Restoration Progress & Methods

Mon, 04/09/2012 - 07:54
Submitted by Anonymous

Greetings all,

My foreskin restoration progress to date.

In the beginning, I never thought I would be posting pix of my schneckel up on a website, so there was no "before" picture taken.


The first pic shows what it looked like before restoring, with no slack skin andthe dilineation between outer skin, circ scar and what would have been inner skin clearly visible.


The second one, is the state of restoration at this point.  This is the progress I've made since beginning in earnest last December.  You can see that the skin is wrinkled up behind the head, and the circ scar is hidden in the wrinkles.  It is not completely flaccid.  When it is, I am beginning to get a limited amount of spontaneous roll-over.

I use a combination of manual and mechanical tugging.  In the third pic, is my device of choice.  The CAT IIQ. Continuous Applied Tension version II, Quick release.  There are two plungers, a bell cone through which a plunger slides.  There is a locking collet in the bell cone, and the outer silicone gripper.


The next one shows what it looks like assembled.  The glans goes into the pusher cup, then roll the skin up over the bell cone, then the silicone gripper goes on trapping the skin in place.  The plunger is pushed in, creating bi-directional tension and stretching the skin out.  The next two pix shows what it looks like in place, with front and side views.


I can't wear the device while working, as it is a bit of a pain to get into once taken off, and as I am moving around a lot at work, it tends to want to come off.  It is not 'piss-through' capable, so it is too much hassle to wear at work.  Mainly I wear it at home.
I would probably be further along with restoring if I were able to keep it on all day at work.  There are about a dozen or so different manufacturers of restoring devices out there.   All claiming to be better than the rest.


The whole basic idea, regardless of method, is to apply tension to the shaft skin on a regular consistent regimen, which promotes the growth of new skin cells, thereby lengthening the shaft skin.


Any circumcised man can restore, provided that the perseverance and dedication to the end result are there.  Some men , like myself, want full erect coverage.  Others, perhaps not so much.

Time to complete a restoration can take a year or several years.  It all depends on methods and dedication.

When I post again, I'll show you pix of my manual tugging and skin retaining regimen.

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Great progress

Tue, 04/10/2012 - 19:38
Restoring Tally (not verified)

You are showing good progress for just a few months. Keep up the good work.
I know what you mean about showing your private parts on the 'net. Before I started foreskin restoration, I never would have imagined looking at penis pictures on the web, let alone posting my progress pictures. After restoring my foreskin for more than three years, my pictures are on several websites.
Keep on Tugging!