I Love Her 60 Year Old Body

Sat, 03/26/2016 - 14:37
Submitted by Carlin Ross

I'm loving the images from 60-year-old Yazemeenah Rossi's campaign for the new swimwear collaboration between e-commerce site The Dreslyn and lingerie brand Land of Women.

The silver hair is perfection and the softness of her curves and textured skin are so refreshing. She's been a model for decades but feels more secure now than when she was younger:

"When I was younger, I was more insecure but I always wanted to be me. When you are yourself and you don't try to copy, you get power. And you feel that power the more you go on in life."

I feel the same way. I may have had more skin elasticity a decade ago but, as a mother completely connected to herself and body, I have more power now - the power to say yes and the power to shape the world around me by living an authentic life.

We're becoming so body positive that I'm tingling. This is the era of the woman.

Editor in Chief & Keeper of All Things Betty Dodson

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Sun, 03/27/2016 - 07:45

She's beautiful.
Yet part of my heart sank at the idea that even when I reach 60 I will still be given some unobtainable physical ideal to aspire towards.

but she looks 60...her face

Mon, 03/28/2016 - 10:21
Carlin Ross

but she looks 60...her face isn't all botoxed out.  Yes, she has an athletic physique but it is a swimsuit pictorial and she isn't emaciated. 

It's a start.

Well, she's a model so she

Fri, 04/01/2016 - 16:12
Blithe (not verified)

Well, she's a model so she has always been an outlier--better looking than most people. Still, she looks like she's aging naturally and she isn't hiding herself away or pretending to be ten years younger than she really is. I'm happy to see women my age being themselves. It's refreshing.