Maximus is My Name. Edging is My Game

Sun, 01/24/2016 - 08:44
Submitted by bila kolbe

I’ll never forget that fortuitous evening when my relationship with my master took a most drastic turn. Ah, but first let me introduce myself…Maximus is my name, I’m my master’s penis. This picture of me was taken while basking in the sun on a beautiful summer day, something I like to do in great measure, pun intended. I love the balmy feeling of the sun, how my testicles loosen, how my shaft absorbs the vibrant solar energy, all in erotic communion with Mother Nature.

Of course, my master usually brings out some coconut oil which he lets liquefy on the deck’s scorching cedar planks, heating it up to an utmost scrumptious temperature. Uuuuuu, as the oil slowly cascades over me, I stretch in exaltation, like a monk in ecstatic trance. Pulsating with sensual delight, I lose sense of time while surrendering myself unconditionally to my master’s adept massage. He guides me up to the threshold of orgasm, that coveted ‘edge’, where I incarnate my erotic self, my Eros. Solar and sexual energies blend in a bewitching elixir and I fall deeper and deeper intoxicated in rhapsody’s embrace…but things were not always this satisfying between master and me.

While my master was emerging from his adolescence into manhood, he didn’t know how to treat me like he does now. Back then he would often have sexual dreams culminating in sodden underwear and bed sheets. When he and I were alone, he would ofttimes coarsely and hastily coerce me to spasm leaving me drained and cheerless. This was pretty much his M.O. until he reached the age of twenty-six, almost forty years ago.

One of his friends lent him a book that ultimately shook his penile paradigm. I mean all it took was for him to read the first few pages and, like a lightning bolt from the heavens, he suddenly saw me in a different light: no longer a tool made solely for instant gratification, but, a powerful instrument capable of generating mental and physical salubrity, a wellspring of self-love. Of course the transition took me some time, years in fact, before I could comply with my master’s newfound knowledge. Although I loved this whole concept of ‘edging’, I still carried around some scars from the years of abuse which needed extensive healing.

Now with my master in his mid-sixties, things have never been better between us. Why just this morning, while sitting in his favorite wicker chair looking out into the misty winter landscape, he opened his bathrobe and convened a most wonderful ardent intimate session with me. My skillful master gently brought me close to the ‘edge’ where I gratefully stayed for nearly an hour, or maybe more, or maybe time stood still…

love, health, music, sex

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66 !

Tue, 01/26/2016 - 20:52
Concerned Mom (not verified)

Very enjoyable read and pic's. Apparently, some things are ageless; body parts, pleasure session, very positive.

I can't get over how men starts so early with masturbation and continue throughout their lives with such gusto.  In comparison, females not so.  I figured it out so late in my 40s! I can't keep my hands off myself ever since. Born in the 1960s and never heard of it being  practiced by females. Maybe they did? Certainly the boys/girls of the current generation being exposed to internet are experiencing it?

I wonder about my adolescent kids. Boy-15 and Girl-13. I am sure he knows. There Maximus is easily discovered and boys talk among themselves.  Do I say something to her? Yes, i gave them a positive sex book recommended by Logan L from this website. Yet, I worry if I should do more for my daughter.  Is it proven fact that the nerve pathways need to connect in youth so they have a satisfying sex life later?  I dont want her to miss out on decades of pleasure like me.


Wed, 01/27/2016 - 06:56

Thank you Bila - your post and the pictures made me smile. Maximus Dickus looks very happy in the sunshine.

Good Luck

Thu, 01/28/2016 - 11:22

Concerned Mom.

I have two girls aged 17 & 15 and would agree that good sex ed for your daughter will make a big difference. I left a copy of Betty's book "Sex for One" in each girl's bedroom.

Obviously the last thing that a teenage girl wants to do is talk orgasms with her mother, but at least they have the information available to them when they're curious. I really don't want then to get stuck with the reproductive sex model that most sex ed describes (and which we've covered exhaustively at school) so giving them a book focused on female pleasure, pleasure they can own, is brilliant.

My suggestions that they need to get to know their own bodies before they go out and share them, are met with groans but I'm pretty confident that they're listening.

Your Suggestion

Fri, 01/29/2016 - 08:06
Concerned Mom (not verified)

NLH you are one of my fav posters here. I appreciate your wisdom. At 10, they did not immerse themself in the age appropriate book given then. In fact, books seem not to exists for that generation, not even in school.  Constant battle to get them to come up for air, away from electronics. I will look into sex-for-one maybe the illustrations will get her attention. Maybe age 14 better.  Gosh, how different it was for me.  I combed through encyclopedias, hid books like Go Ask Alice under my pillow. Only thing girlfriends would talk about was if they french kissed you. lol.

Pillow Book

Sat, 01/30/2016 - 10:57

Concerned Mom,

Thank you. Like you there was very little sex ed when I was growing up, and I had to work hard to find reliable information. I definitely got to know my local library very well. Maybe because there is good information around our house, on their book shelves etc, my girls seem much more relaxed.

It's still the last thing that they want to talk about with parents so we may never get to know when they're reading it but at least it's there for when they need it.

Aside from Betty's book, sex ed books still seem all very much based on reproductive sex, rather than sex for pleasure, especially female pleasure. I'd rather my girls didn't wait 20+ years to discover how much fun sex can be.

Also, my youngest daughter has just decided (quite theoretically we think) that she might be gay and highlighted a total lack of sex ed to cover that contingency from either me or her school. We has a brief talk about how Sex for One might be useful and I'm planning to check in on her in a couple of months, maybe with Betty's second book.

Betty - If you ever re-issue your book on partnersex, it might be an idea to add some of your beautiful art showing more women together. Or just maybe putting together an entirely new and beautfiul "pillow book" from your wonderful art collection.

healthful pleasure

Mon, 02/15/2016 - 09:28
bila kolbe

Dear NLH and Concerned Mom, I am elated to read how this blog has catalyzed such meaningful conversations about how parents can orient their children with respect to sex and its pleasurable potentials. We have the ability(and the obligation) to eradicate eons of sexually repressive dogma and taboos by educating ourselves and our children with respect to our fundamental sexual nature that transcends reproduction and profoundly embraces gratification, health, and self-realization. Yes, let's advocate for exploration of the vast dimensions of sexual gusto. Let's also advocate for how our mental and physical health are inextricably linked to enjoying a robust and knowledgeable sex life over our lifetimes.