ED Linked to Cardiovascular Disease

Mon, 11/30/2015 - 08:26
Submitted by bila kolbe

Emerging investigative work has shown erectile dysfunction (ED) to be an important risk factor linked to contracting cardiovascular disease and suffering premature mortality.

I am not sharing this tidbit of recent medical research in order to scare the nearly 50+% of US male baby boomers and older men who suffer from partial to complete ED into believing that their future is prescribed with gloom and doom. On the contrary, news of this nature is meant to serve as an affirmation of how important proper maintenance and exercise of our genitalia are to our overall health and longevity especially as we trek into our fifties and beyond.

The 2015 USA study appearing in The Journal of Sexual Medicine involved 1,790 adult men ranging in ages from 20 to 85. During the eight year investigation, 244 of the 557 having ED deceased leading the researchers to conclude that those with ED had a 70% increased risk of premature all-cause mortality compared to those without ED. A comparably designed 2013 Australian study with 123,775 men came to a similar conclusion. Nevertheless, it is no surprise that men in their later (70+) years normally show higher indices of both ED and all-cause mortality.

While there was an evident statistical correlation between the two, even so, reporting such an outright causality is highly suspect. Studies of this type do not take into account factors such as genetics, diet, exercise, lifestyle, environment, etc. that obviously impact sexual health and longevity. Better heed these studies as a warning rather than a death sentence. The researchers concluded that “patients with ED should be screened and possibly treated for complications that may increase the risk of premature death.”

I believe appropriate approaches to remedy ED and the related health complications should go beyond screening and treatments, both of these constrained to dealing with the effects while often neglecting the causes. It is time we liberate ourselves from the limiting notions and conditioning that ignorantly assign only reproduction, urination, and gratification to our marvelous phalluses. It is time we dedicate research, education, and practice to exploring the generative and transformative potentials accessible from a robust and knowledgeable sex life over our lifetimes.

It is time we get a ‘handle’ on ED via curative self-help techniques and accessible therapies designed without incurring the use of injurious drugs and pharmaceuticals. It is time men realize that to stop having erections and sexual activity, whether due to dysfunction or disinterest, can be a step toward reducing the quality, length, and enjoyment of their lives.

Bila is the author of “The Rejuvenating Power of Masturbation“, www.therpom.com

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Mon, 11/30/2015 - 13:50

Erectile dysfunction is a relatively common clinical problem that affects mainly men older than 40 years. To quote from the report Bila refers to: "In addition to the classical causes of erectile dysfunction, such as diabetes mellitus and hypertension, several common lifestyle factors, such as obesity, limited or an absence of physical exercise, and lower urinary tract symptoms, have been linked to the development of ED."

Erectile dysfunction is a strong predictor for coronary artery disease, and cardiovascular assessment of a non-cardiac patient presenting with erectile dysfunction is now recommended.

Causality is quite tricky to establish but should be carefully considered. If you have ED, you should get yourself checked out for coronary artery disease, for cardiovascular problems, for diabetes etc. All of these diseases can shorten your life. ED is a symptom not a cause of these diseases, an early warning system that should not be ignored.

I'm maybe mis-understanding Bila's point at the end but must admit to being a bit puzzled by the idea that we need to re-evaluate our attitude towards the phallus. Most of the men in my life, place an extraordinary value on their dicks. They are both extremely protective and celebratory about them.

Maybe this emphasis on the mighty dick is part of the problem, given that ED is a relatively common problem, and given that the major cause of death for men aged 40+ is suicide. Maybe instead of focusing even more on the mighty phallus, we need to expand our ideas about sexuality, to reduce the "performance" element, reduce the pressure and allow men to relax back into a more gentle, cooperative sexuality.

