Any Tips for Using a Diaphragm?

Tue, 12/16/2014 - 08:24
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Hi Betty.

A few days ago I went to the healthcare center and tried out my size for a diaphragm. The woman who I had scheduled a meeting with was a midwife. She was really nice to me but still seemed like she was reluctant to the idea of me getting a diaphragm. She had a discussion with me where she asked me several times if I knew that there were other types of birth control that I could see myself trying out instead but I stood my ground and told her everything I knew about hormones and the diaphragm. In the end she stopped trying to convince me and I got to try out my size.

It was the first time I had shown my vulva to any kind of hospital personnel and I was really nervous. Since I'm only 21 I've never been called in to do a test for cervical cancer so it was a pretty big thing. But everything went well and I now have it in my hand. I feel much more mature now that I have taken full control of my own sex organ. I have talked to my friends and family about what hormones do to your body and some of the people I know have actually gone off the pill. More and more people I know and meet in forums are starting to use hormone free methods of protection.

My question for you is: Do you have any tips that you've learned from using the diaphragm? I would love to hear if you have any special tricks.

Best wishes, E

Dear E,

A big congratulation! It is never easy going against a trend like the pill with all the damn hormones that actually lower women's sexual interest. Several things I found that helped me: I automatically put in when I was going out on a date even though sex was not on the menu. Just in case was smart cause sometimes I did have sex unexpectedly. The other thing was to leave it in overnight when I had a lover stay over in case morning sex happened.

Since I have short fingers, I did get a diaphragm inserter but I doubt if they are still available. At some point, I hope we can a page devoted to new diaphragm users where you can share tips and topics of interest. Yay! Lets start a diaphragm revolution and save women's orgasms in the process. People don't know that the pill has negative side affects as well as lowering sexual desire.

Dr. Betty

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