Cellulite + Self-Managed Abortion = Hallmark Day for Women

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 06:45
Submitted by Carlin Ross

I've been waiting for some celebrity with curves to release an ass shot with no photoshopping displaying her cellulite in all its glory and it's finally happened.  This week Kim K posted this image to her Instagram account.  100,000 people - I'm assuming men - stopped following her and there's been a media storm over it.

If you have curves, you have cellulite dimples.  Women aren't plastic dolls.  Flesh has movement.  The more flesh you have the more dimples and movement.  I used to spend hours looking at my ass in the mirror trying to smooth out every cellulite dimple with hours of cardio.  The only time I was dimple free was when I was on a week juice cleanse with daily colonics.  Having Grayson cured me of my cellulite obsession. 

Thank you, Kim, for the body honesty.

Betty and I have fantasized about women across the world going online and having safe abotions by the pill without having to walk past marchers at the clinic or traveling out of state or country at their expense.  Clinics are hard to find in most states thanks to Operation Rescue and I remember what it felt like walking through the protest line outside the clinic. 

Finally, it's happened.  Women Help Women is a site run by an international organization where you can order your abortion pill and be guided through the process.  All the right legalese is there: no medical advice provided and there's no judgment either.  They're simply women helping women with counselors available by phone or text. 

What a fucking great moment.  Our Bodies Ourselves never rang as true.

Editor in Chief & Keeper of All Things Betty Dodson