It was a Full Moon & I've Never Bled Like This Before

Fri, 06/27/2014 - 09:23
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Betty,

A very strange thing happened to me and i can't see better person than you to help me understanding.

I'm 31, masturbate almost everyday. Last month, on a beautiful, big full moon night i had a very strange experience concerning my menstruation. I was coming out of the shower when suddenly my body started to drip blood without stopping.I was during the menstruation days but i almost don't have menstrual flow. and more strange, as I stood in the bathroom, the flow continued to drip, but after being in my room few minutes it stopped. when I returned to the bathroom flow back, like, you know when we are with an infection of the urinary tract, when we sat on the toilet and we can't stop the urine drops, it was the same thing but with blood and without pain. I'm menstruating since I was 13, and I've never had that happen that i remember.

That night, I felt a great harmony, be at peace with myself. yes, there is a man for whom I feel physically and sexual attraction but with whom i do not have any kind of physical or sexual contact. is possible that this event was caused by being a naughty horny girl, energies?

Thank you for your legacy.


Dear M,

Ah, the mysterious wonderful female body. We do know that full moons carry mysterious energies with it's waxing and waning and gravitational pull on Mother Earth. I call Her Sister Moon. Maybe those "naughty horny girl energies" just got your juices flowing.

It also could be a natural cleansing in preparation for some marvelous orgasmic partnesex with this new interest. Do let me know how it turns out. The thing to remember is that you said you felt great harmony, and at peace with yourself.

Dr. Betty

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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Red moon

Fri, 06/27/2014 - 11:06
Dotty (not verified)

[=#000000]I have noticed that (my) periods are stronger when I can menstruate in peace and without stress. When I have time to completely rest I bleed heavier and more days. I interpret this that my uterus when given its much needed calm and the oppurtunity cleans itself in more profound way. This also means that in the new cycle the [= 14px; line-height: 19px]building of the mucuous membrane is more solid and you will have a very fertile cycle.[/][/]
In my case traveling also causes heavy bleeding.
And yes, good orgasms get the juices flowing.
Last but not least: I do not want to scare you (and I know that you also mentioned you dont have sexual contact with this special man) BUT a very heavy period could always be a very early spontaneous abortion. Which is not dangerous and very very common (and we would know much better about if it wasnt so taboo in our society!)
This I found in a blog of feminist activist Maria LLopis on Full moon menstruation, beautiful isnt it?
In her book The Red Moon, Miranda Gray speaks to us about the White Moon and Red Moon cycle. The White Moon refers to our cycle when ovulation occurs on full moon; the Red Moon cycle is when ovulation occurs on New Moon and we menstruate during full moon. The Red Moon cycle focuses on inner development and its manifestation, not towards the expression of energy in the material world. Since men considered it the most powerful and less uncontrollable, this cycle became the one of the “wicked woman”, the seductive, sorceress or horrible witch, whose sexuality was not intended to give birth to the next generation, but for pleasure.