Cannabis Plants & My Dick Dialogue

Sun, 09/03/2017 - 07:11
Submitted by bila kolbe

While out on the deck under enjoyable circumstances as narrated below, I got to wondering- of what interest or possible benefit might this blog have for the greater D & R society. I believe during these times of sinister political melees and a plunging loss of faith in the individual occupying the presidential throne, we need to spread messages and actions of love and understanding, and most importantly- love of self. Love, with its infinite manifestations, prevails as the most potent remedy for whatever physical, mental, and spiritual maladies that may beset us.

Nonetheless, cannabis also holds great promise as a natural therapeutic agent and as a safer alternative to alcohol and tobacco. Almost six million people die from tobacco use and 2.5 million from harmful use of alcohol each year worldwide according to the World Health Organization. The greatest dangers of non-toxic cannabis are arrest, incarceration, and lifelong obstacles created by prohibition. Since President Nixon declared a war on drugs, over 25 million Americans have been arrested for marijuana violations, costing us over $1 trillion to prosecute.

America is suffering from an opioid overdose epidemic. Legal pharmaceutical drugs kill more people annually than all illegal drugs combined. Marijuana is an herb one can grow at little cost and use to replace many popular pharmaceutical medications. Legalizing marijuana will literally save the lives of countless patients. This is especially true of our veterans who, under the ‘care’ of the Veterans’ Administration, are obligated to take toxic pharmaceuticals to treat PTSD, musculoskeletal injuries and pain, depression, infectious diseases, and traumatic brain injuries.

The pharmaceutical industry knows this which is precisely why Big Pharma has been funding anti-pot campaigns. Insys Pharmaceuticals has donated a half-million dollars to defeat legalization in Arizona. They’re a maker of Fentanyl, the opioid painkiller that took Prince’s life, which is 100 times more powerful that heroin, and they are seeking patents on synthetic cannabinoid drugs they’re researching.

I have a couple of Maui Waui plants growing happily on my deck that, at this writing, are just beginning to flower. They have been very helpful in soothing sore muscles after a day of hard work landscaping or building stone walls for my clients(I have a service called Tantric Gardens). These ladies also have gracefully provided some intensely erotic solo and paired sex escapades. So, after a few tokes and strokes during a most sublime sunny day, I got to imagining what dick and plants might casually chat about.

“My you’re looking in tip top form.”

“Well, thanks to you. My exercise sessions can get moved up a few notches erotically speaking when my body absorbs your essence. You have super aphrodisiac qualities that put me in another sensorial plane. I got to admit that you do wonderful work guiding me to hone in on my sexual energy, something I call ‘sensate focus’, and of course I get very aroused.”

“Yea, we saw your whole body, eyes closed, the rhythmically moving pelvis, those unique hand strokes, deep breathing, in some sort of trance while edging orgasms. Looked like you were red-lining on the pleasure meter.”

“Oh yea. And given that you gals were so close to me I could often get a whiff of your bouquet which put me in even higher spirits. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I need you every time I exercise. No, I do just fine on my own any time of day. But, you have that special spice that can make the exercise exceptional. For many people marijuana can intensify their sexual experiences by enhancing libido, control, touch sensitivity and lowering inhibitions.”

“I’m sure you feel jubilant now that Massachusetts has joined a lot of other states legalizing our immigrant status and recreational offerings.”

“Sure, they’re already talking hefty taxes on the pot enterprises, the states will do well by you gals, but then so will the people, especially those that can benefit medically speaking. I understand you are proven to help people with Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, arthritis, depression, to name a few. You truly are the queens of effective, safe, natural remedies for a plethora of ailments. Too bad the feds don’t stop criminalizing you, you have so much to offer us. Hopefully one day soon the health industry will have a better relationship with you.”

“Well, judging by the times we have seen you in ecstasy, amidst moaning and chanting, being stroked and caressed, I guess we have some pretty compelling evidence to show for our aphrodisiac erotic-boosting qualities. More people ought to get down and sexy with themselves like you do, this could make them feel good about themselves and life in general.”

“Thanks, I truly appreciate the compliment. Now do me a favor and pass the coconut oil. I’m gonna dive in, go for a little swim, then come out and get a sensational massage. Ah, summertime on the deck!”

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