I was Persuaded to be Circumcised & Lost Sexual Function

Thu, 06/13/2013 - 08:36
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Dr. Dodson,

I am very passionate about the topic of male circumcision. I was persuaded to be circumcised for hygienic reasons after reaching sexual maturity. Probably due to the doctor's own ignorance I was never told of the consequences of this procedure. I learned on my own that the procedure has been detrimental to my ability to be sexually stimulated and therefore experience sexual pleasure. I have been long-suffering in demoralized at having lost a significant part of my sexual ability.

To explain the destructiveness of circumcision, I must describe the anatomical detail of the natural penis. In some men the foreskin is very sexually responsive. If it extends beyond the head of the penis, this loose sheath of skin can be very easily stimulated. Circumcision not only removes this nerve rich skin but also draws the remaining foreskin tight to the shaft of the penis. It is therefore more difficult to provide sensation to this skin on the shaft as it is bound tight by erection.

From my own personal experience I believe that every circumcised male has a certain level of sexually dysfunction. The complacent acceptance of this self-destructive practice is I believe a symptom of a greater illness in the lack of value that men place on their own sexual pleasure. In popular culture the value of a man's body including his penis is defined by how much sexual pleasure he may provide his, often female, partner. While the sex industry seems to be obsessed with heightening the sexual pleasure of women rarely is any emphasis placed on the sexual pleasure of men.

I can read countless articles on the subject of female orgasms yet find scant mention of the sexual pleasure of men. Even men lamenting their own experiences with circumcision seem more often concerned with its effect on the sexual pleasure of their partner rather than their own. The unspoken message is that it is perverse and probably indicative of homosexual leanings for a man to be concerned with male sexual pleasure.

It is an extreme violation of any human being to deprive them the right to determine the appearance and functionality of their own body. It is psychologically cruel to tell males that the defining feature of their masculinity is so unsightly that part of it should be amputated as soon as possible. I'm disgusted by our modern cultures cavalier acceptance of what I believe is a horrible practice. My hope is that men will develop the same respect for their bodies that Dr. Dodson has long worked to instill in women. I hope men will become educated enough and develop a sense of value about their bodies to the extent that circumcision will be an eliminated practice.


Dear C,

I'm sorry to hear of your trauma with adult circumcision. (Stupid ass doctors but they are not given any sex education and besides, most men don't want to face the fact that they are sexually mutilated. I do believe this is why so many men really hate women and they don't even know why because as an infant their own mothers did not protect them from the surgeons knife Meanwhile, these mothers also have no sex education and they only wanted their baby boy to look like his father who was also mutilated genitally. And so it goes until the medical professionals ban it altogether.

I will forward this to Carlin and we'll post it soon. This week is very intense as we are off to Philly to challenge the government on their 2257 law dealing with excessive documentation of all performers on sexually explicit media. As you see on D&R, we do have explicit images but we are sex education not porn.

Also I too have railed against circumcision as a cruel attack on the male organ. D&R has quite a lot of information about this abusive activity. The latest round is my Dr. friend Derek Polonsky finally speaking out about it himself. If you continue to research this you will discover circumcision also affects a man's partner. He now needs friction to come instead of the slow gliding afforded by the foreskin. Some condoms resemble the foreskin but too many men come quite fast when using them. Poor babies just are not used to pleasurable sensations.

Start your own website against circumcision and consider getting involved with foreskin restoration that is quite successful. Those sensitive nerve endings are gone but the glans gets softer and stays moist. It's the same madness when they cut off a girls clitoral hood and the tip of the clitoris. Sometimes the entire clitoral body is cut away and often these young girls die by bleeding to death. This is part of the Muslim religion while Jews only circumcise boys.I expect you told the idiot doctor who did this how you perceive this now so he doesn't do it again. There are better days ahead.

Dr. Betty

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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I am a woman who has been

Thu, 06/13/2013 - 12:05
Me123 (not verified)

I am a woman who has been with a circumcised man for many

years. Recently, through difficulties in the relationship, we have split up and

I have taken a lover with an "uncut" penis. I have to say, I really

enjoy it. It's natural, beautiful, and I love it. A "cut" penis is

great as well, but I find more joy in the lover that is natural. It is so sad

that, as a society, we are obsessed with women's pleasure, looks, and focus men's pleasure is pushed aside or considered unmanly or whatever!

Sex is supposed to be enjoyed, experienced, fun, exciting, and most of all

pleasurable. I feel that the social stigma created towards the

"uncut" cock is just upsetting. It demoralizes the glorious penis and

makes a faux normalcy out of a non-foreskined penis. I could not imagine

removing the hood of skin covering my clitoris. It would be very uncomfortable

doing daily activities and then eventually it would become desensitized. I say NEY

to circumcisions and if I ever have a son, I would never opt for that kind of

sexual abuse to be placed upon him.

Hail to the foreskin!

Women who choose circumcision for their sons.

Wed, 03/04/2015 - 00:36
K (not verified)

Is it only me who finds it slightly creepy, that one of the stated reasons some women choose for circumcising their sons, is that THEY find it sexually appealing? Is this REALLY why they want the son to "look like" his father?
Others say they cannot face the idea of handling a baby's foreskin-covered penis during routine washing tasks.  Is the USA still so wedded to its historically puritanical background, that mothers would far rather surgically alter a child, than carry out the normal parenting practised in the rest of the world?

Women who circumcise their boys are hypocrites

Fri, 04/10/2015 - 16:56
Benjamin Dowse (not verified)

Because they have intact genitals, yet they don't think their boys should have the same rights as they do. It's disgusting. The ultimate double standard. Denying pleasure to their sons whilst still retaining their own pleasure. Is it greed or hypocrisy? I don't know.
It needs to be outlawed and right away.

Parenting - a twoperson occupation

Mon, 04/13/2015 - 03:50

Parenting is a two person occupation. Both mothers and fathers are responsible for child-rearing so I find it a bit odd that we're heaping responsibility for these decisions onto mothers.

Whilst I do not approve or support child circumcision, I recognise that in a religious setting ie. for Jewish or Muslim parents it would be very difficult for any single parent to challenge the cultural and religious status quo without their partner's support.

& if anything I would expect a circumcised father to be more incentivised to protest at the damage done to his son based on his own experience.

Can we not use this topic as yet another reason to beat up women?

Exactly. It's not about the

Mon, 04/13/2015 - 16:13

Exactly. It's not about the mothers - but both parents. it's misogyny to blame and hold women responsible for everything that happens to children.