Touching Myself is Touching a Phallus Which Happens to be Attached to Me

Mon, 09/12/2016 - 15:06
Submitted by bila kolbe

I’ve been thinking…how autoeroticism and homoeroticism can be viewed as being not that very different. Consequently, might acts of self-love, such as masturbation, connote to some degree an innate same-sex appeal or curiosity within us?

For example, touching my own phallus is touching a phallus which happens to be attached to me. Geez, what would it be like to exercise my manual dexterity on someone else’s lingam? Might homophobia partially stem from a fear of expressing such a naturally innate appeal or curiosity? I found a gem of an answer in a scene from a comedy movie.

At a party, a guy and gal accidentally switch cell phones and soon after he gets sexually explicit messages and pics from a well-hung dude offering an ecstatic hookup. Unaware of the phone swap and the identity of the stud, he plays along with the texts inviting him to wank, suck, etc. Deeply immersed in the conversation, this guy’s body language soon cues a friend that something weird is going on and he handily shows him the pics and texts. Long story short, the friend and the girl, who eventually recovered her own phone, question his sexuality, ask him if he’s gay, to which he adamantly says NO. But, he proclaimed, there was no denying the stud has a beautiful cock and to consider erotic play with him/it is COMPLETELY NORMAL.

What sheer honesty, in your face homophobes!

How fortuitous to entwine people in a gender swap mind ménage and have a truth about human identity, human sexuality emerge. How wonderful to see soul-felt honesty trump the culturally-imposed wariness and prejudices that exist between straight, bi, and gay people. How marvelous to retire the dogmatic exclusivity of ‘normalcy’ and instead rejoice in our diversity and oneness.

I feel fortunate having started a Meetup group, Physical Consciousness Raising, and, as one member described, having the “spectrum represented” at our first gathering. Straight, gay, and bi men, unknown to each other prior to this meeting, unconditionally bared their souls in what resulted as a compilation of compelling personal narratives blended with empathetic listening and unbounded open-mindedness. It was, to say the least, cathartic and inspiring.

Next up, a ‘walk the talk’ meeting where we’ll trek among glacial erratics, serpentine streams, and pristine forests, eventually finding a spot to sit and continue our stories. At Mother Nature’s behest, we will share more chapters of our individual and collective physical consciousness raising narratives unencumbered by wariness or prejudice.

In the words of Morgan Freeman, “I hate the word homophobia. It is not a phobia. You are not scared. You are an asshole.”

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