.

While Elle had asked me plenty of times to join him on the ski slopes, at the movies, or out for dinner (he made it very clear that these were "friends-only" activities), he just didn't seem to have the time to go through a 3 hour session. I explained to him that his actions spoke otherwise, as he always overextended our visits. Even when I told him time was up, he would bitch and moan like a little child, which really burned my rubber. I just wanted to smack him and say, "You know the deal. Don't make this all about you."

It finally escalated to the point where he would pick an argument with me over small topics, like our differences about sex work and such. I felt like I was with a really bad boyfriend... my worst nightmare. In his last email to me, he asked, "Since you're such a sweet, attractive lady, how come I don't get hard when I visit you? I'm not gay so what gives?" He thought the question would be better asked over drinks. Are you kidding?

My response: "I have no clue. Perhaps it realizes that if it dares to get hard it will come too soon anyway so it doesn't even bother to have a lift. You seem better at eating out more so than anything else so maybe it's not yet ready for penetration. Visit your local physician or have a wank. Whatever works for you."

How unfortunate. He gave exceptional head.

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I would suck at sex work

Mon, 02/01/2010 - 11:30
WildOrchid (not verified)

because if I was feeling this good I wouldn't end the session. I would bankrupt soon.

And if the client was unskilled I don't think I could pretend to enjoy myself.