I Wish I Could Leave My Body When Sucking

Fri, 05/16/2014 - 09:14
Submitted by Anonymous

And for the suck.....sometimes I wish I can leave my body when sucking, just to look at the face of the person I am sucking. I like to have pleasure, but I like most the pleasure I give."

And that prompted me to realize and respond with this....I also have that feeling of getting pleasure most through giving pleasure.

This morning my husband as often happens had his hands touching my cock and balls just lightly to the point I thought I would burst. that went on for 20, perhaps 30 minutes - who knows in such times?

So I started licking his cock, bringing it to hardness, simply kissing it with my entire mouth as I gradually slowly went down to its base. one thing I find is good, which you might want to experiment with, is looking at sucking as kissing the cock with the entirety of your mouth - - instead of sucking it -

In this case I find my partner wants it even more and he starts fucking my mouth down my throat all the way - which starts his precum flowing - which of course makes it all easier and more delicious -

I wonder sometimes if I am servicing him or is he servicing me? In the best of love making there seems to be no distinction. I certainly felt none when you were encircling my cock with your lips and throat - perhaps we can try suspending the sucking part and see what happens...

Finally he begged to slide his cock into me, so I rolled on my side and I was the one fucking him, fucking his cock with my ass. I slid down his long thick cock with my ass wide open so that it finally hit my prostate. then I kissed his cock with my ass muscles -

I find when I do things this way he eventually will get into his stride and do the work. But then is he getting pleasure? or giving pleasure - the distinction at that point is worthless -

One thing that would be wonderful would be to have him making love to my ass while you make love to my cock with your mouth, lips, and throat. What a great feeling that would be - for you as well. For you'd feel his cock hitting the base of my cock, the cock you'd have deep down in your throat.

It would be as if he were fucking your mouth through me, with my body a conduit for his pleasure into you - through me. Would you like that?

If you'd like we could do that with you as lucky pierre, the man in the middle, getting pleasure and giving pleasure, being the focus, the locus, the central meeting place for pleasure for all.

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This just completely turned

Sun, 05/18/2014 - 01:11

This just completely turned me on.   Thank you for sharing.

very erotic

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 22:18

This is very erotic reading. I love this line "]I wonder sometimes if I am servicing him or is he servicing me? In the best of love making there seems to be no distinction." Thanks for writing this piece.