14 Year Old Brilliantly Answers "Condom Objections" Gets Suspended

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 09:42
Submitted by Carlin Ross

A 14 year old Canadian girl handed in her answers to the school's Objections to Condoms worksheet amd was promptly suspended.

Her brother posted her answers to IMGUR and Reddit and it went viral.  Love her honesty - my favorite back-and-forth was "I don't have a condom with me" - "I don't have my vagina with me."

BS that she got suspended but kudos to the school district for prepping girls to respond to condom objections.

Editor in Chief & Keeper of All Things Betty Dodson

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Be honest, get suspended

Tue, 05/05/2015 - 12:14

I imagine she was suspended because she used the word 'fuck'. If the teachers intend to prepare students for 'real life', they'd better decide what they value more: honesty and creativity, or conformity and convention. On the other hand, this took place in Canada, and I would guess that many American school systems would never allow such a questionnaire in the first place. While it's important to prepare students to answer condom objections, however, it might be as important to teach boys AND girls that intercourse is not synonymous with 'having sex'. There are many forms of sexual expression that have a much lower risk of pregnancy and STDs, and a much greater potential for enjoyment. There's no need to rush into penetrative sex, and many sex-positive reasons to wait until one is older and in a committed relationship.