Simply Moving & Breathing Deeply Can Often Shake Off a Depression

Wed, 02/24/2016 - 12:23
Submitted by Betty Dodson

The way I visualize an antidepressant working is similar to repeatedly thinking (feeling) I’m a worthless idiot and as that thought keeps repeating inside my brain; the drug breaks this repetitious process.

Similar to what most of us have experienced, first thing when I wake up, I start going over a jingle or a phrase that gets mentally repeated over and over and over again. The other morning it was “Three blind mice, three blind mice, See how they run, see how they run…!” Harmless enough, but a negative repetition that is consistently repeated again and again might become unbearable as it slowly wears down a person’s self esteem.

In my experience, building-up sexually pleasurable tension is very similar.  During the process….it feels good, really good, getting better and better and then suddenly, BANG, the drug kicks in and stops the positive repetition. When that happens, I drop back to zero and must build-up again. It makes sense to block out repeatedly thinking I’m a worthless idiot. However, those good sexual feelings also get blocked and they’re needed to be sustained in order to have an orgasm, that delightful moment of release. However, I can imagine a tortured soul beset by mental demons that would be more than willing to sacrifice a stupid orgasm in order to feel some relief from self-hatred.

So there you basically have my take on antidepressants. One thing I find very disturbing is there is never anything on the label that says, “Warning: this medication can become addictive.” We now know that anti-depressants are indeed extremely addictive and coming off one requires gradually reducing the drug very slowly.

Back in the sixties, I was having a passionate sexual affair with a man who was on every medication available. They were prescribed by his well known psychiatrist; One pill to counteract depression, one to wake up, one to calm down, one to sleep, and one for good luck? He decided to come off “cold turkey” and was close to committing suicide for several months. I decided to save him by continuing our fabulous orgasmic sex convinced I could fuck him back to mental health. I’d never go through that again, ever!

All those pills never really helped solve the fact that he was unhappily married. However, he was convinced our orgasmic love affair saved his sanity. Today, my vast experience confirms that sexual repression can drive a person crazy while having an orgasmic renaissance can motivate someone toward recovery.

It’s also been demonstrated that simply moving and breathing deeply can often shake off a depression. Certainly stopping to masturbate to orgasm will change a person’s mood. I’m also a strong believer in diet eating fresh foods, avoiding sugar and packaged foods. Whenever I’m feeling sad or sorry for myself with a new ache or pain, I’ll smoke a little pot. As far as I’m concerned, Cannabis is a sacred plant that far exceeds some toxic chemicals put together by a big corporation dedicated to making money. Marijuana is Mother Nautures very best medicine for whatever ails me. And soon to be legal in NY State and acrosss the country. Whatch out Big Pharm, there goes a big piece of your bottom line.

Now at the age of 87, I’m at the top of my game. A lot of credit for my good health is being "Happy" as I continue to embrace the creative process, loving my work while also enjoying independent orgasms with sex toys and my very dirty fantasies. Every orgasm is a joyful moment that makes living so delightful.

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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Three blind mice and repeat

NOWHARD's picture
Wed, 02/24/2016 - 14:39

Singing as you get up and repeating it, is a kind of meditation, its like doing mantras that is done over and over, its a way of calming.
As I do some answering I tell those having anxiety or depression problems to google natural ways out of depression, Meditation is a route they can take as a way out of both, its deemed a good way to go as it also helps in controling breathing, a bit like masturbation and sex then, as controled breathing help to hold back to the right moment.

Good Luck


Mental health

Thu, 02/25/2016 - 03:57

The UK's health service estimates that around 10% of the population will experience depression which can range from mild to very severe forms. It also notes that most people, especially men, tend to wait too long before seeking treatment. This is important given that suicide is the major cause of death for men aged 30 -50, and depression is a large contributory factor.

It's okay to be sceptical about BigPharma, and we all need to be critical and informed patients when it comes to our care. All drugs (including cannabis) have side effects and we need to know what it is we're putting into our bodies and what the possible side effects might be. I have the utmost respect for Betty's experience and how it has influenced her views on anti-depressant drugs. Treatment for depression is often a combination of drugs and talking therapies and perhaps more of us should look for second opinions in order to get the treatment we require.

But fundamentally people who are sick need to seek treatment as soon as possible and get whatever help works best for them, drugs or otherwise. If someone broke their leg we wouldn't suggest they avoid painkillers even though they're addictive.
Treatment for mental health should not be stigmatised anymore than treatment for physical health.


NOWHARD's picture
Thu, 02/25/2016 - 06:52

Hi NHL Look the reason for my reply is for those who do not want drugs, because some of them do know the very bad side effects of them and to those looking for another way of getting off the drugs.

And a drug like Respiradol this gives guys lot of ED problems and worked with guys who's penis is now shorter from it, a guy who now has a hour glass penis fron it, the doctors who put them on it have no idea of what it does to guys and there sex lives and some cases the body's, these were all USA cases, and these guys are shorting out for help.

And they want help of some kind but cant find it.


No Problem

Thu, 02/25/2016 - 11:50


No problem with your reply whatsoever. I was just commenting on the original post from Betty. I totally understand that anti-depressants can be the cause of more problems than they solve. My sister-in-law took years to recover and wean herself away from them.

We need to be more demanding and critical of our doctors, to demand better, expect full and frank explanations including alternative treatments, side effects etc and to be prepared to look for a second opinion.

All of this can be true and still for some people drugs can be the answer because sometimes for some people they are the only thing keeping them alive enough for other therapies to take place, and to give them time for their lives to turn around.


NOWHARD's picture
Thu, 02/25/2016 - 12:46

Hi NHL, These drugs really do spoil peaples lives and sometimes its just for minor things, and there falsed on them and they do not even know what its doing to them, that comes a lot later for them.

Coming off them is a big worry for some of them, but most do go cold turkey and suffer from doing that.



Fri, 02/26/2016 - 21:57

I just had to add this comment. I spent several years working informally with drug users in Footscray, Melbourne. One thing I learned very quickly is that they run a mile from anyone (except their doctor if they happen to be a heroin, morphine, codeine, oxycontin, diazepam or methadone addict). They don't want to be preached to, or even told what they can do to reduce or eliminate their habit, it mostly makes them worse. What they want more than anything is to be listened to. And that's bloody hard at times to listen to when you hear the tales of sexual or physical abuse, discrimination for being trans-gender, etc - almost without exception they have an horrific tale to tell. All I and a few like minded others did was give them some food, tell them about available  services, tell them about the problems of some of those services, drive them to the doctor, and so on, but mostly just listen.

There's a terrific organisation here called Narcotics Anonymous, a place where people can share their struggles and their memories. One night a young woman turned at a meeting and said she was there because she had a serious chocolate addiction. No one laughed - that's why it is so good, it provides support for recovering addicts, but no advice, no put-down, no preaching.


Motivation against Depression

Tue, 04/12/2016 - 07:47
Natalie1993 (not verified)

Antidepressants are definitely not a key to overcome everything. Sometimes all you need is to live more healthy lifestyle and use some motivation: