Desperately Looking for a Diaphragm

Tue, 10/07/2014 - 07:22
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Dr. Betty,

I just wanted to tell you about my latest incursion.

Today I went to planned parenthood to get measured for a diaphragm and it was just like a recent post from D&R, they looked at me as if I where a time traveler from the 70's.

The gynecologist said that it's passé, "I haven't been asked for one in decades. I don't even have the gear to measure you." When he asked me why did I want one, I said as a more natural method of birth control, he said natural? You know you have to use a spermicide and I said yes that is why I hadn't got one before but now there is one (contragel) that's organic.

Then he suggested a menstrual cup for my period as if I wanted to use it for that. And then he asked me if I was having sexual intercourse and if the method was condoms. I said yes and then he said well sorry that I can't help you. You might be able to buy or order one in a pharmacy, but you still need to get measured. I said that I've been investigating on the Internet and that there is a one size fits all diaphragm. And that there seems to be a come back of the diaphragm. And maybe soon more girls would ask for one. I wish you could have seen the nurses face.

After that I didn't ask the rest of the questions I had. I'm gonna try to find a private doctor that has the rings to measure the cervix, I was hopeful that they might have it in planned parenthood because I'm a bit tight for money at the moment. But if I can't find one do you think I can buy Caya the one size fits all? it covers from 50mm 65 and 75mm. Although it didn't go as planned and I'm still diaphragm ''free'', it was quite empowering.

Thanks again

Dear U,

Young women taking control of their bodies will make Big Pharma's BC pill obsolete. It has been shown that the pill lowers our sex drive so we won't frighten boys and men with our sexual appetites and demands. Truth is we are perfectly capable of sexually pleasing ourselves with all the marvelous sex toys available like vibrators and the huge variety of dildos. Is it any wonder why the topic of masturbation has been kept under wraps? Sexually independent women will change the world for the better but change frightens people.

I hope the one size fits all diaphragm works along with the organic spermicide Contragel. I was fitted with a size 70 and my BF could feel the rim when we fucked. Back in the seventies, my druggist and I became friends and he gave me a 60 and a 65 to try. The 65 was perfect. So I began to bring this up during my Bodysex workshops and soon, the women were trying on smaller sizes supplied by my buddy at the drugstore. He let me buy them without a doctors prescription. My conclusion was that most male doctors figured anything that goes inside the vagina, the bigger the better! We had to pay a doctor to fit us and then it wasn't the right size! Just another medical rip-off.

After I learned the self-help women in LA got busted for practicing medicine without a license, I stopped letting my Bodysex women try different sizes. We simply dipped the diaphragms in alcohol and then washed them with soap and water. Still, those of us who were involved in fitting our own diaphragms learned to trust our bodies and that not all doctors knew what they were doing when it comes to women!

My mother often said, "Betty Anne, not all doctors know what they are talking about." She was told she could never have children and she went on to have 5 and 4 of us turned into healthy, happy and productive adults.

Let's find out more about the one size fits all. I'm sending this onto Carlin. She was the one who found the info on the one size diaphragm and the organic spermicide. Women taking control of our reproductive lives from the medical and pharmaceutical industries is HUGE! Welcome aboard, my little sister.

Dr. Betty

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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diaphragm sizes

Tue, 10/07/2014 - 21:33

Just in case you are anywhere near Toronto, Ontario, this may help you:

I am quite young (legally underage), but when I went to a Toronto Sexual Health Clinic, the doctor on duty fitted me anyway, despite some hesitation (she was concerned I might still gain or lose weight, even though all my genes suggest the opposite until I get pregnant). She gave me a persciption and told me to go to the Women's College Hospital, because it would be cheaper there (if I rememeber corectly, it was just under $60CAD, after tax).
Before they hospital would fill out my perscription, there was a short and painless interview (hospital protocol) to confirm that I was conscious of everything I was doing, etc. Since nonoxynol 9 gels aren't sold in Ontario, she even gave me the location of a health store I could get Contragel at (I love it! Both my boyfriend's and my skin got quite a bit more irritated when we used products containing nonoxynol 9 in foams, sponges, and films).
Despite the painless process I had, I'm curious about how sizing works. I was given a perscription for the smallest fitting ring the clinic had- which was a 65. My boyfriend finds this painful on his glans, and even I find it a little bit awkward if I'm not fully aroused, therefore we are limited in positions when using the diaphragm. (for variety, we still use condoms, from time to time). The doctor assured me it would be safe, but would a smaller size be better?
What I really want to know: How does a woman know HERSELF if her diaphragm fits right? I can't find any information online about how to know a good size.
I would really appreciate it if Betty could weigh in on this, because of the "fittings" during the early BodySex groups probably lend themselves to enough experience.

