Move Over Labiaplasty Now There's Pink Button

Fri, 01/15/2010 - 10:23
Submitted by Anonymous

This new regression, I mean "advancement", in cosmetic surgery promises to make your pussy look fresh. Yep. If you thought your pussy was looking a little dull, a little lackluster in the mirror, then perhaps you should invest in this treatment. My New Pink Button is a "genital colorant" that claims to restore the pink back into your package. It comes in four colors, all of which are priced at $29.95 a tin. Named after fresh Hollywood Starlets, each shade of pink offers its own unique quality. For girls seeking a paler, translucent pink complexion, "Marilyn" may fulfill your need:

"Marilyn is the lightest of our colors. Good for beginners who want to make a slight change fresh color change in their appearance or those who are very fair skinned."

I'm most perplexed about the shade, "Audrey:"

"Audrey - For the woman that loves to be daring, we bring you "Audrey"! This is the deepest, darkest color that we offer to give you a bold burgundy pink color. Perfect for everyone, and your own base color will determine the depth of this shade. Tonight its Show time!!"

The pink elephant in the room is the issue of ethnic pussy. Women of color do have darker pussies. However, I don't want to get ahead of myself. I do have a pink pussy. It's just not represented here.

When I (well, my pussy) performed in the Manual Skills video, I had an opportunity to watch my pussy in an intimate way that I wouldn't normally use. As I stretched out the lips and folds of my pussy, I noticed that the base of my skin was lighter. My pussy was also a rainbow of deep purple hues, wet and plantlike under the barrage of the spotlights above me.

Perhaps I have an advantage, then. But, I never knew that my paler-looking counterparts had a problem with looking... dark.

First of all, who notices that sh*t? Do you think a guy or even another woman would care about the color of your pussy? Quite honestly, all questions and inquiries about dark pussy are sent to me, because, from what I can gather, most men and women do not believe white pussies can be dark or get any darker.

If a problem is suppose to result in a solution, then perhaps My Pink Button is a solution that developed a problem, a reason why women should buy this product. Based on the testimonials, consumers ranged from mid-30s to early 60s and are straight. So perhaps the darkening of the pussy happens later in life? If it's described as a "temporary dye", then is it meant to work on paler skin that has gotten darker?

I am completely confused by this product, and the women who purchase it. Somehow the idea of cleanliness and beauty has, again, latched itself on to an ethnicity, thus implying that darker pussy is undesirable (whatever). Like a backhanded compliment, it also implies that these women have created their own problem because of their own insecurity. What real man (or woman) on Earth would deny themselves pleasure because a pussy is, er, dark? That doesn't even make sense to me.

Just a while ago, I was discussing the complexion of a penis to that of its... carrier. Sometimes a lover of yellow or even a light brown complexion will have an incredibly dark penis. A bruised purple complexion. Hell, I've even seen this on "pinker" gentlemen. I've even seen spotted penises: a beautiful pink or yellow-ish shaft with a splotch of brown on the tip of the head or on the side of the cock. I don't see the guys running out to by My New Pink Dick. Nope, their products? Anything that will make their dick look bigger and maintain an erection.

Take that as a rule of thumb ladies: You are spending far too much money on problems you've created for yourself.

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Well kinda...

Kikissyface's picture
Fri, 01/15/2010 - 17:56

Is it making things lighter? Idu what it does, it's it lightening the outside or is this for the inside to make it look pinker?

But I'm thinking idk I wasnt thinking of ethnicity I mean all women are pink INSIDE. Or am I wrong?        Regardless of whatever they've got going on isnt a bleaching agent it's a dye right?

I personally wouldnt buy this product or advise anyone else buy it especially since I dont really know what area it's supposed to be changing color but I dont really think it's bad that it exists I mean if thats the case then I guess hair dye and even make up are bad. Since you arent technically just accepting things for what they are...and body shapers too.

I never see the problem with people wanting to look better  or appeal more to themselves and even other people. Like I don't think it's fair when people are criticized for things they prefer in the way people look or the way they prefer to look.

I'm not against labiaplasty either. It's sad that women want to cut themselves up to feel more adequate but I know as a person who's been dealing with body image issues all my life if you don't believe it it doesn't matter. Being told you're ok or even beautiful the way you are doesn't really mean much. And it is sometimes torturous having to live with something you hate like that. I think it's good for women who can't believe themselves and others...just yet.

I hate the idea of women especially not liking themselves because of things like that but it happens but why make it like people shouldnt make products to help people with problems just because you dont agree that their problem is indeed a problem?



Fri, 01/15/2010 - 18:18
VirginMonoblogger (not verified)

When you say "on the inside", do you mean inside the vagina? Or the labia minora? Because the labia minora definitely varies in color. Some women's are pink and some, like mine, are deep purple.

I mean, if a woman wants to use this to "feel better about herself", then go for it. I wouldn't even consider it. Besides the fact that the look and color of my pussy is one of the most irrelevent things to me, this product just seems like a burning and itching infection waiting to happen.


Kikissyface's picture
Sat, 01/16/2010 - 06:46



Not unusual exploitation

NickN's picture
Mon, 01/18/2010 - 13:29

Lets not get too surprised by products like this; if a marketeer has worked out there's a market, the product will exist and sell unless it is unsafe; in which case it will sell until someone sues. From a personal and political perspective, however, the product, like nearly all other 'beauty' products, is a crock of shit. But it is a crock that even writers here really buy into when talking about the body; particulally male writers who seem to be arbiters of (and thus power-bokers) taste in the guise of feminist solidarity. I'm not sure why the women put up with it but they do.

Best wishes


Thankyou for your usual

Amy Jo Goddard's picture
Sat, 01/30/2010 - 17:47
Amy Jo Goddard

you for your usual punch and smarts about a topic that just boils my blood. We are so imperfect, right down to our genitals and there is now a product to capitalize on our insecurity for just about everything under the sun, and every aspect of our bodies. Pink is just the most gendered color there is, and I think it's no surprise that they are using it as the status quo for vulvas...once again creating a gendered hierarchy not only in terms of sex, but also in terms of ethnicity. Thanks for bringing this to our attention Betty and Carlin!

Just leave my pussy in peace!!!

Sun, 11/07/2010 - 03:55
Livsmom (not verified)

Are you kidding me? This product is so ridiculous. Why should women feel they have to put a colorant on their most sensitive of 'lady gear' to look hot. F--- that. My pussy looks just fine, I don't need to dress it up. This kind of reminds me of people with toy dogs that dye their dogs' fur. No offense, it just reminds me of that. What's that phrase? Ah yes, 'gilding the lily'.