Did Fame Wealth or Power Ever Matter to You?

Sun, 05/18/2014 - 08:29
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Dr. Betty,

The strength you have had, of being so sure in your cause that you continued with patience on your path, apparently regardless of what was going on in ''the world'', even though everything ''culturally & socially'' said otherwise. And persistent, without what would many call happiness = '' fame, wealth and power'' and a husband and kids on the side. You have arrived just in time, i guess in a time that ''fame, wealth & power''.... don't matter to you any longer.

Did they ever matter to you? Do you see it as a blessing now, if you would have had them in your youth do you think they would have deviated you from ''your path''?

Now you are here just to spread the message, with no other intention than showing your own wisdom, of your experience. The living proof that there are other ways to be than what we are born as or born in to.

You may have been an ''outsider'' not living the ''right way'' (have you ever felt alone?) in your time even for feminists, but i doubt that there has been many people that have been more in the world than you. The true presence that pleasure brings from being in our bodies.

THANK YOU for giving birth, for your CREATIONS, they just seem to keep on growing...like all living things do.....

Dear P,

What a remarkable email. It gave me a moment to once again reflect on my life. I credit my mother for supporting me in developing "My Artistic Talent" as she called it. She often reminded me that I'd inherited this talent from my Dad.

Bess Amelia Crowe was born in 1899 on a dirt farm outside Anderson, Missouri. She was the youngest of four sisters and a brother. Her mother died when she was only four, Her father Charlie Crowe remarried a woman the same age as his oldest daughter. Stepmother Lizzy had her own brood of three kids.

Mother was raised by her siblings which left her free from being controlled by domineering parental figures. She learned how to read and write in a one room school house that was a two mile walk each way. So she stopped once she could read and write. She was able to avoid being brainwashed with all the phony history lessons about brave cowboys and soldiers with guns killing heathen Indians who were indigenous to the land they loved. I have the good fortune of native American blood running in my veins.

Mother had what they called "Horse Sense." back then. The dictionary says it's sound practical judgment independent of specialized knowledge or training; normal native intelligence. Some days I think people have lost touch with common sense.

My other good fortune was not being raised in a family of Bible thumpers. Mother believed the Bible was a bunch of stories similar to fairy tales that some folks worshiped as the word of a divine god. Neither one of my parents believed there was a divinity. I must say, I consider that to be another big blessing as I was left to figure out my own spiritual path which continues to evolve to this day. Currently I'm interested in the goddess of sexual love and abundance. So far she's my favorite with the wise old crone goddess Baubo running a close second.

Thanks for allowing me to reflect on why I chose humanity to be my extended family instead of having private children. Today, I'm finally meeting so many of my kids thanks to the Internet. Not there's a higher power worth considering!

Happy O's

Betty Dodson

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