Diaphragm fitting. One thing that's seldom mentioned is

Betty Dodson's picture
Wed, 10/08/2014 - 10:41
Betty Dodson

making sure your little rubber disk is in the right place by feeling the tip of your uterus covered with the rubber. As a person with small hands, I often found it difficult to get my diapghragm in far enough. That problem was solved when I got a diaphragm inserter. It' llooked like a dinasaur's spine made out of clear plastic with notches. I'm sure they're no longer available but it was the perfect solution. We are all built so differently including our vaginal canals. Mine sits deeper in than most, so the inserter was a gift from the goddess. The other thing that was a misery was a diaphragm that had a spring so it folded in half for insertion. That was the worst one of all and got tossed into the trash. Keep the conversations going. We will figure this out at some point.

Diaphragm Discontinued!

Mon, 12/01/2014 - 20:28
AmandaA (not verified)

I was able to get a quick and easy Rx from my doc recently and she was happy handing it over, but I found out that Ortho diaphragms are discontinued in the US and CA. I think i'll be able to purchase the Caya from the UK...but do you have any suggestions? Its devastating that these manufacturers dont make this easy to buy if someone is willing to hunt it down. 

You can thank the pharmaceutical industry that is focussed on

Betty Dodson's picture
Tue, 12/02/2014 - 12:16
Betty Dodson

profit and not pleasure. The fact that the Pill also lowers a woman's desire for sex is seen as a plus by many frightened men and women, especially those who are evangelicals. Keep up your search and report back to us. Let's see what the D&R community can come up with as a solution. Maybe we can petition the Ortho company to resume manufacture of this hormone free birth control and fuck Big Pharma where it hurts.....their bottom line of profit.

After reading a lot on D & R

Tue, 12/23/2014 - 10:43
ACC (not verified)

After reading a lot on D & R and talking to my Mom (who used a diaphragm almost her whole life before menopause with no unintended pregnancy) I decided to ask my midwife for a diaphragm at my annual appointment. She was very hesitant to prescribe it, but decided to even though she feels it is not a good birth control option for a young woman (I'm 24) as there are more effective methods like mirena which she wants me to consider. It turns out that no local pharmacies carry diaphragms anymore and there is one 75 mm one at a local planned parenthood but I would have to be seen by their provider in order to get it dispensed. Cooper Surgical is the last company that still makes them and they are out of Connecticut so I called them and they don't sell to consumers only medical offices and pharmacies. They said there are no pharmacies they know of that carry their product and my midwife's practice did not seem interested in starting an account with cooper. I also emailed the producers of Caya the one size new diaphragm and they said it is cleared by the FDA but they are looking for the right distribution partner in the US so it will be about 6 months until it is available here. I am surprised that there are such limited options right now. I will probably just go to planned parenthood even though I do not really want to be seen by another provider who will likely try to dissuade me or order Caya from the UK.

Dear ACC, you are just one of many struggling with this problem.

Betty Dodson's picture
Tue, 12/23/2014 - 14:50
Betty Dodson

It's like Big Pharma has a monopoly on Birth Control those $%**++^@$$$ and all the other dirty words I can think of.  Just another big corporation that wants to control us in the name of profit. So far the one size fits all from the UK seems to be the best deal. The only thing that will wake American buisnesses up will be consumer demands. So stand strong and avoid all those hormones that will lower your sex drive which still terrifies all of those corporate Big Daddies.

Diaphragm inserters

Tue, 10/03/2017 - 23:42
Beth A. (not verified)

I'm just wondering if diaphragm inserters might be sold or available anywhere that you are aware of? I recently managed to get a diaphragm from planned parenthood, but I still have the issue of getting it to sit in deep enough. Some kind of inserter would make my life so much easier.