The transformative potential of the marvelous phallus

Mon, 11/30/2015 - 15:26
bila kolbe

Dear NLH, Thank you for your eloquent and informative comment. Yes, the above mentioned studies on ED did not take into account genetics and common lifestyle factors which can obfuscate the establishment of causality linking ED and cardiovascular disease/ hypertension/ etc.  Nevertheless, I don't think you can completely rule out the possibility that ED is more than a symptom of the mentioned maladies, that it indeed may contribute some causative influence as well. 
Whereas many men may celebrate, protect, and highly value their phalluses, I submit that too few are aware of how sex relates to endocrine and brain function and the integrity of the muscular, skeletal, immune, and cardiovascular systems. The mighty phallus, as you allude to, is predominantly seen as an organ with reproductive, waste removal, and gratification functions, period. As you aptly stated, "we need to expand our ideas about sexuality" but not necessarily to "reduce the 'performance' element", but instead, to enhace the 'knowledgeable' element whereby men understand and exercise the generative and transformative potentials made available by their marvelous phalluses.

Thank you

Tue, 12/01/2015 - 04:23

What a very kind and generous reply.

I wanted to stress the need for men suffering from ED to get help rather than suffering in silence. There seems to be a risk of men either ignoring ED as an "inevitable" (it isn't) symptom of old age or being too personally embarassed to check it out. If you have ED because you've developed cardiovascular issues or diabetes, then it's best to find out early.

I worry that men sometimes seem too wrapped up in the need to "perform" sexually. There are plenty of posts on the site by men anxious about the size, shape, length of their phallus. They worry about "giving" their partner an orgasm, about their staying power, their "strength". There seems to be so very much stress around some men's relationship with their dick. There seems to be a great deal of over-identifying, as though men wrap too much of their sense of individual self-worth into this one part of the body.

Maybe you're right and what we need to do is to place the phallus better into a broader health context, an integral part of the body as a whole.

Hi Both Bila and NLH, Blimey

NOWHARD's picture
Mon, 12/07/2015 - 08:06

Hi Both Bila and NLH, Blimey wish this was here 5 years ago when I was looking for ED help, this post is really old hat, its just a collection of facts, but we do all love facts, so why no real help here, mainly because I dont think Bila has had ED, but when you do your find out how hard it gets you.
NLH your on the wrong forum, the trouble is guys do sit around waiting for it to get hard again some as long as 10 years before they go seek help, how do I know I work on mens sexual forums and some others, but then a lot of women do the same, when they get sexual problems, and yes us men do love our dicks, as they say the small head always leads the big head, there's so much truth in that.
Most are just very simple answers, for guys its just getting there blood working ie drop all the shit they eat, get off the booze and just get out there and get healthy again is a good part of there problems, and I will tell you that the big blue pill Viagra is not th e be and end all of getting over ED it does have its very bad side effects as I found out, you can find out how I di by just googling DRUGS VERSUS HERBS, HERBS MY CHOICE its all there, so after around 6 months did get my sex life back, it takes lots of reading and searching and it can be done, and its all down to getting our blood working right and well, then it all comes back, for me at 68 I get nocturnal erections and some very good morning woods that do wake me up, which then wake my wife up.
All I'm trying to say guys is lets have some new news on ED, ED is a precurser for a heart problem and that is all over the web and been there for years.
Good luck

Hi Bila as I answer on this

NOWHARD's picture
Mon, 12/07/2015 - 08:14

Hi Bila as I answer on this little problem of ED, when either men or there wifes come up with the question of ED I put out this post of mine.
Hi, OK what follows, any one of these can give him ED (erectile dysfunction).

To little sleep.

Prostate problems.

Performance anxiety.

High cholesterol.

Diabetes and its meds.

Blood pressure and its meds.

High cholesterol and its meds statins.

Recreation drugs.

Depression and its meds.



Meds, over the counter meds that is.





Self image.

Low libido.

His general health.

Low testosterone and very high testosterone.

Over masturbation.

Porn and masturbating to it.

All the above are sex killers.
See so sometimes its not to do with the heart, these just to many other things it could be, and can also be to do with lifestyle that we put on ourselfs.

Good Luck


New perspectives on the E free from ED

Mon, 12/07/2015 - 15:24
bila kolbe

Thank you NOWHARD for providing the plethora of mental and physical issues that can trigger ED. From my vantage point, self-abusive behaviors, addictions, and poor lifestyle choices seem to form a common thread linking many of those issues you listed. Like you stated, curing ED initially requires a return to  healthy living, then one can proactively get the blood flowing in the right direction at one's discretion. You're right, my blog citing the recent medical studies didn't shed any new light on ED; however, my intent was to offer a new perspective on the E free from ED. Too many men, and people in general, are unaware of the generative powers of their genitalia. The E is more than blood flow and 'good morning wood'. The E and associated sex glands can be enlisted to cultivate physical, mental, and spiritual well-being probably better than any other male body organ or system. The same goes for women's sex organs. I'm so glad you won out over ED. Now explore how your E can empower you to be more than who you are. Happy logging!

Yes, Bf, 65, healed ED in 6 mths with new life choices, ongoing

Tue, 12/08/2015 - 04:45
Lizzie Smith (not verified)

Great post, Nowhard,
thank you. It confirms what I was priviledged to witness with Bfriend a few years ago.
His 65th birthday was approaching as I met him, an average golfer, basically a healthy guy, mildly overweight which he endearingly camouflaged with clothes.
No erections. This was a mountain-high psychological obstacle at the very beginning for him (not me, as I suspected this was not the whole truth of the matter yet). ED almost jeopardized the whole budding thing for him. There were moments he tried to send me away, play platonic relationship, not wanting to get into this mess at all. I wanted to hear none of platonic (as I am a disciple of Betty Dodson years back).
The explanation of ED was to be found in his medical cabinet and fridge. He had no knowledge of alternative health solutions.
He did not know that we are what we eat, and that blood vessels and arteries are renewable stuff that we can repair by consistent dietary and life choices.

You, Nowhard, might want to add to your list:
Unnecessary 'high profile' surgery.
Bf had suffered from typical carefree lifestyle choices leading to unhappines, sickness and divorce. Indulgence with food and drink, neglecting own psychological growth and the closest relationships.
Firm belief in the mainstream medicine led him on avoiding supplements. Instead he popped  statins, blood pressure pills, and generally self-medicated the build-up of adversities with alcohol. This is what considered normal, everybody else is doing, isn't it?
As his father's and uncles' cause of death had been 'heart failure' (isn't it always heart failure, ultimately), he took every chest twinge seriously, sought advice from a reputable cardiologist resulting to cardiac bypass surgery.
Yes, there was visible clogging in the arteries, but cardiologists are no nutrionists, surgeons seldom withess results of specific, controlled dietary changes in the arteries of their patients. Cardiac arteries are made of self-rebuilding living tissue that is dependent on the metabolism of the body.
Surgery is heroic, and quick, but a clogged artery can be restored to operating condition also with milder, long term procedures. And, these new life-changes are necessary anyway, if a cardiac by-pass patient doesn't want the arteries to clog again.    
So, back to Bf.
Besides golf and work, now he had a new identity that left him with dignified-looking scars inside his arms.
He was used to measuring his weight, pulse and blood pressure daily. We added to his routines: Change of diet (away with junk and liquor and beer) complete with a basic array of minerals, right kind of dietary fats and supplements plus continuing with moderate amount of sports.
He skipped the statins, and started gradually, slowly, in a controlled manner weaning himself from the blood pressure medication.
A word of caution here!
Every ED is unique as well as every individual. It is
not generally advisable to discard prescribed medication without
consulting a doctor. If differences of opinion arise between dr. and
patient, it may be a good idea to consult another doctor or expert.

