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Motherhood is Shrouded in the Same Myths as Orgasm

Tue, 03/22/2016 - 09:16
Submitted by Carlin Ross

Sometimes it takes "celebrity" to bring credibility and attention to our experience. Alanis Morissette, Hayden Panettiere, Gwyneth Paltrow and several other celebs have come forward sharing their personal struggle with postpartum depression.

As I read through their stories, it struck me that most of them started experiencing depression and extreme body fatigue several months after giving birth. There was a euphoria after giving birth that faded and left them feeling overwhelmed and under water.

Marina Abramovic's Balkan Erotic Epic

Wed, 03/16/2016 - 08:33
Submitted by Carlin Ross

I finally stumbled upon Marina Abramovic's Balkan Erotic Epic and had to post it here.  What's amazing is that youtube has no issue with full frontal female nudity (at least not when it's been deemed "art").  We've had clips censored for using the word "masturbation" in the title with no nudity but at least someone is representing for female sexuality.

Whenever we trace back our traditions, it's interesting how most acknowledge the strength and power of the female sex organ.  I love this video:

I Can't Wait for the Xena Reboot

Tue, 03/15/2016 - 07:48
Submitted by Carlin Ross

Xena was the best sapphic erotica/bad ass women show on television EVER.  It was everything I wanted from Charlie's Angels as a girl but had to wait for until the 90's. 

I loved that show and the constant sexual tension between the female protagonists. They're doing a reboot of the original and, according to the showrunner hired to shape the pilot, Xena and Danielle will have a full-on lesbian relationship (fuck yeah):

..."a very different show for very different reasons" - I think we finally may get fully developed, fully sexual female characters.  I want to see lots of sensual kissing, clit rubbing, and slow penetration between slayings and ninja kicks. This could be a game changer.

I Find Myself Still Basking in the Unconditional Love of My Bodysex Sisters

Wed, 03/09/2016 - 16:17
Submitted by Carlin Ross

This email from one of the women in Natasha's workshop made my week. Bodysex is going global as we speak...

Dear Betty and Carlin,

I cannot thank you enough for making the decision to share your talents and messages of self-love with a larger audience through your Bodysex certification courses. Last weekend, I traveled to Saskatoon, Canada to attend Natasha Salaash’s Bodysex workshop and my experience (one that you know well) can only be described as transformational.

Bodysex in Boulder May 14/15

Mon, 03/07/2016 - 07:37
Submitted by Carlin Ross

Julia is one of the first women certified to run their own workshops. She's holding her second workshop in Boulder, Colorado this upcoming May 14/15. If you want to take a workshop, and can't fly to nyc click this link to get all the info and register for Julia's group.

Here is some feedback from her last workshop - so proud to have her representing our work:

After the Bodysex workshop in August, some of the women sent me their stories in writing, sharing what Bodysex had done for them. The names are changed for their privacy, unless they gave me permission otherwise. I feel incredibly blessed and honored every time I read these. The work of Bodysex is powerful and it does the magic.

#5WomenArtists - A Hashtag to Acknowledge Women in the Arts

Tue, 03/01/2016 - 13:19
Submitted by Carlin Ross

Today the National Museum of Women in the Arts launched their social media campaign and their hastag #5womenartists to acknowledge women's contributions to the arts.

This is one of my favorite "Betty" drawings.  When she was in art school, students would sit at the bar and debate whether women could be artists.  They would challenge Betty to name one famous female artist, missing the point that our history in the arts has been buried or denied all together.  The fact that most people can't all name 5 women artists off the top of our heads is straight up misogyny.  Women have always created.

And off the top of my head I can name:
Betty Dodson
Mary Cassatt
Tamara Lempicka
Georgia O'Keeffe
Judy Friday

Working Through Painful Penetration

Thu, 02/25/2016 - 20:02
Submitted by Carlin Ross

I've always been a size queen and I've always been able to penetrate my vagina with ease. When women would share their stories of pain during penetration and how it affected their lives, I couldn't relate...until after I gave birth.

Despite opting for a midwife and choosing a birthing center, I ended up having a C-section. Grayson weighed in at 9 pounds. I thought I could control the weight of my baby by limiting my weight gain during pregnancy. WRONG. I gained 15 pounds but he was huge. There was simply no way I could have had a vaginal birth.

Sexualizing the Natural

Wed, 02/24/2016 - 12:14
Submitted by Carlin Ross

Thank you, Scout Willis, for posting this pic of your underarm hair on Instagram, thank you for sexualizing the natural.

