I Needed to Get Back to Our Bodysex Routine

Thu, 05/19/2016 - 14:35
Submitted by Carlin Ross

For me, this past weekend's Bodysex workshop marked a shift in my personal journey. Everything seemed to come together...ground...then open up again. And that's the genius of these groups. We grow as we facilitate. There is no end if we keep our hearts and minds open to the experience.

The last three Bodysex seasons have been a challenge. I had Grayson in the back room with a babysitter - then he graduated to home care with daddy but there was so much more to coordinate: breast pumping, cooking food for the weekend dinners, and rushing home to relieve my Husband. At a certain point, all babies want mommy and I was conscious of that fact. Attachment parenting and breast feeding on demand isn't for the faint hearted.

Preparing for this workshop seemed effortless. Enrollment just happened and Grayson has been so even tempered and independent lately. It really takes a year to get your body back and routines to return to normal. I didn't realize how much I needed to get back to our Bodysex routine.

We had woman from all over the country as well as women from Canada and Ireland. We never ask anyone's age, race - all enrollment is done via email - but somehow the "right" women make their way to Betty's door for the "right" group. These women were exceptional.

When we did the first group share (how do you feel about our body/orgasm), the constant refrain was "your story resonated with me too". It's so simple yet so complex. We see ourselves in each woman's experience because we all subsist in sexual inequality, bump our heads on the glass ceiling, and bear the consequences of sex alone. Some of us were teen moms...some of us had kitchen table abortions...some of us lived under the onus of Don't Ask Don't Tell. We were judged and we were silenced but we would be liberated.

I love to snap pictures of Betty teaching. There are so many myths about female orgasm and anatomy that we struggle with how to best present accurate information. Our sex organ is so complicated and virtually ignored by research and medicine that we labor under mistruths. Sharing some simple sketches can validate our experience. These are healing moments.

One of the women had shared her struggle with painful penetration post-birth. I'd written a post about how I worked through painful penetration after Grayson but realized I'd glossed over how long it took to get my vagina back. It took six months. And I had to work through pain then discomfort then no feeling before I got to pleasure. When I shared this before erotic recess, I hoped that she'd be able to penetrate with the barbell and get to pleasure. It was no mistake that she was sitting to my left.

Let's just say that we rode each other's orgasm waves for almost two hours. At one point, I looked up, saw the barbell in her vagina, and broke out into a smile. Her body was pink with orgasm. And my vagina was super sensitive. I kept coming and coming. I almost felt guilty because I was having such a great time. In between orgasms, I started eating strawberries and took this shot.

The beat of the music kept us coming and our bodies vibrated with pleasure. The best teacher can be simply modeling behavior. Orgasm is infectious. It was my best erotic recess.

Several of the women want to move forward with certification. Betty and I are working on our fall dates and will announce them next week. I don't think we'll be running many more of our own workshops. It takes a physical toll on an eighty-seven year old body. Our time may be better spent training others to run groups. For the first time, I feel ready to meet that charge. I can see the next phase of my life and the next phase for the Betty Dodson Foundation.

Thank you
Ginger Snap

Editor in Chief & Keeper of All Things Betty Dodson

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Sat, 05/21/2016 - 14:14
DANIEL W. O'BRIEN (not verified)

Dear Carlin and Betty,
Thank you for all the joy and wisdom you have given to our world. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you expand your teaching during this new phase of your lives.
Blessings and orgasms,