Hillary Takes On STI Stigma

Fri, 09/09/2016 - 07:32
Submitted by Carlin Ross

I don't care what people say about Hillary.  I fucking love her.

This week she penned a letter of support to Ella Dawson.  We've covered Ella's blog on overcoming STI shame.  She came out as a young woman - the girl next door - living with herpes.  She posted her picture and her full name.  God, she has clit.

Betty has herpes.  I had a long term partner with herpes (We didnt use condoms.  We avoided sex during outbreaks and I never contracted it).  Almost all of us harbor the herpes virus.  If you have a cold sore on your mouth, why is your life over is you have one on your genitals?  Why do we shame young people?

Hillary to the rescue.  Thank you, Ella, for sharing your story.   Let's end the STI stigma, the virginity myth and the slut stigma for good measure.

Editor in Chief & Keeper of All Things Betty Dodson

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Green Party?

Mon, 09/12/2016 - 16:16
IronBatMaiden (not verified)

I'm just curious, what do you and Betty think of Jill Stein? Given how Betty doesn't trust the big pharmaceuticals, I was wondering if she had heard of Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate.

I have a lot of respect for Jill Stein and my hope is that some

Betty Dodson's picture
Thu, 09/15/2016 - 14:42
Betty Dodson

day SOON we will have a third party. Our current system is deadly which is apparent to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear. And Hillary is not the answer. I was behind Bernie to the end. I believe in my lifetime, I will see our next American Revolution. My pitchfork is polished and ready!

That's my hope too!

Sun, 09/18/2016 - 21:04
IronBatMaiden (not verified)

I'm a proud Jill Stein supporter and will be voting her this year! She's a true revolutionary and I have the biggest crush on her! Strong, passionate, and has a lot of endurance! I'm not trying to pit woman against woman here, but you're right in saying Hillary isn't the answer. Jill is the true rebel girl! I too have my pitchfork ready and I even got a Jill 2016 phone case!

NOW - A Vote against Hillary is a vote for Right-Wing-GOP

Mon, 09/19/2016 - 14:15
?? feminist indignation ?? (not verified)

What we wish for is not necessarily what is possible at certain points in time in Democracy.

In reading Betty’s response to the question about the third party candidate, “Hillary is not the answer. I was behind Bernie…” we need to look at the American political scene by counting votes. And right now the right wing is looking like a majority. US House and Senate are in the hands of the GOP. It means the right wing controls all functions congressional functions like what gets floor time what votes come up and who and what gets investigated!. People, that is huge at the national level but there is more.

One has to look no farther that Betty’s native Kansas to see the devastating effects of a right wing takeover can be. Kansas and states like it where the right wing, the GOP has taken over have gerrymandered state voting districts so that districts that are non-competitive right-wing-GOP majorities. Oh yes the greens and everyone else is shunted into a few ultra liberal districts. The net result is State legislatures are turning right wing. Often long term moderate republicans are beaten by more right wing Republicans the highly gerrymandered districts. It’s not just the right-wing-GOP district gerrymander, take for example Utah. Conservative Senator Orrin Hatch was almost defeated in the GOP primary and right-wing-GOP Mike Lee crushed the grand tree term, 18 year, moderated gentleman senator, and stalwart of the GOP, Bob Bennet.


Frankly the Revolution Betty most likely speaks of started with the Election Teddy Roosevelt 1901, came on strong in 1932 with Franklin D. Roosevelt and has continued in fits and starts ever since. In the last eight years the U.S. has more comprehensive health insurance than ever before, gay marriage is legal, overcome a financial disaster, abortion pills readily available, greater financial control, there are climate change polices based on science, more woman compete in sports than ever before etc.

There are stark choices to be made in America.

The question is whether to roll back the progressive era to re-segregate, foster discrimination, pollution at will, anti union, anti-gay, no wage and labor laws, kill Social Security and healthcare. And that is the Moderate position, many may vote librarian which is even more draconian in the way it would affect American Democracy.

Look at the math folks either the GOP is going to will to roll back the progressive era or the Democrats can hang on to the Presidency to hopefully keep it moving forward. The other candidates don’t stand a chance! So work for candidates from city hall to the White House that will maintain the progressive era.

So I agree with Betty there may be a revolution in American politics, in her or my life time but I don’t see it being lead by Bernie Sanders, instead it being lead by a well organized right-wing-GOP.

When one hears the rhetoric of the mainstream GOP today one should look at the museums at Dachau and other sites to see the propaganda then reads like the GOP platform or Fox News today.