Demi and Bruce raised a wonderful young woman who's confident and unashamed. Now that I'm a mom I get how much pride you can have in your kid. She posted topless pics to support #freethenipple and is establishing herself as a thoughtful provocateuse.

I smell a feminist.

Why Would You "Thin Down" a Fighter's Arms?

Fri, 02/19/2016 - 10:04
Submitted by Carlin Ross

Ronda Rousey is a fucking physical specimen, UFC Champion and up and coming sports brand. This image of her on The Tonight Show was posted with thinned down arms.

She claims that she didnt know that "they" thinned her down and I believe her. She's a fighter and she spends too much time in the gym not to show off the results. Her brand is about strength and brawn. And she wore a sleeveless outfit for a reason.

It goes to show you that they just can't help themselves, they just have to idealize the female form at every turn. I wonder if they ever "bulk up" pictures of male celebrities on the tonight show.

How Can a Clit Compete with Orgasmic Mushrooms?

Wed, 02/17/2016 - 08:47
Submitted by Carlin Ross

I had to wait two days to find out if, when sniffed, a Hawaiian mushroom induces spontaneous orgasms in women. Grayson is cutting five teeth all at once and he was miserable yesterday. I quickly bookmarked the article Expedition Ecstasy and waited until this morning when he was watching Muppet videos with Daddy.

And I read every word. It's quite a long piece because it's written by a female scientist. I guess when you spend several months doing research, fly to Hawaii, and go searching for a mushroom growing next to lava that only comes out 4 hours/day you want the build up.

We Shot a Master Orgasm Class & Kicked Off the Betty Dodson Documentary

Wed, 02/10/2016 - 12:01
Submitted by Carlin Ross

Betty and I have released 367 videos on youtube. When we started almost a decade ago, we didn't think we'd have enough content - enough to say - to produce more than several clips. There's always some new wrinkle, some new question to answer. Human sexuality is so vast especially when your focus is female orgasm.

People write in and say that they let our clips run one after the other and listen at work or at home. That 4-7 weekly clip has done more to grow our brand and it costs us nothing but our time. We chat about a topic, sit down in front of the camera, talk for several minutes then I edit the clip, we watch it together, and post to youtube. It's not produced. There's no script or flashly intro. The point was to make it easy so we'd do one every week and we have.

The Variation of Clitoral Hoods

Tue, 02/02/2016 - 12:35
Submitted by Carlin Ross

I've pulled this post to the front page because it's one of our all time top content here on D&R.  It was originally published last September.  Women's vulvas are so unique and each more beautiful than the next. 

This graphic charting the variation of clitoral hoods was posted on a tumblr blog Uncutting - it was created by a 22 year-old guy who's currently restoring his foreskin and opposed to infant circumcision.  He wondered whether clitoral hoods followed the same range in "coverage" as the Foreskin Coverage Index.  They did. 

The Lethal Combination of Misogyny & Sexual Repression

Tue, 01/26/2016 - 07:46
Submitted by Carlin Ross

When we saw the images of people starving to death in Syria and that baby boy wash ashore, our hearts went out and European nations opened their doors to migrant refugees seeking asylum.  There's a part of me that held out hope things would work out but I had this nagging suspicion that women were at danger.

The above picture is from a campaign aimed to teach refugees that you can't grope young girls because they're wearing a swimsuit.  Several towns in Germany and Belgium have barred refugees from public swimming pools because of the high number of sexual assaults.  But is that the answer, is that enough?

NC-17 for a Woman PG-13 for a Man

Thu, 01/21/2016 - 08:26
Submitted by Carlin Ross

I thought I'd post this image from Betty's Love Picture exhibition as a big F*ck You to Holllywood and social media gatekeepers.  If oral sex (performed on a man) is simulated in film or captured in art, it's deemed PG-13 and safe for kids.  But swing around and go down on a woman and now you get a big fat NC-17 rating.  And I'd never dare to post this on FB.

What we find "obscene" says so much about our cultural hierarchy.  I'm looking foward to the day that pussy is revered and honored. 

The Art of Dick Pics

Wed, 01/13/2016 - 11:11
Submitted by Carlin Ross

Soraya Doolbaz has mastered the art of the dick pic.  Her site Dicture Gallery is worth the click.  This is one of my favorties: Donald "The Dick" Trump.

Her work was featured on the NY Post....below is the video.  Now if men were clever and styled their dicks we'd be passing around their dick pics to all our friends: