They Were All Sex Positive

Mon, 12/08/2014 - 16:22
Submitted by Carlin Ross

It was the last Bodysex workshop of the season and it was perfection.

Usually, we only do three workshops in the Fall but we decided to add one more group to accommodate our wait list and augment the research numbers for Lisa Meyer's work documenting the "Bodysex effect". I'll admit that I didn't know if I could pull off a group 7 months pregnant. Setting up and running a workshop takes all your physical and emotional strength. The negative stories people share about bed rest, swollen ankles had me questioning my abilities but I pulled it off in stride.

Never give in to negative thinking or bullshit myths. I feel stronger and more powerful now in my last trimester than during any other time in my life.

The women who joined us in the circle were from all works of life, different ages but they were all sex positive. That doesn't happen in every circle. Some women are there to challenge themselves and work out their past. This group felt like women gathered together to celebrate their sexuality and experience sisterhood. Betty commented that it was such a light-hearted group. I wish more women could get to that place, a place of joy and self-love and free expression. The beauty that radiates from women connected to their bodies and grounded in orgasm transcends anything I've seen in film or fashion magazines. It's intoxicating.

Genital show & tell never disappoints. And we had a vulva style Betty's never seen before...she decided to call it "UFO" which had us all cheering. Betty was definitely bawdier than ususal and we ate it up with a shovel. I love seeing Betty in her space happy and playful. It's like her age vanishes away - she's in all her glory, without any limitation.

In these moments, I know that Betty will be standing beside me for many more years to come. After all the women left, Betty and I sat down to debrief. "This is the last one isn't it" she asked. I confirmed that this was the last workshop for 2014. Betty added that she'd miss Bodysex and we should set the dates for Summer 2015. We'll make a formal announcement but here they are: May 30/31, June 20/21, and July 11/12.

Erotic recess was divine. With each orgasm, I felt my belly tighten as my uterus contracted. I ran my vibrator over my body to keep the sexual energy moving as my thoughts turned to Grayson growing in my belly. I feel like he's always with me sharing in my experience and I wonder what he's taking from it all. I respect him as an individual with his own thoughts and reflections and he's still a fetus. I decided to take a full belly shot:

There was one particular moment that was beautiful to witness. One of the women has struggled with orgasm headaches. Betty sat down behind her and had her lay her head in her lap as she guided her to orgasm. Again, she felt a headache come on. Betty looked down at her and said, "you're angry and you need to let it out". They both yelled together at the top of their lungs for several minutes. Then one of the women came over and put peppermint oil on her forehead and at the base of her head. Her whole face changed. Her headache was gone. Betty and this young woman working together as healers - it's what medicine should be, how we should care for each other.

As we moved on to group massage, tranquility filled the room. I love non-sexual, sensual touch from sisters. When it was my turn to be massaged, I laid on my back and let them know that they could touch my belly, that it didn't hurt or anything. Feeling eight hands massage my body was so comforting. As one of the women was passing her hands over my belly, she said, "Grayson is going to be so bright". I answered, "I just hope that I'll be the mom he needs" another woman replied, "you will be".

It was a profound moment for me because of the love I felt from these women.  And it was also about the young woman who made this proclamation.  She was in a skiing accident, declared clinically dead, saw the light but came back because she wasn't done with this life. When we emailed today, she said that she could feel Grayson's brightness emanating out of my stomach - that he's so loved and that he already has a light that will outshine all in his wake *sigh*

I'm so fortunate to be doing this work at this special time in my life. Thank you to

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You look so comfortable,

Tue, 12/09/2014 - 10:20
Jana1 (not verified)

You look so comfortable, relaxed and happy in your pregnant body. I don`t often see that.

In this group you and I did a switcharoo....

Betty Dodson's picture
Tue, 12/09/2014 - 15:01
Betty Dodson

This time I wasn't in as much body pain as I usually am from sitting on the floor. It seems all of our belly laughing kept my back happy. Yes, I was indeed the dirty mouthed Baubo, the Crone Goddess who flashes her pussy and makes people laugh. Baubo is a post menopausal old woman who is still capable of fucking and enjoying ogasms, an image that seems most frightening in many cultures. Especially America with millions of people waiting for Jesus to carry them off to Heaven. Well, for me, heaven was in my livingroom this weekend with these happy fun loving women as our Army of Orgasmic Women begins to take shape. Gratitude for you Carlin as my 5 Star General who is second in command. I know you'll always have my back.