Should Women with Small Clits Practice a Different Form of Stimulation?

Tue, 06/06/2017 - 08:14
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Dr. Betty,

Howdy & MANY THANKS for this site and your work!!!

The short version: should women with eensy weensy clitoral glans (thanks for the anatomy lesson) practice a different form of stimulation? I've read bunches on your site, watched one of your Orgasm Dr videos, and followed (or tried to) your rock & roll technique (although I am a cheap skate and already sprang for a Hitachi & other things before finding your site and have not invested in the Barbell yet).

I'm 48 with 2 kids (5 miscarriages that required 3 D&C's if that matters) and on a mid-life mission to self-orgasm by the time I'm 50(I'm either pre-orgasmic or having them and don't know it - see, i really have been studying! :)). Thanks to your inventory of sketches and other pics I have confirmed I have a Guinness Book record type tiny little clit. I'm having a hard time stimulating the little cutie and get more pleasure from my internal clitoris (thanks again - had no idea that was a thing!).

So I am wondering if I need a different technique or just to continue to be patient and see if I can get the little turtle to play? She likes to retreat and is not apparently stimulated by the Hitachi when held below,above, or right smack dab on her. I've gone super gentle (again, I read I could overstimulate the poor girl) and more direct, but just get kinda nothing but an urge to get inside and grind around in something hot and hard.

To date, I have not brought myself to orgasm with any method, just seems that the inner clit is more sensitive than her shy outer self. Do tiny glans' lend themselves to less stimulation or need a different technique?

Thanks in advance!!


Dear Texas,

Your are doing great! Now you need to know that all clits are itty bitty AND powerful. Big is not always better. You just need to be more patient and continue to practice masturbation. The Magic Wand is very powerful so you might want to soften the vibes with a washcloth so you can vibrate longer.

Keep moving it around and don't stay in one place. Since you're having the desire for vaginal penetration, get a good silicone dildo. Or carve one from an organic zucchini to size. That's how you can determine the size you prefer when you are ready to buy one. The vaginal Barbell's advantage is the weight hold in place while you squeeze and release the PC muscle (the one that stops the flow of urine.)

Keep practicing and enjoy the time you spend with yourself. For me having a hot fantasy is a must when I masturbate. Be creative.

Dr Betty

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