As an Educator We Get Better As We Grow Older

Tue, 01/05/2016 - 08:50
Submitted by Betty Dodson

This past holiday was the best one of all. I made a decision not to go anywhere or have any celebration that was in any way related to Xmas or New Years Eve. It’s been my experience that most people are really stressed out over family and close friends with all kinds of expectations that it’s best to wait until it’s all over.

The day before the first of the year, Veronica Vera called and asked what I was doing on the last evening of 2015 and I answered “Absolutely nothing. Want to join me?” She’s on her way over now while I have a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge. A new little place just opened two blocks away that specializes in Ramen. I just ordered several items on their menu to check out their food for our Japanese feast this evening of mostly appetizers.

She’s wearing her favorite pajamas and I’m in my Ralph Lauren bath robe. Ah, yes, total comfort for a night in while we enjoy my new tree that Veronica convinced me to adopt when she was clearing out Candice’s home in North Fork. Candice, aka Candida Royalle suffered five years of chemo in her fight against ovarian cancer. I was told she babied this Dracaena plant for twenty-five years. It’s now seven feet tall and pushing against my ceiling. I only had one major plant in my life. I’d read an article that advised if I felt close to letting a lover move in with me, go buy a large plant. I did and named her Catherine the Great. I don’t even recall what kind, but when I went on my first protracted stay on the West Coast, Catherine did not survive living in my neighbor’s apartment who was still smoking cigarettes. Other than a few bamboo plants and one Jade plant, I’ve lived plant and pet free.

So here I am in my 87th year living alone in a rented apartment that I’ve adored for the past 52 years with no desire to live anywhere else. I don’t own anything except my own paintings and drawings that are in storage. I never saved nor invested money and other than a modest annuity, I feel financially secure. As an educator we get better as we grow older and as long as I’m upright, I’m still earning a modest income with a private practice and our Bodysex workshops. Since I’m enjoying everything so very much, I’m going for as many more years as I can get. My personal life keeps getting better as I watch our world continue to fall apart under the rule of the corporate/military elite. I hold onto the idea that an orgasmic society just might have a chance to survive.

I’m so grateful for my business partnership with Carlin and what we are creating together online. We are incredibly like-minded and constantly agree on which project to do next. Our army of orgasmic feminists is well on its way with Bodysex workshops taking roots all over American, Canada and Europe. It’s a joy working together, especially since she’s so happy with Baby G and her marriage to Steve, the ideal husband/daddy. After Carlin and I create our Master Course on film, I think I’ll write another book about Orgasmic Old Age. And of course there’s always the feature film of my life yet to be created.

So this is to say Happy New Year world and much gratitude for our D&R community.

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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happy 2016!

Tue, 01/05/2016 - 18:31
J Lynn (not verified)

Thank you for this beautiful post, Betty! All good wishes to you. :) The photo of you and Carlin is wonderful, too. 

Happy 2016 Betty!

Fri, 01/08/2016 - 00:33

Great blog! At 87 you continue to make loving life into an art form and we all benefit. Thank you for inspiring so many to take pleasure into their own hands. May bliss rule as your BodySex revolution expands in it mission to spread a culture of self pleasure around the globe!