You're right, Nowhard, six months was about the time the guy was fully back to himself again. Blood pressure normal among other things.
At the beginning of the weaning from meds he measured the blood pressure several times a day, specially before and after physical activity.
This was important in order to see if his veins and arteries had started to gain back their (youthful) elasticity, i.e. the capacity to respond to normal stressors of life by expanding and returning to their normal state. Of course, steadily diminishing ED was also a natural indicator of things proceeding ok.  
He got an important part of his life back after over a decade of trying to cope with increasing symptoms of losing it.
The whole period of change was a joyful journey towards the unknown.
At the beginning we couldn't know what the end result would be. Would the progress stop at some level? What obstacles could ensue of the heart surgery?
Grateful of every emerging sign of returning functions we found the positive changes kept on coming. Something new every day. 
We knew this all was against everything the medical authorities preach and practice.
At this stage there was no one to confide in about what he was up to. He started getting compliments and he avoided giving truthful answers. 
We had interesting discussions of how vulnerable our life and health are even though we supposedly have access to the best knowledge there is.
How easy it is to make foolish health choices with dangerous consequences if you are not lucky enough to get the right information that often has been pushed from the mainstream to periphery.   
None of us knew that the end result according to ED would be full recovery. The eating habits as well as a basic small arsenal of supplements became a daily staple.
It was great to see this metamorphosis take place. Bf went back to work in a few month's time.  
His first annual appointment to the cardiologist was due, as a reformed man. I wrote a list of the supplements and diet-changes for him to give his dr. to include to his medical information.
The dr. had been pleased, no reprimands of discarding meds. Reading the written list he had remarked: "Fresh almonds. I need to start them too."

Your Story

Tue, 12/08/2015 - 09:48

I'd really like to hear your story, how you worked your way through ED from first recognising that you had a problem to where you are now if you feel you could share.

It would be really helpful for people who might be at the beginning of the journey to hear about the steps you had to work through, who/what was most helpful along the way,  what created the most problems and how you got past them. It must have had a tremendous impact on your relationship with your partner.

We're definitely missing the personal stories of people like you who have actually been there and recovered.

Thanks Liz

NOWHARD's picture
Tue, 12/08/2015 - 11:42

Hi And many thanks liz, its so nice when you get a thank you.
My ED come after 3 weeks of very bad night sweats, the kind you could have floated me of the bed with, reason unknown, Have found out since that night sweats kill testosterone when there really bad, I got a nudge form the wife as sex had gone out of the window without me even noticing? Just cant think why, but there you go, As wear in Greece did see a clinic doctor, had a blood test done for thyroid, and did a tempiture check for same for a week, all clean and that is all I had and was given Viagra, which for me kind of worked but with some bad side effects.
So it was down to me to find my own way out, took time and got to where I am now, as they say back in the saddle again, so now its like get an erection us it, could be the last one, who knows? BUt at 68 do get some nocturnal erectios that do wake me up and some really good morning woods, before ED kicked cant really remember the last ones like these.
But my main thing is a mix of Cayenne Pepper, Turmeric, and Garlic, I take this first thing every morning, this is really healthy for you in lots of ways, with 75mg DHEA, Tribulus 450mg, L-Arginine 500mg, L-Carnitine 450mg, high dose Magnesiam, and some ACV with apple juice, wash pills down with water with Boric acid in it.
Boric acid is the poor mans Viagra, it works along the same lines, also good for as few other things, taken the same way its just a 1/4 teaspoon in a litre of water, it relaxs the veins. apart from that its just normal daily vitamins.
At the moment following something called DHT if I can defeat it, it raises testosterone back up, hair regrows, more energy and get better erections, and something called 5AR its another part of it, could be very interesting.
So with all this watch what I eat, have a friut day each week and a banana and milk day, have a dog so do lots of walking, love swimming but have not been fo some time, been fighting swimmers ear, it will just not clear but very slowly getting there, now using coconut oil, also have a day and a half on Green tea, have this with natural tribulus in it , can get this here in Greece, and grind both all down, and dark chocolite two squaires each night with some red wine.
Nothing special really, its things most of us have in our kitchens, and all very good for our blood and gets things going, clears away plaque in our blood, which is really good when our erections dont come any more.
But what is above works for me, its someting thats been passed on lots of times but never get feed back, but always do say it should be tried for 12 weeks, as some of them do take time to get working at full power.
There are 3 posts of mine on www,franktalk.org 
This last one gives out most fo what can be found, but who knows there could be a whole lot more like this, something to try to raise your testosterone is HCG, let you work that one out.
 So thats about it Liz, any more questions just ask,  many thanks.

