Betty <3 Aliens

Fri, 07/08/2016 - 07:52
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Join me in my time machine for a short trip. Let’s go back to 1990 when I was invited to be a speaker for the “Say Yes to Masturbation” Conference in Montreal sponsored by the Raelians. Without any further investigation on my part I accepted immediately. Any group that would host a conference under that title had to be my kind of people!

However, I was soon warned by friends to beware because this was a group that believed in extraterrestrials. At that point in my life, I’d given little thought to the possibility of aliens other than to think it would be quite egocentric to believe Earth was the only planet in our vast universe with sentient beings. Personally, I found the concept of life on other planets comforting. When friends warned me about this “cult” my response was, “I’d love to make contact with extraterresitials.” Secretly, I’d fantasized having sex with one or several. So I said “Yes” to the Masturbation Conference and packed a bag.

I arrived in Montreal during an August heat wave. The first day I had lunch with a small group of Raelians and their leader, Rael. He was delightful— a handsome personable Frenchmen with the energy of a youthful race car driver that was part of his recent past. His young followers were all healthy, happy and very sex positive. I wondered why I’d been warned about this cult being dangerous. I simply felt surrounded by like-minded friends of sex.

The Raelians spoke French but most were bi-lingual. My presentation was translated into French with the audience wearing headphones. When I walked out on the stage, I was met with a thunderous applause that shocked me. Later I would discover that a pirated copy of my self-published book Liberating Masturbation had appeared in a French edition that had sold many copies with no agreements from me. At first I was furious and very upset until Grant, my alter ego, reminded me that imitation was the highest form of flattery. Since I was struggling financially, I simply wanted my share of her royalties.

Still, I had to admit it was nice to be treated like a star among strangers. I was even given a bodyguard, this big good looking kid always stood by my side or a bit behind me. When I asked why a bodyguard, I was told Raelians were not acceptable to the Catholic population in Montreal, so as a precaution, those who appeared in public had bodyguards. Still, I never felt unsafe or threatened in any way. At that stage of my life, I’d convinced myself that I had divine protection so I could continue to speak in public about the MOST controversial form of sexuality….masturbation! I continue to feel the same way today.

Fast Forward: About a year ago I got my Kindle Fire tablet and began reading like it was going out of style. How easy, how delightful to always have the perfect angle, light and hands free reading with a wealth of e-books that cost next to nothing. In no time I found myself immersed in all things ET, Experiencers, Grays, and Hybrids— anything and everything that dealt with the vast subject of aliens visiting Earth. I left the limitations of my universe to embrace a mulitverse. YAY! This mental expansion has been completely and utterly exhilarating!

Not long before my last living family member died, Brother Dick and I had a unique conversation. We rarely ever talked. He basically resented me because I left home when I should have stayed in Wichita to handle the eventuality of aging parents which ended up landing on him. To avoid me he chain smoked so I couldn’t sit next to him and have a conversation. When he had entered his final days dying from lung cancer, I went to Wichita to spend time with him. As I did with my entire family when they were about to leave the planet, I would massage their feet. I was an expert and my hands spoke better than words as I poured love through them. If spoken, the words would sound corny and too sentimental. My brothers were all the big strong silent types and Mother never shed a tear. I clearly remember my Dad crying when he tried to talk me out of leaving for New York City. I wasn’t around when Daddy died but the last few days Mother was on Earth, I sat at the foot of her hospital bed massaging her feet with tears streaming down my face after she’d slipped into the silence of a comma.

One afternoon while working on his feet, Dickie surprised me by asking if I’d ever watched Star Trek. When I answered no he made an unexpected comment. “It’s true that an Intergalactic Federation exits.” This took place before I’d explored the many e books on Aliens. After my brother left the planet, I tuned into Star Trek and just couldn’t get into it. My one complaint was how ugly they made other inter planetary species appear. As a result, I found it visually offensive. But immersed in my Kindle reading e books, I supplied my own images. Perfection!

