How Can They Think Long Labia Makes Your Vagina Loose?

Mon, 07/06/2015 - 14:27
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dr. Betty (And Carlin):

Saw this post on Facebook that screenshot a comment on a picture. I agree with the words on the screenshot. But being curious, I looked at the comments. I feel so terribly sad for the women that have to deal with ignorant men that think that the size of their labia actually affect the tightness of their vagina. How in the world are Americans so ignorant when it comes to the female body? This just really makes me angry and sad.

I don't want young women with long labia minora to think they are strange or weird or they need to chop off their lady bits to have a compact pornstar looking vagina.


Dear M,

Yeah, we know all about this. Since 1973, I've spent most of my time educating women and the men who love us about the female sex organ. As yet, we don't even know the correct word for female genitals. So often we end up with the slang term "pussy" which is like baby talk. A step up from "Wee wee." While most end up using the term "vagina" that is the birth canal not the whole package. I keep urging the term "vulva" but it seems too difficult for people to abandon the term "vagina." My primary objection to that label is we are only a tube for men to fuck inside of or for a baby to exit. It also leaves out our primary organ for pleasure and orgasms, the clitoris. We are more likely today to hear about the stupid ass G spot than our powerfully sensitive clitoris. Again, thanks to porn.

Men and women's response to labia is the real litmus test of utter ignorance. And I'm speaking from personal experience here. I was so uninformed about my sex organ that I thought I was genitally deformed until I was 36 years old. My post marital lover showed me pictures of women's genitals in a sixties Girlie Magazine. Back then, variety was natural. Today's porn only shows trimmed labia and since it's the primary form of sex ed today, it's no wonder we are so ignorant.

Just keep sharing the good news. We are hard at works here at D&R countering the massive sexual ignorance that covers the world. And this isn't Patriarchal or Matriarchal control. It's both men and women; authoritarian religious ignorant control freaks that know sexual repression is the best way to manipulate a large group by a small number of people with a charismatic leader.

Betty Dodson

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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Tue, 01/19/2016 - 19:42

I post regarding the importance of worde, then I find a post from Betty in the Labia section saying almost the same thing!  Personally, I think 'cunt' is pretty good non-anatomically-specific usage. I'm with Emma Tom (Australian feminist author, humorist, newspaper columnist etc) when she says in her hysterically funny book 'Babewatch' "why is my favorite bit also the rudest word in the English language?" (Emma is also bi).