I Talk Dirty to Myself

Wed, 04/04/2012 - 07:47
Submitted by Carlin Ross

I love dirty talk and good dirty talk takes practice.  When I'm masturbating, I take the role of the person f*cking me and say all sorts of nasty things to me out loud. 

Works every time.

Editor in Chief & Keeper of All Things Betty Dodson

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Totally agree.

Fri, 04/13/2012 - 19:09
Ceraedin (not verified)

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend around two and a half years. I love him to death, and our sex is great. However, I have one big thing that bothers me: he is quiet. We are both in college, and people are always around. Sometimes I'm able to get a groan or two out of him when nobody is there, but normally it's just heavy breathing.

Dirty talk is also a huge turn on of mine, and when he clams up, I usually take to dirty talking to myself, usually in my head. Like you said, it works every time and it allows me to have an outlet I otherwise wouldn't have.