Is My large Penis a Blessing or a Curse?

Wed, 07/06/2016 - 10:10
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Hello Dr. Dodson,

I've been watching your videos and you speak on many different important topics. My question involves my penis. It's very long flaccid ( 10 inches) and gains 1 inch erect (11 inches or 11.5) I have photos to prove it such as dick print or nude if your not to shy or prudent. I constantly get strange stares.

Is my penis size a freak intended blessing or not? Thank you for you feedback and keep making those informative videos please.


Dear T,

Well, you certainly have an appropriate last name as an owner of an 11,.5 inch dick. I'm neither shy nor prudish so by all means, do send a dick pic. As to whether your penis size is a blessing would depend upon the person with whom you are having sex.

Some would adore you while others would run from you. I'm sure you've experienced both responses. What you hopefully have learned, is your penis can be used as weapon with a hard fuck or tool of great pleasure for the appropriate vagina, anus or deep throat.

Meanwhile, I hope you are treating yourself to an abundance of orgasms by edging while masturbating.

Dr. Betty

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