The Labia Pride Movement

Tue, 02/19/2013 - 14:03
Submitted by Carlin Ross
The Perfect Vagina

Yesterday, I noticed a nice spike in traffic. ran an article on the labia pride movement that referenced Betty.  Seems that women everywhere are turning off the porn and celebrating their bodies.  I'm always excited when Betty's work is honored...super excited when they link back to D&R...and elated when a flurry of media outlets ask to republish her vulva sketches. 

Here's Salon's "Betty" coverage:

"This isn’t exactly a new concept. Sex educator Betty Dodson has been holding Bodysex Groups for women, which include some “genital show and tell,” for over 25 years; she also drew up detailed sketches of a rainbow’s array of vulvas as a means of decreasing “genital shame.” But the explosion of online porn — which often promotes a “neat and tight” aesthetic — has made the work of Dodson and her ilk that much harder.

Porn is commonly fingered as a culprit on these sites: “I thought I was a freak of nature cause all the women in the porn industry didn’t have the same pussy or lips like mine,” writes one woman on Large Labia Project."

Betty's vulva sketches, the bodysex groups, and genital show & tell with a link back to D&R - not a bad day.

Editor in Chief & Keeper of All Things Betty Dodson

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I've heard about this "labia

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 02:08
Amy157 (not verified)

I've heard about this "labia pride movement" and here's the problem with it. It only boasts the average but mainly larger labia at the expense of naturally smaller to non-existent labia which is very much natural despite what the sites posted above will tell you. Larger labia is considered "natural" or "real" and therefore, beautiful yet anything that's naturally small is shamed and insulted or that "real men" would never want such a woman because their not large down south(I've read those Salon and Jezebel sites and a lot of the comments towards small labia from both women and men are fucking rude). Even this site is against small labia with Betty stating that men who like the clamshell vulva are basically men who are not "skilled" in pleasing a woman so I only see negatives with this so called movement. The women who started it only want one ideal and that's anything big. They don't want all women to feel confident with their bodies so they are no better than porn as far as I'm concerned.

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