12 Months in Prison for Publishing a Vulva

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 08:45
Submitted by Carlin Ross

This is the cover of the University of Sydney's Honi Soit magazine featuring 18 pictures of students' vulvas (everyone is talking about the "vagina" cover but it's really the "vulva" cover). 

Lawyers for the university had copies of the issue pulled from campus because apparently publishing pictures of vulvas is a criminal offence under section 578 of the Crimes Act and punishable by up to 12 months in prison.

Editor-in-Chief, Hannah Ryan, wrote a lengthy Facebook post about the decision to take it down. “It’s disappointing,” she said. “We didn’t want anyone to go got jail.”

Most sites covering this story put black bars over the vulvas...whatever. Talk about the power of your sex organ - just putting an image of a real vulva out into the world is a crime.

Congratulations to these young women for having the courage to confront genital shame and share the beauty of their sex organs. It is the healing. The censorship you just experienced is bottom line of sexual repression.


Editor in Chief & Keeper of All Things Betty Dodson

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How timely with the introduction of our Vulva Heart pendent.

Betty Dodson's picture
Fri, 08/23/2013 - 12:55
Betty Dodson

Beginning with that first vulva slide show for NOW back in 1973, the year Carlin was born, until today, more and more images of vulvas are appearing. I'm going to take a little credit for this. I remember when I showed those slide I actually thought that the Women's Movement was now "Cunt Positive." It's an ongoing struggle to let women know that our sex organ is our pleasure based power. The first step is calling our sex organ  by it's correct name, Vulva. It's NOT A VAGINA! That's the birth canal. The term vulva includes the clitoris which is our seat of pleasure, the woman's phallus.



Sat, 08/24/2013 - 03:19
Anonymous76 (not verified)

Reading this, the word vuvlva remined me of the car the volvo, and it's logo is like the male symbol.
Just food for thought, how about a car named the vulva with the female symbol.

Students should collectively

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 04:15
tomjones (not verified)

Students should collectively publish photos of their vulvas and penises. The Australian government can't throw them all in prison, and parents won't convict their children. Pussy power and Penis Power returns!

LOL! Wow....

Tue, 01/07/2014 - 10:25

Never underestimate the "power of the pussy" and the public's fear of it. Now for a real show stopper, try a front page of male penises and see what happens.......but first, buy a ticket for an out of country destination, the villagers (ala Frankenstein) will be after your ass but good!

Bravo to you for your artistic and political vision and gumption, don't give up or give in to the archaic dogma society propagates!