You're an Inspiration to Me as a Young Woman, a Sexual Being, & One Day a Mother

Thu, 11/16/2017 - 09:13
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Hello Dr. Betty,

I wanted to send you a note of thanks, but first let me give you some context.

I am the oldest of three daughters, who grew up in a home where our parents did not discuss sex. As a gifted individual, I was happy to learn of this topic on my own. At age 11, I began watching the fabulous videos made by you and Carlin.

You have both talked me through many first experiences before they were even a possibility. You've given me a confidence to advocate for myself and my pleasure. What's more, I now find myself encouraging my peers and others to advocate for themselves as well. I am saddened to find that too many of my 20-something year old friends are limited to the pleasure they receive from their partners, if there is any at all.

Although I chuckle, I also enjoy seeing a spark in their eye when I tell them about my sexcapades, because they are dying just to talk about sex! A typical conversation begins with my descriptions, and then a comment is made along the line of "Oh, I've always wanted to try that!" Yet, it is still so frowned upon.

I just wanted to thank you for all that you're doing. Please know that you are making a difference for many, even those who you never meet in one of your sessions. You're truly an inspiration to me as a young woman, as a sexual being, and one day when I'm a mother.

Because whatever the gender of my future children, I'll be supporting their sexual journeys, in a safe way of course!

Nothing but love for you Betty!

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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Tea and Tincture: an ode to Betty

Fri, 11/17/2017 - 06:27

My three visits and frequent correspondence with Betty have spawned many profound
changes in my thinking, writing, and behavior. Over the course of our
friendship, Betty has been my Sensei, advocate, and adversary. Formal education
had taken me far to become a competent researcher, writer, and communicator;
however, through Betty’s midwifery, I was reborn with a new gnosis, desirous to
share my personal experiences and create a new virtual and personal identity
for me.

Betty, you extract great power and wisdom from distilling  and synthesizing dualities...your soul has blessed you with an immortal aesthetic in body, word, and deed that has shifted the world axis to point to orgasmic entitlement, erotic fulfillment of the senses, and to cast off the vitriolic sludge of dogma and ignorance that pervades our society.

You impregnated me with a vision for self-realization inspired with the force of a tsunami boldly razing old paradigms and whose churning waters mold new landscapes in my psyche. For this I am forever grateful to you, and to God for having placed such a beautiful human being on this planet.

Betty, yes, this is so fact, since meeting you and beginning our wonderful correspondence, I've tapped into other raisons d'etre: that of the writer in first person, the emergent blogger, the seeker of a cyber identity, the co-masturbator, the communicant cock.

You, by being openly you, eloquently you, sexually you, happily you, honestly you, empower us to be ourselves. The Bodysex Workshop Carlin and you offer is the most powerful manifestation of aesthetic, empathetic sexuality I have ever witnessed. You both tirelessly advocate for sexuality as a path open to all for discovering our aesthetic, our erotic selves, and ultimately our humanity.


Dick and clit, variations on a theme,

Big brother and excitable sister,

Charged lightning rods of sexual energy, conductors of erotic symphonies-

Can they communicate?

In front of the hearth of masturbatory fires they sing the ineffable lyrics of our creation,

Harmonizing across multiple octaves,

Creating orgasmic crescendos.

Yes, we affirm each other.

Yes, we affirm each other.

“Let the sex energy sing



Thank you

Tue, 11/28/2017 - 18:05

Always positive, always a delight to read.

Thankyou Bila, and all the very many people, old friends and new, who share their story, their help and encouragement for the journey, in this haven, this welcoming and accepting place that Betty and Carlin have created.

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