I Needed Bodysex

Tue, 11/15/2016 - 09:46
Submitted by Carlin Ross

Heading into this past weekend's workshop, I felt like this would be the last group of Betty's career, the last group we ran together. After a West Coast book tour and several private sessions, Betty was wiped out. I've never seen her tired before and it was sobering. Sometimes we forget that Betty is 88 years old. She has to retire at some point, doesn't she?

Trump's election was the icing on the cake of my despair. I felt defeated. I felt depressed. I felt beaten by hate and overwhelmed by the thought of this man - the posterboy for intolerance and misogyny - leading our nation.

I needed Bodysex.

We had women from all over the country, both coasts and the deep south. We commisserated over the past week's events. Our UK sisters shared their disbelief and upset over their Brexit situation and leaving the EU. This global wave of conservatism has touched all our lives. Sitting in the circle, I realized that holding a workshop was the most defiant, revolutionary act any of us could do....Betty and I were countering fear with pleasure.

Ultimately, I don't believe that hate conquers all. You can vote anyone into office and I will still believe in love. I will still believe that Western women will save the world. With expansion comes contraction. We had our first President of color. It was foolish to think we'd elect a woman on the heels of Obama's administration. We will come back stronger. A woman will be President of the United States in my lifetime. Change is the only constant.

Genital show and tell is always extraordinary but this one was special. There was an intimacy and quiet understanding among the women. As we named and claimed our vulvas, the tightness in my chest started to release. I imagined the healing of this circle continuing in the circles being held in Canada by three of our certified Bodysex leaders. Women coming together, speaking first person, displaying their vulvas, and sharing their orgasms transcends all. I imagined what it must have been like for women living through world wars, holocausts, and encampments. We go on. We move forward. We grow and we never stop loving.

Now that I have Grayson (and I'm up at 6am) I get to Betty's early so we can have breakfast and talk. At the beginning of Day 2, Betty and I looked through our calendars and picked dates for our Spring workshops. This was not going to be our last group. Betty was energized. I was energized. It felt good.

As we got ready to kick off erotic recess, I realized that I forgot to bring my barbell. I looked over the glass dildos on Betty's fireplace mantle and chose one with a slight curve and a mushroom shaped head on each end. The orgasm energy ran through the circle with moans, grunts, guttural releases, and several laughing sessions. There was an orgasm wave that Betty, me and another woman kept riding until we were sweaty, panting, giggling and still wanting more. That mushroom head had my vagina in overdrive. At one point, I felt like my body was levitating. Extraordinary.

It was a beautiful weekend and it remains a beautiful life. Thank you

Betty Dodson
Pretty Cunt
Big Rose

Editor in Chief & Keeper of All Things Betty Dodson