Foreskin Tugging & Retaining

Sun, 04/22/2012 - 14:36
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Greetings all,

To continue with my description of my foreskin restoration journey, here are some more pix.  When I refer to "above circ scar", that is the skin between that point and the base of my cock.  "Below circ scar", is that point to the head.

Pic #1 shows the manual tugging below the circ scar, focusing on stretching, what once was and will again be the 'inner' skin.


Pic #2 shows the same manual tugging exercise above the circ scar, focusing on stretching the shaft skin between the scar and the base.


Pic #3 shows the foreskin retaining method I use at this time.  A neoprene o-ring holding the skin in place over the head.  As you can see, I'm not, what one might say, "hung".  There are two styles of peni; 'Growers' and 'Show-ers'.


I am a grower; meaning that I don't have much of a cock when flaccid, but erect is nearly seven inches.   Show-ers, on the other hand, may have seven inches, let's say, hanging flaccid, but don't necessarily gain much length when erect.

Pic #4, shows my cock right after taking the o-ring off.  The skin stays in place over  the head for a short time, but after a minute or so, retracts back behind the head.


That is the look for my short-term have full unaided flaccid coverage  by this year's end.

Since taking these pix a couple weeks ago, I have been getting some spontaneous skin roll-over on occasion.  That's progress! Especially since taking into consideration that I started my restoration last December, with basically no slack skin at all.


Tim in Idaho

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Just Starting

Walter's picture
Tue, 04/23/2013 - 11:43

Having read you posts, I have decided to undertake the journy to restoring my foreskin.  I have also had encouragement from a female member.