We Were So Close to Having Our First Woman President & Poof!

Fri, 11/11/2016 - 07:14
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Here I am, sitting at my computer feeling numb. What just happened to America, the land that I love? We were so close to having our first woman president and poof!

It’s true I was conflicted about loving Hillary, but there really was no comparison between her capabilities and those of Trump. She had traveled the world, had met and negotiated with practically every head of all the states, had endured being the First Lady under her husbands two presidencies where she was socially wounded by his sexual infidelities. Then she weathered the grueling travel schedule of meeting with so many foreign leaders as America’s secretary of state and she knew the ins and outs of government protocol. She was immensely qualified to be our first woman to take the office of president but she lost to Donald Trump?

It’s true that I didn’t like Hillary as I do Elizabeth Warren. And perhaps I must wait for the next election cycle so Elizabeth can take office and be our first Madam President. However, I will be in my nineties, ninety one to be exact, so I’ll just have to be willing to brave my nineties. Lately I’ve been thinking that being old and hanging around has been overrated. Everything becomes such a chore that I’d rather just hang out around my apartment. Except for last summer when Sharon Stone took an option on my life’s story for a television series, there’s not much else to look forward to now that my memoir is published.

Of course I have yet to make a documentary about my life, but other than that, I’m lacking the next creative project to consume me. Although I’m looking forward to more women being certified to run Bodysex Workshops, Carlin is handling most of that. I just show up to teach the next group but they basically run themselves. I’m mostly just a figurehead the women want to meet, and believe me, that gets old pretty fast.

So while I’m grateful for all that I have, I must find my next creative project, maybe a book about my art or one about my mother or maybe turning my old age into an art form? They’re all possibilities. OK, I’ve just forgotten about whose president.

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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Fri, 11/11/2016 - 08:02

Please turn your old age into an artform, preferably protest art, full of sex and life and outrage, anger and joy. 

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There are honest women

Sat, 12/10/2016 - 01:36
Left of Center (not verified)

There are many honest women, why can't we vote for one of them?
Elizabeth Warren is not a Native American; she is not the first woman of color on faculty at Harvard; she is not a commoner. She is a wealthy person that accumulated much of her wealth by buying properties under market value that poor families had lost through foreclosure. She is a fraud.
What can you say about Secretary Clinton? She lies. She lies often. She tells little lies; she tells big lies. [= 12.8px]She lies when the truth would serve her better.[/][= 12.8px] She tells lies that are obviously not true. She lies about events that she knows were videotaped.[/]
[= 12.8px]She was an average senator, nothing passed under her leadership and she voted for the Iraq War. She was a terrible Secretry of State.[/]
[= 12.8px]She treats people with disdain that she believes are inferior. Her temper is legendary and her heavy drinking is an open secret.[/]
[= 12.8px]Abortion is the only issue that she is not open to completely changing her position based on opinion polls or cash donations.[/]
[= 12.8px]Surely we can do better.[/]