Catholic Hospital Refuses to Remove Dislodged IUD. Woman Waits 2 Weeks For Treatment

Wed, 08/31/2016 - 08:16
Submitted by Carlin Ross

This story completely shocks the conscience and makes my blood boil.  A Chicago woman went to a Catholic hospital because she fell and her copper IUD became dislodged from her uterus.  Who would want a piece of metal floating around their internal organs?

When she went to the hopital in severe pain with heavy bleeding, the doctors refused to treat her because it was a non-hormonal IUD.   Since it was only used to prevent pregnancy not treat cramps etc., it violated their "Catholic" intiative against reproductive support for women.  Here's the clincher.  The woman had to wait two weeks for treatment because she had to switch providers with her health insurance company.  I guess it was paperwork red tape but how can anyone justify denying a woman medical care because she's on birth control?

I don't understand how these religious institutions can reconcile risking women's lives because of the potential life they may one day bring into the world.  It's shameful.  At this point, something needs to be done through the Affordable Care Act.  I'm sure these Catholic hospitals get some sort of federal or state money, even tax breaks. 

What really makes me crazy is that Catholic hospitals have been gobbling up "secular" hospitals for the last 10 years.  Today, 1 in 6 hospital beds is in a Catholic hospital - a hospital that won't remove your IUD or terminate your pregnancy to save your life.  Guess they forgot about the Hippocratic oath.

Thank god that we have the ACLU because they're filed two lawsuits against the hospital *fingerscrossed* and we'll see how this plays out in court.

Women are worth more than their wombs.  And don't tell me they'd deny a man medical care because he was taking viagra.  I'm so sick of young women being held responsible for sex while men getting a free pass.  How can women be guaranteed life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness if they can't determine when they want to become mothers?   

Contraception is a fundamental human right.

Editor in Chief & Keeper of All Things Betty Dodson