Sometimes When I Penetrate My Vagina I See White Stuff

Tue, 09/03/2013 - 09:28
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Dr.Betty ,

I am 16 years old and started masturbating when I was around 12 years old. I still haven't had sex but I do penetrate my self with a small bottle of cream (that's empty) when I masturbate, and I've noticed recently that every time I finish, when I take out the bottle it has white stuff on the end, some times its clearish then others its like straight up white; that sort of looks like cum. it doesn't happen every single time I masturbate but it happens frequently; could it be uti or vaginal infection ???

I've been thinking that I'm ready to have sex with my boyfriend of 14 months and that gooey stuff just scares me, and makes me insecure to the point that I don't even want him to finger me because I think that whatever that is will creep him out ... Help me please !!!


Dear A,

Our vaginas naturally have mucous inside that changes with our menstrual periods and diet. So you do not have an infection unless the mucous is yellowish, foul smelling and itches like crazy. Then it could be trichomoniasis (you can check out more information on Google.) We seem to think that "sex" only means intercourse. But that is procreative sex. Masturbation is also sex and sharing masturbation is a form of partner sex. Don't worry so much about your boyfriend and make sure you have your birth control in place before you embark on penis/vagina intercourse. I didn't go "all the way" until I was 20 but I enjoyed a lot of manual sex with my boyfriend.

Dr. Betty

Dear Dr.Betty

I'm sorry I've taken so long to respond but I now have a new question. Every time I have a full bladder I suddenly get super horny . And it not thinking of peeing that get me like that, rather a pressure on my g spot so close like the one I feel when my boyfriend is. Fingering me and I'm close to an orgasam ??? What is it ? I asked my doc and she kept saying that since I had sex that why it was happening but I'm still a virgin she didn't believe me.

:( is there something wrong with me?


Dear A,

It's time for you to seek sex information on our website instead of asking me. Unfortunately even gynecologists don't have much if any sex information other than pregnancy and birth. Check out what I have on G spot and female ejaculation. You're proof how this misinformation is screwing up the younger generation because porn LOVES to see women squirt WHICH IS NOT THE SAME THING AS AN ORGASM. Tell your boyfriend to stop strumming this mythical spot (it's indirectly contacting your urinary tract that sits above the ceiling of your vagina) and tell him to get a well oiled finger on your clitoris that's right there in plain sight.

Dr Betty

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Sex ed 101

Mon, 09/09/2013 - 03:56
tomjones (not verified)

A great example of how school sex education falls short. This should be part of sex ed 101 for boys and girls. There is no reason why either should get anxious by something like this.

Hi bety hope you read

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Sun, 08/09/2015 - 16:06

Hi bety hope you read this.
Please just google this, Daily Mail, Could YOU pass a sex test for teenagers

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Perhaps you need her in the USA