Its there NLH, below.

NOWHARD's picture
Tue, 12/08/2015 - 12:00

Hi NLH, Liz kind of beat you there, this would have been up a bit earlyer, but olive picking split my working on here.
And yes do have olive oil each day, its very good for the blood as well, one thing I will add here is how I do take my Cayenne Pepper, Turmeriv and Garlic mix, and this is so good for so many things, all you have to do is google each one, for the heart, HBP, blood ,prostate, RA, colon and lots more, so this is a post of mine that I have put out so many times working on forums and you can see why.
[= medium]
The way out and clearing away plaque would be to get on Cayenne Pepper, Turmeric and garlic, take this each morning and see how you go.

Its all very healthy for you.

You just mix CP and Turmeric 50/50 in olive oil and then mix with tomato paste and thin it with olive oil, at first you just mix this to a heat that suits you, and over time you can slowly increase the CP and Turmeric.

You take 3 small teaspoonful each morning first thing, you wash each spoonful down with water, before anything else just after you get up, one thing it will warm you up, with this, which will also help would be very fine chopped garlic, just do a whole head, chopped fine, and keep in olive oil, with this you add dried parsley, a couple of good desert spoonful’s and mix, you just add a teaspoonful on top of the CP an turmeric mix, just mix into the top take as said.

The Parsley its very good for the blood and helps keep your Cholesterol down.

Please do keep both jars in the fridge, keeps a lot better that way.

Now if you google and read up about all three, there very good for ED, your cholesterol, heart and prostate and RA, garlic is also very good for your blood, so along with the CP and turmeric, your be doing your body the world of good.

At first you really need to be taken this 3 times a day the other 2 times just before meals, for 2 weeks, then just twice a day for 2 weeks then just the once at first thing in the mornings, great way to start the day.

And yes have had ED now in recovery and do take what is above daily along with other supplements and a hormone.

So do hope this helps you.

Good Luck

PS This really needs a 12 week trail, to see if its going to work for you, if its for RA do increase it up, the stronger it is the better it works for you.

Don’t forget to up the amount of CP and turmeric as you go on.
I think its all here now NLH
Many thanks for your interest.


NOWHARD's picture
Wed, 12/09/2015 - 15:16

There is one moe link I missed out. NOHARDS HERB LIST WITH LINKS this one is what I take daily with info.
How did I gat to all this, it was just lots of research, asking on forums for info and so on, but slowly I got there, and for me it works.
But I always thing a lot is to do with our blood, if you see the links your see why.
One last thing, I have a really good cockring its not a cheap plastic type, its of pyrex glass fits well and worn 24/7, just comes off for showering and shaving, guys do really need to be shaved with a cockring, mine is a myhardwear ice, reason its worn all the time is you never know when its needed, just like a normal penis, and it does aid good erections.
Something to try your lover's on, if there getting soft erections, but kegels help and doing the reverse ones make things better.
Surprising what you think of when olive picking, but not when you have a chain saw in your hand.
Hope it all helps someone one day, ED is a killer as it kills our love lives/sex lives, to any guy who has it, just dont wait as some of you do, the longer you leave it the harder it is to come back unless its an implant, I have a friend in the states, he has one and hates it.
So Good Luck