Today Brother Dick drops by in spirit to encourage me to watch Star Trek again. But he also approves of all of the e books I’ve devoured. The list is long by now because as I finish one, my Kindle shows me others along the same line that I might like. So for the past six months I’ve been visiting the mulitverse with its other worlds that I find so very positive as well as hopeful. My current desire is to actually meet a hybrid. Then I’d very much enjoy being contacted by an actual alien from one of the planets helping Earth out of our quarantine. This will end when we stop screwing around with Atomic weapons with our war economy led by our government officials. Yeah, I can see Earth’s violence when I think of Dick Chaney or Henry Kissinger who represent the American government’s evil and destructive ways always in the name of "national security" which most of know is BS.

Thinking back, I clearly remember asking Rael why the Aliens wouldn’t land on Earth. Today his response makes sense. He said Earth is too violent and it wouldn’t be safe for them. I’m still in touch with the Raelians and support many of their projects online. Meanwhile, for the past 50 years Alien information continues to be repressed by our military industrial complex because it threatens their ability to maintain control over us while owning most of our money.

Well, the bad guys can’t be in charge forever so I’ll wait a bit longer. I want to celebrate the day Planet Earth enters the Intergalactic Federation of the Mulitverse and Brother Dick will be there with me in spirit.

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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Alien Sex

Fri, 07/08/2016 - 09:12

Doesn't everyone who has had heterosexual partner sex feel like they've had sex with an alien?

Hopefully not each and every time, but it always astonishes me how people 100% the same species can have such different understanding and expectations of such a basic interaction.

Betty, You ROCK.

Fri, 07/08/2016 - 22:07
Galaxy Girl

Betty you've done it again! I love reading your work- whether its in your published books or on your blog here on D&R. I keep meaning to send you an email to introduce myself as I'm fairly new to your site. I will get it together over the weekend since there is so much I'd like to say to you. 
As far as this entry, I'm so on board with everything you said, right down to the supresssion by the military. I think that's great that you spoke at the Raeliens conference - I am not familiar with them, but its so cool that you did it and was open to it. Of course you had an ulterior motive ; ) which I think it so fabulous. I went through an aliens phase where I was pretty freaked out. This was in the early 90's. There was an article in People Magazine (cover story) about a woman from Massachusetts (where I live) who claimed to have been abducted by aliens repeatedly over the course of her life. The article recounted the abductions and I don't remember the details except that I was totally sold on the story - there was some kind of supporting evidence. Fascinating. Also during that time, I came up with a theory (well, in a drug-induced frenzy, but still, it's brilliant): People for ages have talked about time travel- we read about it in science fiction, dream about it make movies about it, etc.. It is wonderful concept. It occured to me that what "the aliens" really are are US- humans evolved way past the point of recognition- traveling back in time to see what humanity used to be like..... The UFO's are time machines. Something to think about!
Thank you for all your hard work Betty. I think you are amazing. xx

Galaxay Girl, I feel your love.

Betty Dodson's picture
Thu, 07/14/2016 - 12:45
Betty Dodson

I'd also like to know what "freaked you out" when you contemplated ET visitors. The one that made me tremble was the idea they saw us as "food" like we see cows, pigs and chickens. Yikes!
Today, I  always get a positive vibe when I think what "they" might be like. However, as a artist dedicated to the nude, their bodies leave a lot to be desired. I'd design them to be more beautiful. Who knows they might be gorgeous and the ones we see are their robots. 

Good Point Betty...

Thu, 07/14/2016 - 18:43
Galaxy Girl

I never thought of that- the idea that the "aliens" we see are the real aliens' robots!

To answer your question Betty, I was freaked out about the possibility that I too, would be abducted by aliens and used as a medical test subject (this is what the woman in the magazine article - and countless other witnesses over the years have claimed). I tortured myself with this notion for awhile until someone reassured me that "if they haven't come for you yet, they won't bother". The rationale being that those who have reported serial abductions typically experienced their first abduction in childhood. Since I was 19 at the time, this calmed my fears! (And like I said in my earlier post, I was using a lot of drugs during that time! I've been clean now for 4 years).
Thanks for responding to my comment!