What Differences Do You See in the World's Reaction to You and Carlin?

Thu, 03/06/2014 - 08:25
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Ms Dodson

Thank you for your website, it's invaluable not just for the information resource but for it's humour and good sense. You seem to be a woman who has always lived life well, to the brink and beyond.

I was wondering what differences you see (if any) in the world's reactions between you and Carlin? You're both giving the same message, both trying to empower women, both talking about sex and masturbation but are at very different stages in your lives. Do you feel empowered by your age or made invisible by it? I'm hoping the former.

Finally, over the years, what would you say has been the greatest,positive change that you have experienced and if you had to pick just one challenge still to be overcome, what would you choose?


Dear NLH,

Our age difference works perfectly. We prefer to speak from experience so between us, we cover most bases that deal with women's sexuality. Many of the questions I answer are from teens and early twenties...it's such a confusing period with the mixed messages they get about sex. I've had abundant sex experiences during America's sexual revolution. Carlin's expertese is the Internet, running the website and social media. She's also a lawyer who handles our business including our recent Foundation.

I feel totally empowered by my age. Few seniors discuss this as society treats oldsters so poorly. As a maverick who seldom follows rules, the decade of my 70's was spent living with a man who was 40 years younger. I enjoyed some of the best partner sex of my life while he was learning about female sexuality as my apprentice.

Easily the most difficult challenge is to accept my aging body. Since I continue to use bio-identical hormone cream, my vagina is in good shape and of course, my clitoris is adored by me. After nearly two decades (fifties and sixties) of not enjoying vaginal penetration due to menopause, I began an alternative hormone treatment that works like a charm. By the time i was 68, I was a born again hedonist. Today in my mid-eighties, I still enjoy vaginal penetration combined with the Magic Wand vibrator on my clitoris with a hot dirty fantasy. And occasionally I fuck a young man just for fun! I'm not interested in a committed relationship other than our website.

Dr. Betty

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