According to the Article "Squirting" Started in Rwanda

Thu, 02/06/2014 - 09:59
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dr. Betty,

You know me, I have written in many times before mostly for questions but this one is more of a statement I suppose. I read an article today that I personally don’t quite buy into. It was about women and the phenomenon of “squirting”. Which I have never experienced, and personally have no desire to do so. I would imagine it would be a lot like being urinated on. To each their own fetish, but me not so much. The article spoke of the possible origins of “squirting” (I will include the link below).

It, according to the article, possibly started in Rwanda and it is called Kunyara. It is, again according to the article, brought on and enhanced by a woman who starts at a very young age elongating her labia, called Gukuna, and a man essentially massaging the vulva and clitoris with her penis in an act called Kunyaza. Anyway I will let you read the article, which ironically enough is posted on go figure…leave it up to men to find a viable excuse to propagate something that is, in our day in age and country, primarily pornographic entertainment. I thought you might find the article, I the very least, interesting.

I have a close friend of mine that has bought into the porn culture and is not as…I’ll humbly say as knowledgeably sophisticated in the matters of women, their genuine desires, and their anatomy as I am. He’s in his early 30’s, a bit overweight, and is looking for a good, genuine, long term relationship with a “hot” girl that is in her early 20’s, oh and he wants a girl that squirts. I have not yet had the heart to really burst his bubble about many of the things that he carries on about in the women that he desires.

Which most of the time are quite unrealistic expectations for the age group I which he is searching. So as he rants about “being a man” in bed I just sit back smile, nod, and look at my wife and we grin at each other as she has experienced the utter joy and satisfaction of a man that is truly knowledgeable of a woman in bed. (insert shameless plug here) And I have to say without a doubt you have been the source of my knowledge and without a doubt the originator of my wife’s enduring pleasure.

Dear U,

The act of squirting or female ejaculation which is a more technical term, is an act I personally don't like. Mostly it's sent our younger generation of boys diving back inside vaginas looking for some magic spot to make his GF "squirt." One of the BIG reasons guys like this is they believe they have made her "come' as there's proof with the wet spot ldft on the bed. Besides, it's how they come and it's familiar. BUT "squirting" I'm told by women who do this is NOT the same thing as having a clitoral orgasm or a blended orgasm with vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation happening at the same time.

The clip you enclosed was full of misinformation, but you suspected that already. If you are interested in getting more information on this subject from my POV, you can check out the website by searching for G spot and female ejaculation.

I'm flattered by you compliment as to why you have a sexually satisfied wife. Give her my love and here's wishing you both Happy Orgasms.

Dr. Betty

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