Forget about the first woman US president. Forget about the Green Party. Because if you don’t pull together you can forget about living the way you do now.

Recall all the bleading hart liberals that ellected George W. Bush when he lost the popular vote but won the presidency because of votes siphoned off by Ralph Nader. Oh don’t forget to vote and work from candidates at the local and State level. People, progressives have beaten badly, gotten steam rolled by thinking they are smarter or more virtuous than the right wing. Even if that is true the, the FACT IS in the U.S. progressives are in this state because have not worked to hold office and they don’t.

Trump is only symbolic of the problem.

Work and Vote for Hillary and everyone on the Democrat’s down ticket team! Progressives be strong and united!

!!!!!! You need to win all those down ticket offices !!!!!

Yes, I intend to vote for Hillary and every Dem on the ticket.

Betty Dodson's picture
Wed, 09/21/2016 - 11:45
Betty Dodson

But I also still believe I will see the next American Revolution in my lifetime. More likely led by someone like Elizabeth Warren. She's my bet for the next president after Hillary.
Like I said, my pitchfork is polished and on the ready.

Bravo Betty! The Importance UNITING for Progressive Democracy!

Thu, 09/22/2016 - 12:59
?? feminist indignation ?? (not verified)

Progressives should not be dissuaded by the right-wing-GOP lies about Hillary Clinton, the bogus National Enquirer stories of her lesbian relationships. How about the now discredited objectivity of Fox News and Roger Ailes?

Oh yes it may be that your Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden would have made a better candidates than Hillary as these folks can articulate how to change the economy so that 80% of the population befits in ways she has had problems saying a clearly. There is no question that Sander’s strong showing forced a more progressive alternative to the right-wing-GOP but my point is the right-wing-GOP has a lock on American Democracy. At this point in time it takes a full court press even to maintain the status quo against them. Why does the right-wing-GOP demonize Hillary? Perhaps because her actual plans and policy statements are the most progressive of any national candidate in several generations! Oh if she could verbally disarm the right-wing-GOP like a Biden or Warren!

To get the votes to remove this right-wing-GOP strangle hold on American Democracy requires a lot of people to work for and vote for there economic self interest. One can make the point that perhaps 70-80% of the population “don’t vote” or don’t vote in their economic self interests. When progressives are only motivated to vote in the presidential election every four years, it is the well organized right-wing-GOP that takes control of vast portions of the U.S. Democracy from school boards, city halls, county courthouses to the U.S. Congress.

So yes your point about donating to and working hard in the Democratic primary for Mr. Sanders is well taken. The most important part of your message is “Yes, I intend to vote for Hillary and every Dem on the ticket.” Because after the intra party primary election squabbles if the Progressives and others in the Democratic Party don’t unite, work for, donate to, and actually get out and vote for “every Dem on the ticket” the right-wing-GOP will take over more of the U.S. Democracy.

Bravo, Betty for clearly stating the importance of uniting for a progressive Democracy.

The prevalent idea that the two U.S. major parties are basically the same is really wrong headed. Just look at systematic way the right-wing-GOP has demonized government and community democracy and even discouraged and suppressed young Americans from voting.

The right-wing-GOP has moved to disenfranchise voters in a way not seen in the U.S. in only 40 years, (true before then it was the Dixiecrats but with Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” they are now part of the right-wing-GOP collation). Violence is only the next logical step of voting suppression and it takes many forms. The simplest violent form is dehumanizing people. A key aspect is to make something up about a class of people. Is voter suppression and dehumanization of classes of people happening in the U.S.? Just open Betty’s Monday paper to the Editorial page, “The Success of the Voter Fraud Myth”


What would happen if people voted and acted in their own communities’ self interest? Would you see better schools, more jobs, stronger babies, fairer work places, fewer homeless, more civic clubs, more community gatherings or neighborhood calibrations and a vibrate economy where all people could enjoy the advantages?

Paradoxically the very people who have the most to gain in from mainstream Democratic Party support don’t take part in Democracy or even do the least required of them – vote! The key is to participate in community.

While this blog is not about a more fair and egalitarian democracy or economic equality historically these attributes seems to go hand in hand with gender and sex equality – the blog’s focus.

Democracy demands people act in community and progressives have to get their people working in community from supporting; soft ball teams, joining mainstream civic organizations, joining with their neighborhoods to participate local and school government, to working on U.S. congressional campaigns and knowing personally their governmental representatives from School Board to U.S. Senate.