Post-Hysterectomy Dealing with Neurofibromatosis & No Orgasm

Thu, 07/17/2014 - 07:31
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Dr. Betty,

I am a 51-year-old female. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy at the age of 28 due to endometerosis and possible endoplastic process. I had one pregnancy but it failed. Never obtained another one. Okay enough of that. I have not been able to achieve an orgasm in over eight years. I get really close and then it's gone. Most of the time I don't even have a libido. I thought this may be due to over medicated. I have neurofibromatosis type I. I have severe nerve pain. I was taking heavy pain medication.

I had a neuro-stimulator implanted. When I came home from the hospital I stopped taking, methadone, Avinza, Vicodin, Trazadone, and Klonopin. I was way over medicated! I am pain free with the implant! And I can think! I thought once all these chemicals were out of my system My favorite THING would come back and it hasn't. I am not married, not in a relationship. I love making love to myself. Why is this happening to me? I build right up to it and then it's gone. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have read a couple of your books and I really like them.

Thank you!

My Dear D,

You are a victim of the Medical Establishment and Big Pharma. You ask "Why is this happening to me?" Just re-read you list of procedures and medications. I am at war with doctors and their over prescribing medications. Over the years when I leave a doctors office after a checkup, I'm given some prescription to fill that ends up in my trash while I find an alternative.

At 51 you are still quite young. Forget about libido, that's a psychiatric term from another nearly useless profession. Although I did like my therapist for one important bit of information. When we were dealing with my fear of marriage lasting a lifetime, she reminded me I could always get divorced if it didn't work out. That's what I did after 7 years of sacrificing my sexlife for a little financial security.

I suggest you get the Magic Wand vibrator and read my suggestions for how to best use one. That plus some new dirty or romantic fantasies should get your orgasms going again. Read around the website and consider getting some erotic reading material. Google can become your best friend for information. If you are able to take natural hormone replacement made from the soy bean plant for your vaginal health, I'm including a link. Any healing modality must be plant based not some kind of synthetic shit as you have discovered. I hope to hear back from you with a success story. I'm rooting for you to continue enjoying your orgasms.

Dr. Betty

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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It is possible, despite

Thu, 07/17/2014 - 08:47
lsjb (not verified)

It is possible, despite Betty's damning comments, that you had nerve damage because of your procedure.  I hope that is not the case and you can follow her suggestions.

Libido is simply a term that means "sex drive" or appetite for sex. Its not psychobabble. Mine is not a useless or nearly useless profession.  Sometimes, if loss of drive co-occurs with medication, it may not return once you are cleared.  Very often, however, it does, with appropriate stimulation.
I do not disagree that docs too often prescribe without care. But I also know there are situations where pain is profound or infections need to be silenced.  Pharma has created some very important meds.  Still,  Buyer Beware is my mantra.
I do not know the specfics of your condition or its effect on your sexual response. I would, if i were you, speak with a professtional who specializes in Women's Sexual Health not in orgasms. look up for a list of these professionals.  And of course try a strong vibrator. Look for the total picture.

it seems like my clit cannot work even with much stimulation,

Thu, 07/02/2015 - 08:13
anoula (not verified)

i had a partial hysterectomy about tweny seven years ago and had sex alot with my hsuband, yet after my hysterectomy my body was different, i could not get aroused alot by just vaginal intercourse i had to have direct clitoral stimulation all the time but was not getting it either,  At one time about fifteen years ago i had a urethra infection where the urologist had to go inside the walls of it and clean out some puss that was building up in there, Well ever since that surgery i NEVER had the same feelings since down there when having sex nor ever had the same erogenous feelings or stimulation to my clitorus and the area around it, I had to really stimulate it to achieve pleasure, NOW at sixty it seems that my clit is shrunken, i cant hardly find it and when i do and stimulate it it takes for ever and when i am ready to climax it feels over stimulated and when i am almost there it seems it is gone right before it happens and it only lasts for a few seconds, that big arousal is not there any more, Can the nerves of been severed when that hysterectomy took place and after the uterine surgery also? I feel i love sex and just cannot tell my hsuband it is not him but me all these years that i cannot achieve that Big ONE as he always tells me I never get,,,, he just doesnt understand, he  thought it was him and while we had some financial difficulties ten years ago it is what drove him to another woman,,, once, but i forgave him. We started fresh new and have been happy since but i also see that his penis is not asbig as it used to be and maybe he cannot  penetrate me as he used to with force and strength i always needed that but i find he is softer now,,,maybe a few times a month it is really erect and strong like it used to be, Could all these factors be causing me to lose hope cause i cannot get off with him giving me intercourse and i know i cannot get clitoral stimulation much any more, i cant hardly find it either it seems it shrunk,, What do you suggest i do, i am too young to not be sexually active and being a slut to my husband is no problem but the problem is me, i cannot  feel what i used to feel. DO you think that soybean cream will arouse my vaginal, walls and genetals, do i need some extra help I am very old fashioned and dont know about these things, I need suggesttions as to what i should do.... maybe that is why i get so depressed cause i cannot talk to him and keep my problems all in thinking i will drive him away again . but last time i didnt talk to him,,,,, hmmmmmmmmm 

I give up! It breaks my heart when I read something like this.

Betty Dodson's picture
Fri, 07/03/2015 - 12:03
Betty Dodson

 So although I continue to say I don't answer questions following posts, I feel compelled to offer some suggestions to this woman in need. Anoula, we all go through bodily changes as we age that affects our sexual responses. And yes, those surgeries did affect your sexualilty. How could they not? Go to our front page and read the list of topics. There is info on bio-identical hormone replacement that is based on the soybean plant instead of the crap Big Pharma offers. I would also recommend you get a quality vibrator like the cordless Magic Wand available from Good Vibrations online. Start reading the information on our website including the best use of a vibrator and turn your sexlife around.

Dr. Betty