What Do You Think About the Taoists' Ideas of Having Orgasms in Different Chakras?

Fri, 07/29/2016 - 07:30
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Dr. Betty,

Huge fan. I've watched every Youtube video, read your biography, and watched the BodySex documentary. Love all of your work! And love you! Your education has meant a lot to me.

Just wondering what you think about the Tao jade egg practices? (An ayurvedic practitioner recommended it on her blog. I just bought one and have noticed a tremendous amount of lubrication. And I'm feeling pretty turned on. I take it out to clean it with tea tree oil sometimes. I haven't tried any of the exercises yet.)

Betty: Lubricating and feeling turned on is your own answer.

What do you think about the Taoists' ideas of having orgasms in different chakras?

Betty: It's a bit too intellectual for me, but it could be a fun game to play with the right attitude.

Do you know anything about Quodoushka? A friend said it's Native American sexuality... I'm going to look into it.

Betty: A good friend of mine studied with Harley Swiftdear, the American teacher that she greatly admired. My favorite part was when they compared male and female genitals to differently sized animals.

How do you recommend that we measure our vaginal depth? I'm assuming you know yours (I believe I've heard you say it's around 5 1/2 inches??) from the length of dildos/barbells you've inserted... Does it change that much depending on where we in our menstrual cycle?

Betty: Too many questions all together. Yes, the length of my Barbell, other dildos and all the different penises I've fucked. When we are really turned on, the uterus lifts (called "ballooning" in medical jargon). This allows deeper penetration.

Finally, what's your opinion on bioidentical hormones? I'm 40 and want to stay super juicy. (My friend Lania who's a little older than I am said that she got the pellets inserted and loved how she felt.)

Betty: I've been vaginally inserting bio-identical hormone cream for over 20 years and yes, I also love it. What heals our bodies must be "plant based" not chemically created. Bio-identical comes from the soy bean plant. The HRT medical approach of altering pregnant mares urine can be problematic.This is Big Pharma busy killing us off for population control to save our planet for the "corporate elite". Since the sixties, I've been my own best doctor and make it point to avoid taking any meds.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Betty: You are more than welcome.

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